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I always enjoy the transitions of each day. Particularly when it's dark outside. In the morning, if I see the moon, a bonus! When the sky finally brightens, occasionally revealing sunlight, I'm filled with gratitude. In the Pacific Northwest it can take hours to determine the weather. Oh, well, we've learned to live with it. And at dusk, I am again filled with awe as I watch the sky transform, especially if the clouds turn salmon-orange.


I also relish the changes of seasons. Right now, much of our country is buried in the clutches of winter. Some not. (No fair!) Many are awaiting springtime, but the first day of spring is March 20, meaning it must be a Leap Year. Our son's friend gets a birthday! Although the weather can be fickle and varied across North America until it plunges into summer.


Keeping in touch with you means a great deal to me! A busy year lies ahead, but my readers and friends are my priority!


Warm wishes,

Kate Lloyd



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