Volume 7, Issue 11
June 18, 2015
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New York State Hosts Third Annual Broadband Summit

and Announces Second Broadband Champions 

The New York State Broadband Summit was held last week in Albany, NY.  The Summit, in its third year, attracted more than 350 broadband stakeholders from New York and around the country to forge partnerships, discuss policy issues related to broadband deployment and adoption, and to hear best practices from nationally recognized broadband leaders and elected officials.


The summit featured updates from the FCC, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and included several breakout sessions ranging from regional broadband strategy development, broadband and economic development and broadband adoption, to rural broadband challenges and workshops on how to form effective partnerships.

During the Summit, David Salway, Executive Director of the NYS Broadband , unveiled the Broadband Deployment Support and Resource Center which is designed to help facilitate broadband infrastructure deployment in New York. The website includes a case management system for, tracking, and resolving issues related to broadband deployment. Stakeholders can report issues that could potentially impact or delay broadband infrastructure projects, and those issues will be routed to the NYS Broadband Office to seek a resolution. The site also includes a central data repository designed to enable users to more quickly and efficiently find documentation related to broadband expansion. To access the new website, visit https://portal.nysbroadband.ny.gov/.


In a special awards ceremony, the 2015 Broadband Champion Awards were also announced.  The Broadband Champion Awards are given to high-achieving leaders working to expand broadband access across the state. Special recognition was given to Clarkson University President and North Country REDC Chair, Tony Collins for his continued dedication to advancing broadband efforts in the North Country region. President Collins has been advocating for broadband expansion and adoption for more than a decade and is a member of the Forever Wired Conference and the Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work. This is the second year that President Collins has been recognized by New York State for his contributions.




The 2015 Broadband Champions are as follows:  

Best Broadband Adoption Initiative: CFY Digital Learning

The Best Broadband Adoption Initiative Award recognizes a project that has had a great impact on digital literacy training or increases statewide Internet use. This year's award recipient, CFY Digital Learning, is a nationally recognized, innovative designed to increase the adoption of home broadband services by low-income families. Working in partnership with high poverty schools, this combines family services and professional development to drive broadband adoption. The CFY Digital Learning Program serves more than 22,000 families of middle school students (increasing broadband subscribership from 50 to 93 percent), and 5,000 families of high school students (increasing broadband subscribership from 52 to 95 percent) in the NYC region. 

Most Innovative Broadband Project:
The Town of Thurman, New York White Space Program

The Most Innovative Broadband Project Award recognizes an innovative product, service, application, project or that has
an emphasis on fueling New York's digital economy, while allowing citizens to be connected. This year's joint award recipients, The
Town of Thurman, Rainmaker Network Services and Frontier Communications, used cutting-edge White Space technology to provide high-speed Internet to this rural community in the Adirondack Park. White Space technology has only been licensed for use in recent years by the FCC to provide broadband service. By implementing a White Space system, the Town of Thurman found a way to supply to an area without the need for costly infrastructure. Where there was once only dial-up and satellite, citizens now have reliable high speed internet at affordable rates.

Most Collaborative Broadband Project  

The Most Collaborative Broadband Award acknowledges a project or that has increased statewide Internet use and/or promotes digital literacy, while increasing broadband subscription rates in New York State.  This year two nominations tied for first place.  
Legislator Lynne Johnson of Orleans County and Legislator David Godfrey of Niagara County of the Niagara-Orleans Regional Alliance (NORA). Legislator Johnson and Legislator Godfrey spearheaded a multi-county, cross-regional initiative to expand broadband coverage into lower population density areas in their counties. These two legislators provided critical executive leadership and conducted stakeholder outreach to build support for the project across multiple counties and towns. This effort helped to identify the Internet needs of 17 towns and identified 4,000 unserved rural address points that formed the basis for a profitable business case that ultimately attracted a service provider to the two counties in the Western region.

Development Authority of the North Country and Slic Network Solutions have engaged in multiple efforts to deliver broadband to rural communities in the North Country Region. This most recent partnership was created as a means to provide broadband access to homes and businesses in rural areas where middle-mile fiber already existed but residential service had not yet been established.

Their partnership allowed both providers to expand their service footprints rapidly, while limiting up-front costs, and generating revenue on unused assets. As a direct result of this collaboration, small, rural communities in the North Country region are now enjoying the benefits of broadband.

Most Collaborative Broadband Adoption: Computers for Children, Inc., First Niagara, and the John R. Oishei Foundation


The Most Collaborative Broadband Adoption Award recognizes an initiative that has had a great impact on digital literacy through the combined efforts of two or more organizations. This year's award celebrate a successful collaboration between Computers for Children, Inc. (CFC), First Niagara, and The John R. Oishei Foundation.

CFC is helping to bridge the digital divide by providing reconditioned computers and digital literacy training to schools, nonprofit agencies, and at-risk youth and families. First Niagara donated equipment to CFC under their refurbishing and re-distribution. This donation of equipment to CFC is the largest donation ever made by First Niagara. The John R. Oishei Foundation has also supported CFC's mission through substantial financial contributions.

The combination of partner expertise, equipment, and funds helped make this a great success. Together, these partners made it possible for more than 100,000 students to receive digital literacy training, and into schools, agencies, and high need populations to help bridge the digital divide in the Western region.

Economic Leadership Award: Frontier Communications - Hamilton County Broadband Project

The Economic Leadership Award celebrates the successful implementation of innovative, economically promising broadband project or in a community or region that enhances the social and economic fabric, and quality of life for its residents. Broadband is a powerful tool to stimulate economic growth and development, especially in New York's rural communities. Hamilton County is a rural county with a small population, located partly in the Adirondack Park. Even though improved broadband access was a top priority for the county, its small and widely-dispersed population made it economically difficult for providers to see the business case to expand into the county. However, Frontier Communications stepped up to the challenge by providing access and increased broadband reliability to most hamlets within the 1,700 square mile portion of the Adirondack Park. By serving approximately ninety percent of the households and businesses in the county, Frontier Communications is helping to grow this local economy in the North Country region.

Extraordinary Broadband Team Award: ECC Technologies

The Extraordinary Broadband Team Award recognizes an exceptional broadband team that has proved to be a major influence on the direction and success of broadband development in New York State. This year's award recipient, ECC Technologies, is considered a pioneer in the development of community-based broadband. This ECC team has unparalleled experience in conducting broadband and telecommunications infrastructure inventories and finding solutions through projects in more than 60 counties in the eastern United States. In New York State alone, this team is responsible for helping deploy nearly 600 miles of open-access fiber built throughout five counties in Upstate New York. ECC Technologies also introduced the open-access model to many regional and local officials throughout the state, as a type of network to help solve issues related to lack of affordable and reliable broadband services in urban, rural, and unserved areas across Upstate New York.



The Extraordinary Broadband Leadership Award: Jim Becker of ION and the Middleburgh Telephone

The Extraordinary Broadband Leadership Award is presented to an individual or company that has provided a major influence on the direction and success of broadband development in New York State. The 2015 recipient, Jim Becker, has been instrumental in bringing several large projects to fruition in order to expand broadband services to many rural areas in New York State. Mr. Becker spearheaded ION's multi-million dollar project to bring broadband services to rural areas with federally-funded. He is currently working with Schoharie County through his affiliation with Middleburgh Telephone Company to expand broadband access. Mr. Becker has also been a valuable source of information and guidance to the New York State Broadband Office and the New York State Telecommunications Association, where he serves as Chairman.



To view all photos form the 2015 NYS Broadband Summit and Awards Ceremony visit https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkStateBroadband.

frontierFrontier Communications Accepts $283 Million

in Annual Connect America Funding to Expand Broadband Service to 650,000 Unserved Locations


Today, Frontier Communications  accepted offers from the  FCC totaling more than $283 million in annual Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II support to deploy broadband to more than 650,000 high-cost rural locations throughout its 28-state service area. This support will enable Frontier to accelerating broadband deployment across its footprint.


Frontier Communications'  investments over the past four years have made broadband service available to more than 1.1 million new households throughout the company's service areas. In addition to enabling first-time broadband access to previously unserved households, Frontier has made significant investments in broadband speeds and services for all of its customers.


To read the full article visit http://www.telecompetitor.com/frontier-accepts-caf-ii-broadband-funding-worth-283-million-annually/.

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