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November 2013
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What Do Pumpkins Have To Do With Benefit Tracking? 
Guess who? (Click here for answers to Trainers)


Our system-wide methodology and tool to track the total UC Benefit (savings) procurement is delivering to UC was launched last month. A Train-the-Trainer session was held at UCOP on October 29th where campus representatives were trained on the definition and calculation of UC Benefit, tracking log and end-to-end process. 


As you will hear from Bill, everyone plays a critical role in adopting the Benefit Tracker tool to capture our progress and fulfill our goal of realizing $200 million in Benefit.


Read more                                                          Erin Riley  
                             Information, Analytics & Systems Director
Sponsor's Corner

The launch of the UC Benefit Tracker tool is a significant step in our ability to systematically verify, track and report our progress towards our financial P200 goals. In our fast paced effort to establish our foundation operational tools, it's easy to forget why we are doing this - to expand opportunities for teaching, research and public service. 


Read more                            Bill Cooper, Associate Vice President 

                                                     and Chief Procurement Officer

New RFP/RFQ Goods Template Live 12/2

A system-wide procurement team recently began the process of updating and standardizing our RFP/RFQ template, starting with the RFP/RFQ for Goods. This updated streamlined template better organizes the event information, making it easier for Buyers to set up an event and for suppliers to participate. 

Read more              Ola Popoola, Business Systems Project Manager


Nov 19            RFP Released for Expedited Mail and Small Packages

Nov 21            New RFP/RFQ Goods Template Webinar 

Dec 23-Jan 1   UCOP Holiday Closure, Technical Support unavailable

Jan 22            PLC On-Site Meeting

Feb 12            Spend Analytics 30/30

Feb 28            Sourcing Technology RFXtra

Collaboration - Key to Making Our Strategic Procurement Projects More Effective

The engagement of our campus SPOCs and the community of category stakeholders is an important milestone in the journey towards an integrated system-wide organization. We have taken two primary steps to deepen the relationships between campuses and strengthen our communication and project management. 

Read more                      Justin Sullivan, Director Strategic Sourcing
Introducing the eCOE

Our first process COE, the eCommerce Center of Excellence (eCOE) will develop catalogue content prioritization strategies while working closely with the Life Sciences and Facilities Maintenance COEs and UC Commodity Teams to align with their content enablement goals. The eCOE team, led by UCSD, is comprised of six members. 


Read more                          Jenn Glassman, eCOE Program Manager
UCSF2025 Game Winners - Procurement

What if you could map the future of UCSF in just 36 hours?  For two days in September, the UCSF community engaged in a game to forecast the future of UCSF in the year 2025. Of 2,583 players, Campus Procurement & Contracting had the winning team! 


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Software Reseller RFP

A great collaboration between UC and CSU focused on leveraging our combined Third Party Software Reseller requirements was completed with a Notice of Intent to Award to Software House International. 


Read more                        Dianne Yoder, Commodity Team Manager

Welcome to Dianne Yoder

Dianne joins the Procurement Services team as Commodity Team Manager. She previously worked as a procurement professional in both the private and government sectors. Dianne grew up in Hawai'i where she is known as 'Kekelani', which means "The one with spirit". 


Read more                      Dianne Yoder, Commodity Team Manager
Spend Analytics

Sharpening Spend Analytics Through Single Consolidated AP and PCard Spend View

We're excited to see a major improvement to the data in the single consolidated view of AP and PCard spend. Functional and IT specifications were completed last month for UCSD and onsite testing with campus users will take place in December.


Read more               Todd Wirsching, Analytics & Reporting Manager

Spend Analytics Now Includes UC Category Groups

Development and rollout of the UC Category Groups in Spend Analytics have been completed. They are called Tiers and represent a roll-up of UNSPSC codes.


Read more               Todd Wirsching, Analytics & Reporting Manager

Spend Analytics In Action

"We're seeing the benefits of improved efficiencies and lower costs," says Terry Thun, Principal Buyer at UC Merced. As part of Merced's regular department outreach, they've been producing reports showing spend by department and presenting them to respective departments. The information has been well received and has opened up opportunities for Purchasing to work with departments in identifying potential areas of spend to leverage existing contracts, reduce the number of suppliers, and aggregate volumes for better pricing.

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