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Welcome to the September 2015 edition of INDIA LIVE, your source for what's happening with India, presented by the Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

India Emerges As the World's Hottest Smartphone Market
All eyes in the tech industry are now turning toward India, with its rapidly growing appetite for smartphones. India has now become a primary focus for many of the biggest names in mobile, and the reason for that is simple: By 2017, India is poised to pass the US to become the world's second largest smartphone market. 

Journey into the musical traditions of the states of Northeast India, where music plays an important cultural role.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will for the first time launch nine nano and microsatellites for the United States between 2015 and 2016. 45 satellites belonging to international customers from 19 countries have been launched successfully by ISRO's satellite launch vehicles to date.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai to Lead With Users in Mind

Sundar Pichai sent news of his ascension to the top slot at Google - he is just the third person to officially run the search company - on Twitter, very obliquely. That is a clue to more than the personality of Google's new leader. It is also what he wants the technology to be: a servant perfectly attuned to the user's needs at the moment.

Indian Short Film 'Change' Sets Guinness World Record
Embassy Celebrates India's 69th Independence Day

The Embassy of India in Washington, DC, celebrated India's 69th Independence Day on August 15.  Ambassador Arun K. Singh unfurled the national flag and read out the President's Message to the Nation. Nadakokila Choral Group sang patriotic songs.


A battery of visual effects professionals from India are behind the breathtaking visual effects seen in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
India's Cochin Airport Is World's First to Run on Solar Power
Calling All Connoisseurs: India's Best Vineyards
India's wineries and vineyards are becoming important both as producers of wine and as a source of wine education. As wine tourism, which is often referred to as Enotourism, witnesses a rise in demand among oenophiles and cub tasters alike, experts talk about what triggered this trend.