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March 2013

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Myth Buster
Tips & Tricks: Spend Analytics
Meet the Team: Terri Long
Tips & Tricks: Sourcing Director
Meet the Team: David Houghton
Sponsor's Corner
P200 in action on campus
Training effectiveness survey
Commodity Update
Spend Analytics update
Sourcing Technology update
Strategic Sourcing update
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Upcoming Events


14th- Strategic Sourcing Working Group on-site meeting

20th- Spend Analytics Phase 2 survey distributed

21st- Procurement Management Board on-site meeting (Riverside)

22nd- 3rd PLC on-site meeting (Riverside)


3rd- Sourcing Technology: Contract Director focus group

26th- Next P200 newsletter  


Myth Buster

Now that I've completed the SRS training, I should be able to run my own RFx.

Like adjusting to any new system, chances are you may feel overwhelmed by a powerful and complex tool such as SRS. UCOP has walked most campuses through their first one or two RFx events in partnership with the Campus Primary Representative and bid owner. If you are about to create your first RFx, we encourage you to reach out to your CPR to learn from their experience, and to take advantage of the additional training materials located here.

Tips & Tricks
Spend Analytics

Remove your previous data selection with the Magic Eraser


You can use the 

Magic Eraser 


to quickly remove a selection from your query without using the Back Arrow on the Toolbar. The Back Arrow removes only the latest selection whereas the eraser removes any previous selection that may have been made.


[Read more about the magic eraser]

Meet the Team
Terri Long

Terri joined the team in October as the P200 Change Management Analyst. She brings over 10 years organizational readiness experience, having worked on similar projects at Kaiser Permanente and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). 


[Read more about Terri]

Tips & Tricks
Sourcing Director

Send one "invitation to register" email to multiple suppliers


Inviting multiple suppliers to register is straightforward and efficient. Follow these steps to send the same "invitation to register" email to as many suppliers as you'd like.  Each supplier will receive their own individual email. 

Meet the Team
David Houghton


David Houghton joined the UCOP Procurement Services Team as MRO & Facilities Commodity Manager in March 2012. David manages system-wide Maintenance and Repair supplies, service, and equipment contracts. He also provides sourcing support to the Facilities and Construction teams.


[Read more about David]

Sponsor's Corner

Thank you for the warm welcome to the University of California. As the new Chief Procurement Officer, I am honored and delighted to be working with a team of dedicated, talented and highly productive professionals. In the short time I have been here I have already seen the successful introduction of two new online tools, SRS and Spend Analytics. Additionally, I have spent the past several weeks meeting with my immediate staff, campus procurement leaders, the Procurement Management Board, the UC Controller's group, and other UCOP leaders learning of their priorities and concerns. I have many more such discussions to hold in the coming months and will be visiting all campuses to hear your ideas on how we can best deliver exceptional service and value to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Working together and Working Smarter, I have no doubt that we will be successful in building an internal infrastructure at UCOP and the campuses that can sustain and continuously improve the procurement process and technologies. In so doing we will be able to recapture millions of dollars currently lost through sub-optimal purchasing practices, and to redirect those critically needed funds to support UC's core missions of teaching, research and public service.


I, and the UCOP procurement operations staff, will work with the PLC and broader P200 team to develop and execute an inclusive procurement strategy that will:
  • leverage and further develop the collective skills and talents of our system-wide staff; 
  • create a best-in-class strategic sourcing and category management practice, and
  • implement state of the art supporting technologies characterized by the 3E's: "Easy to Learn", "Easy to Use", and "Empowering"

If we are successful in these endeavors, and we will be, our clients will view us not as "intrusive gatekeepers" but as welcomed and "highly valued partners". In achieving this "partnership", UC Procurement will be able to deliver on its inherent promise as a strategically important function, essential to the financial health of the University. It's our time to shine, so let's do it!



Bill Cooper

Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

P200 in Action on Campus
UCSD's Procurement and Contracts office battle it out in a
SRS-themed Jeopardy game

To generate excitement, entice our staff to learn more about SRS, and hear what's to come we hosted a Jeopardy game with a catered Mexican lunch. This fun learning experience focused our crack team on the changes in how we do our work and outlined our involvement throughout 2013 and beyond.


[Read more about how UCSD created their Jeopardy game and who the winners were]


Dee Coombs

Associate Director, SPOC, UCSD



UC's collaborative effort highlighted at SciQuest Next Level conference

At this year's NextLevel, SciQuest's annual user technology conference, the University of California was asked to present on the topic Collaborate to Innovate: Making a Collaborative Vision a Reality. Although presentations from individual universities are typically a part of the conference lineup, the idea of a joint presentation by a higher education system was unprecedented and extremely well received.


[Read more about what part UC employees played in the conference]


Ted Johnson

Senior Director, Chief Procurement Officer, PLC, UCSD

Reminder to Complete the Training Effectiveness Survey


For those who attended our on campus training, please complete our training effectiveness survey. The survey is anonymous and the information will be used to shape future training sessions.


Click here for the Spend Analytics survey

Click here for the SRS survey 

Commodity Update

Standardization program: trash can liners
David Houghton, UCOP Facilities and MRO Commodity Manager, is leading a collaboration between UCOP, campuses, medical centers and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to implement a system-wide trash can liner and receptacle standardization program that will save money and reduce excess plastic use. While not especially glamorous, this initiative highlights the untapped opportunities available to the UC System when we work together for a common cause.


[Read more about the goals and expected savings of this standardization program]


David Houghton

Facilities and MRO Commodity Manager, UC Office of the President 



Best Value for procurement now available to UC as an evaluation method

We are pleased to announce that Best Value is now available to all UC's as a bid evaluation method. We now have the option to award competitively bid contracts by using either Best Value, Cost Per Quality Point, or price/cost alone.


For those unfamiliar with the methodology, Best Value means we can award a bid based on the most advantageous balance of price/cost, quality, service performance and other elements, as defined by the University, on competitively bid contracts involving a bid of more than $100,000 for goods, material and services.


[Read more details about Best Value]


For more information, please read the full announcement from Bill Cooper or contact Haggai Hisgilov.


Haggai Hisgilov

Executive Director of Procurement Services, UC Office of the President

Spend Analytics success story

UCSF/UCB optimizes supplier enablement strategy using Spend Analytics

Prior to Spend Analytics, the UCSF/UCB Procurement team spent hours trying to match eligible supplier data, including associated PCard data, as both campuses have different supplier numbers and names.


Using the normalized supplier data in Spend Analytics, we built a single model that accurately matches the data and scales across both campuses, saving us hours of effort in building a supplier enablement strategy.


We have built our entire supplier enablement process around this new model, which can generate a new schedule in less than 10 seconds instead of hours!


If you would like to know more about our model, please contact Andrew Clark.


Andrew Clark

Sourcing Analyst, UCSF/UCB

Spend Analytics update


Your opinion matters 

As you heard in your on-campus training, we want to know your Phase 2 Spend Analytics needs. On March 20th, we will survey Spend Analytics users to solicit your input for additional functionality and usage requirements. Keep an eye on your inbox for this important survey which will help shape the future of Spend Analytics. 
Spend Analytics gets an upgrade! 
Since our in-person campus training visits earlier this year, several enhancements have been made to Spend Analytics. Improvements to system performance have resulted in faster page loads along with updates to three tabs. We have also introduced campus and US Bank spend data from this fiscal year, bringing our total to 30 months of available data. 
Sourcing Technology Update
Sourcing Director by the numbers




Click here to view the updated Contract Director and Repository timeline 

[Read more about Phase 1b, Single Sign On, SRS Bugs and Enhancements, Cost Per Quality Point, and Support Resources]
Strategic Sourcing Update

Welcome to Justin Sullivan

The P200 team welcomes Justin Sullivan as lead of the Strategic Sourcing project. Justin joins P200 on a multi-location agreement from UCSF/UCB where he is the Strategic Sourcing Director. Justin will split his time 50/50 between UCSF/UCB and P200 UCOP.


To prepare for the project kick-off in May, the Strategic Sourcing working group, which comprises campus representatives and UCOP Commodity Managers, was established. 


[Read more on the who is in this group and what their goals are]



RFP for system-wide Strategic Sourcing organizational support

On February 27th, an RFP for system-wide Strategic Sourcing Organizational Support was released. The awarded supplier will commence May 1st and provide the following services in line with our broader objective of fostering a culture of excellence throughout UC:

  • design an effective strategic sourcing delivery model  
  • develop procurement performance management and reporting capabilities
  • assess the current portfolio of system-wide agreements and identify sourcing opportunities
  • support the delivery of strategic sourcing projects that leverage the new organization and technology capabilities
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