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January 2014
Power of our collective spend
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P200 and UCSD: 
Value Beyond The Transaction


Historically, the value of procurement was measured by our abilities to quickly issue purchase orders and to expedite delivery of ordered products. Increased efficiencies in the ordering and delivery processes have resulted in a gradual restructuring of the department, which has allowed us to shift our focus toward providing value beyond the transaction. By using a robust analytics toolset, our Spend Analytics team continuously analyzes campus and UC system-wide spend to identify patterns that warrant a contract for a particular commodity or supplier.

Many of our team members are involved in supporting P200. 


Read more     Ted Johnson, UCSD, Chief Procurement Officer
                    Kacy Marume, UCSD, Life Sciences Procurement 
                                                          Relationship Manager

Sponsor's Corner

The end of this month marks my one year anniversary as the UC Chief Procurement Officer, and I am both amazed and proud of our progress. With the increasing responsibilities and organizational changes that have taken place across many of our campuses and the recent changes to our own UCOP Procurement Services organization, we are poised to exceed last year's progress in the months ahead. 


Read more                              Bill Cooper, Associate Vice President 

                                                        and Chief Procurement Officer

Strategic Sourcing
$500,000+ In Total UC Benefit Tracked

In the first month of using our new Benefit Tracker tool, we recorded total UC benefit of over half a million dollars from procurement activities across UC campuses. This figure is expected to grow as all our procurement sourcing professionals get fully up to speed.  


Read more      Erin Riley, Information, Analytics & Systems Director

2014: From Building Infrastructure To Delivering Results

One year from now, we will look back on this time as a turning point for the P200 program.  We have spent the past six months focused on testing new ways of working and communicating with each other across campuses, and am pleased the first fruits of this effort are starting to be harvested.  


Read more                      Justin Sullivan, Strategic Sourcing Director

Jan 28            RFXtra - New Goods Template Review

Jan 29            Professional Development/Department Outreach 

Feb 12            30/30 - Spend Analytics Phase II Overview

Feb 25            RFXtra - Will Be Rescheduled

Mar 14            Next Newsletter

Wave 1 Going Live February 3rd! 
Our first Wave 1 campus, UCSD, will be live in Spend Analytics Phase 2 on February 3rd. Wave 2 campuses have been engaged.  


Read more              Todd Wirsching, Analytics & Reporting Manager

Sourcing Technology Update

The Sourcing Technology team is currently in transition, but remains focused on supporting our existing systems and working towards the roll-out of new systems and templates.   

Read more              Ola Popoola, Business Systems Project Manager
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