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July 2013

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Congratulations to Merced
Living our Values
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Myth Buster
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Strategic Sourcing Operating Model
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Congratulations to Merced

Winner of their third consecutive Excellence in Procurement Award


University of California, Merced has been awarded the 18th annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) for 2013 from the National Purchasing Institute (NPI).


This is the third consecutive year that the University has won the award. In 2012 University of California, Merced is one of only 17 higher education institutions in the nation to receive the award.

Living our values

Using Spend Analytics to leverage our collective spend


Thanks to the Spend Analytics tool, two departments (Housing, Dining, Hospitality (HDH) and Auxiliary Plant Services (A&PS)) have seen the value in combining spend, creating commodity specific pricing contracts, and reaping the financial benefits of standardization.


DeAnn Coombs



UCOP has the following open opportunity within Procurement:



IT Commodity Manager (20130217)


Procurement Calendar


25: Procurement Management Board meets

30: RFXtra - Amendments 



7: Performance Management CPR kick off

21: 30/30 - Selections Tab

27: RFXtra - Recommend and Award


On campus Sourcing Technology training 

Jul 23-24: UCM

Aug 8-9: UCB 

13-14: UCLA 

15-16: UCSD 

20-21: UCR

22-23: UCSC

28-29: UCSF 

Sept 10-11: UCSB

18-19: UCD


Myth Buster

When an amendment is made to an RFx, a notification is sent to all invited suppliers.



Notification is sent only to those suppliers who have submitted an intent to bid on the RFx.


Join us for the July 30 RFXtra training session to learn more about Amendments!

Tips & Tricks

Did you know that the questions from the RFP can be imported directly into the CPQP score sheet? "Consider the evaluation criteria while creating your RFP. Knowing what you will score against will help you back into the RFP questions and save you time in the evaluation process."


Brant Yancey

UC Irvine 

Meet the Team
Milly Shiu

 Milly Shiu joined the team this June as the P200 Coordinator. She hails from the Business Resource Center, where she's worked for the past 3 years. Milly has a BS in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and an MBA from CSU, East Bay. When she's not jumping out of a plane (skydiving) or defying gravity (hang gliding/parasailing), she enjoys eating, cooking, and all things food related.  

Sponsor's Corner  


We continue to establish our framework for success as we, supported by our consultant partners Accenture, progress in structuring our Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Management Program.  The following provides an overview of the deliverables expected after the first 60 days of this engagement.


First and foremost, we must establish a clear vision and mission for our Procurement organization. For us to function as an assimilated and unified body we need a common understanding of how we will work together, with our clients and with our suppliers to reach our collective goal of redirecting $200mm per year currently expended on goods and services to research, teaching and public service imperatives.


Concurrently we are identifying where our strategic sourcing opportunities lie and setting a course to prioritize and direct resources [Read more]


Bill Cooper

Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer 


Performance Management

This week the Performance Management team and Analytics Governance Committee convened at UCLA for a focused design session to review current KPIs, develop new data definitions, prepare a proposal and draft timeline for the roll out of our new system-wide Procurement metrics, and identify scope and guiding principles for a new way to track our savings data.


We plan to take the final recommendation to the PLC for approval in August. We will share more with you as the plan develops.



Erin Riley

Information, Analytics & Systems Director 


Strategic Sourcing Operating Model 


Developing our new Strategic Sourcing Operating Model


A central component of the P200 Program is the development of a new strategic sourcing operating model.  This model will be the engine that drives us to our $200m savings goal.  For the past two months a design group made up of representatives from the campuses, UCOP commodity managers, and Accenture, has been meeting every Wednesday to design an operating structure that supports our strategic sourcing efforts.  At the core of our new operating model will be strategic sourcing Centers of Excellence (COE).  These COEs will be small, empowered teams of UC-wide sourcing experts organized around major categories and processes.  Category COEs will develop category profiles and strategies, which will be approved by the PLC.  They will then develop project plans for specific initiatives within their strategic plan and execute their sourcing efforts against those plans.   Coordination and communication with the campuses throughout the process will be a priority. 


On July 17th, the PLC approved the operating model and pilot recommendations submitted by the design group.  Over the next month the PLC will lead the effort to organize pilot category teams with the goal of kicking off the pilot teams in late August.  The design team will continue to work on the long-term COE roadmap, incorporating lessons learned from the pilot. 


This is an exciting time for UC procurement and I am excited for the opportunities ahead of us.  We will continue to provide updates via the newsletter and your SPOC will update you as more information becomes available.



Zoanne Nelson

P200 Program Director 
Strategic Sourcing


What is an Opportunity Assessment Anyway? 


As P200 moves into its next phase, the spotlight will shift from the implementation and adoption of technology to the results we produce as a team to deliver the goods and services needed by our campuses to enable and sustain the UC's mission of teaching, research and public service.


Over the past several weeks, we have been working to conduct an opportunity assessment to develop a plan that will guide us as we work to achieve our objectives.  The assessment effort uses data from Spend Analytics, current contracts along with the ideas and intellect of our team to develop a working plan that identifies and prioritizes the opportunities that will make meaningful contributions to our goals.


Specifically, this opportunity assessment includes: [Read more] 


Justin Sullivan

Director of Strategic Sourcing - UCSF/Berkeley

Follow on Twitter: @JustinDSullivan


Commodity - Life Sciences Update
We recently discontinued hosting both Perkin Elmer's and Qiagen e-catalogues due to the fact that we could not reach an agreement on contract terms. UC Operations policy discourages the maintenance of a supplier's e-catalogue without a valid strategic contract in place.


Perkin Elmer and Qiagen products are still available for direct purchase through the manual requisition or non-catalogue ordering process. You may also choose to purchase alternative items from one of the many e-catalogues hosted in your procurement system by our other strategic partner suppliers.


If you have any questions please contact your SPOC.


Valerie Vergara

Commodity Manager Life Sciences


Spend Analytics


June and July 2013 data availability


Due to year-end close activities, the campus file submission date for June and July 2013 spend data will be August 14th to align with the UCOP requested financial files timeline. We aim to have the data available in Production by the end of August. 


FY11 Data will be removed at the end of August


Our Spend Analytics agreement supports 2 years plus current data availability in the application . Therefore, as of the end of August, the FY 11 data will no longer be available. The spend data timeframe will start with July 2011.

Updated Spend Analytics log in access from www.spendradar.com


Spend Radar has updated how we log into Spend Analytics from www.spendradar.com. The new log button is clearly visible and easily accessible from the top right hand side of the screen. [Read more]


Erin Riley

Information, Analytics & Systems Director  

Need help? We've added new information to our help guide. Check it out here or in the tool.

Sourcing Technology



Got a question? Check out the new SRS Frequently Asked Questions page on the UCOP Procurement Services website.

UCOP Help Desk Performance


The implementation of our second tier help desk ticketing system Zendesk has given us more insight into the challenges faced on campus as well as our ability to respond in a timely manner. Click here for a more detailed overview of the volume of enquiries we are receiving, response rates and an industry comparison.  


We are continually refining our reporting in order to provide the most relevant and accurate data. If you have any questions or comments, please contact your CPR.

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