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What Our Clients are Saying


"The staff at Credentials worked closely and collaboratively with the end users to determine our needs and tailored the product to our specific requirements. We were able to reduce processing time and increase efficiency, thereby serving students better and reducing staff workload."


Benjamin Baird

Enrollment Services Supervisor
American River College
What Students & Alumni are Saying
"Robin and Shandira provided me with great customer service. They were both very helpful and showed empathy when handling my problem."
Customer Service STAR Recipients


Kathy Leighton

Northfield Office


Wanda Gough

Las Vegas Office

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       Issue 11 - August 2015
Credentials Chronicles
News from Credentials eScrip-Safe

Dear Friends of Credentials eScrip-Safe,


August is upon us! You're gearing up for the fall semester and the return of students to campus. At the same time our Customer Service Team is hard at work answering phone calls and emails from users ordering their transcripts. It's busy times like these that show the value that our Customer Service Representatives bring to our client institutions. For this reason, we are recognizing them as well as our print and mail team, making August "Customer Service & Print Operations Appreciation Month." Check out the video above to learn more about our commitment to serving your students and alumni.


Have a great start to the semester.




Tom McKechney


What Highly Selective Universities and Credentials have in Common

Thomas D. McKechney, CEO

Choice and decisions  businessman thinking with question marks written on adhesive notes stuck to a brick wall

Last time I looked, applicants have about a 5% chance of getting accepted at Harvard or Stanford. Said another way, those esteemed institutions have mastered one of the most difficult words in the English language...

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The "What? Why? & How?" of Security at Credentials

Scott Galloway, VP - Ohio Security & Technical Services

Security Check

During the past several months, there have been numerous changes to several Credentials services, all in the name of improving security. There has been a significant amount of positive feedback on these enhancements but at the same time, questions have been raised that need to be addressed.

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Terry Reed Terry's Tidbits

We continue to work at merging Credentials' TranscriptsNetwork and the eScrip-Safe Network into the Credentials eScrip-Safe Network. Due to the reach of both networks, this has been time consuming process but one that will greatly benefit our client institutions and their students and alumni. As a result, TranscriptsPlus clients can now send PDFs to almost 2,500 additional receivers.

Please contact your Client Relationship Manager if you have questions about your service. 
New PDF Sending Institutions

Lourdes University

Metropolitan State University of Denver

North Central College

Parkland College

Shasta College

Trinity University

University of Central Arkansas

University of Illinois at Springfield
Meet Credentials

Scott Galloway is the Vice President of Ohio Security and Technical Services for Credentials eScrip-Safe. He joined us earlier this year following the merger. Scott graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2007 and had worked in the information technology field in the Higher Education, banking, and small business consulting industries before joining Scrip-Safe in 2011. He was the central engineer for the re-architecture of eScrip-Safe data center operations in late 2013 and has maintained the availability and reliability of those operations ever since. While initially responsible for small projects and maintenance, he has since grown to to manage all IT, development, and security resources in the Cincinnati office.