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January 2013

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Upcoming Events


31st - Contract Director and Repository focus Group

Campus visits and training



 Campus visits and training

Campus Visits

The P200 team has been visiting the individual campuses to train Procurement staff in SRS and Spend Analytics as well as to meet with key staff in AP and Procurement who are involved in supplier on boarding to better understand our campus level processes. This information will help guide the next phase of SRS development which focuses on campus configuration.


To date we've visited UCSF, Berkeley, Riverside, Irvine, Davis, and Merced. We've enjoyed meeting you and gaining a deeper understanding of your individual needs which we will integrate into how we work with you to develop systems and processes that collectively meet our P200 challenge.


Contact your SPOC for more details.

SRS Tips and Tricks
How to view events (RFx's) from your campus when you are not part of that RFx team?

Sourcing Director->RFX Explorer -> Show Filter Options (if not already shown on your screen) >clear criteria from name from the Creator field-> Apply Filter

Myth Buster

Does Spend Analytics have spend information from secondary source systems such as Food, MRO, Bookstore, Library, etc.?


No, Spend Analytics contains spend information from each campus' primary financial systems and data directly from US Bank for Pcard information.

Meet the Team 
Bibi Ansari

Bibi started in October as our eProcurement Systems Manager and will be heavily involved with all of our up & coming sourcing technologies, including the current Supplier Registration and Sourcing project (SRS) which falls under the P200 Program. Bibi has over 10 years of professional procurement experience, having worked on similar sourcing/technology projects at Sun Microsystems and Comcast. Bibi has a BS in Managerial Economics from UCD and an MBA from California State University, Sacramento. She lives in Marin and her hobbies include traveling, cooking, photography and spending time with family.

Meet the Team 
Amy Schofield
Amy joins the P200 Program Team as the Change Readiness Lead. She is on assignment at UCOP from UC Berkeley where she is the Program Manager for technology projects at University Health Services as well as a co-founder of the BAS Creative Consulting Group. While with UHS she also served as the Communication Lead for the UCSF and UC Berkeley BearBuy procure-to-pay system deployment. 

Amy has many years experience in Marketing, Communication, and Change Management across various industries and earned her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, with a semester at London Business School.

Happy New Year


As we head into 2013 I want to thank you for your contributions to the P200 program over the past year. This coming year promises to be an exciting one with the arrival of our UC Chief Procurement Officer, Bill Cooper, on January 28, and the continuing development of our Sourcing Technology and Spend Analytics tools, as well as new projects focused on improving our strategic sourcing and performance management capabilities. These efforts will make significant contributions towards realizing our P200 challenge goals. 


We kicked off 2013 with the launch of Spend Analytics, our Procurement spend management and spend analysis tool. UCOP and all the campuses can now access two full fiscal years of UC-wide spend data, with five months of this financial year's data coming soon. This is a significant milestone for P200, and we couldn't have done it without the efforts of many. I'd like to thank our core project team - Erin Riley, Greg Macway (UCSF), Pat Chan (Huron), and Raja Purushothaman, our Campus Primary Representatives from all campuses, and our Spend Analytics Governance Committee - Bill Propst (UCLA), Greg Macway (UCSF), Andrew Clark (UCSF/Berkeley), Gayle Ta (UCSD), and Nancy Jong (UCLA), have provided invaluable support to the team from the beginning of this effort. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and collaboration of our campus colleagues. 


Finally, I'd like to introduce you to the Procurement Management Board (PMB). The PMB was established last Fall as the governing board responsible for overseeing the overall UC Procurement function. The membership of the board is comprised of those who oversee the campus procurement departments, plus the UC Chief Procurement Officer.


The P200 program team continues their campus visits through January and into February. I encourage you to attend the SRS and Spend Analytics trainings as appropriate, or just stop by to say hello and to put a face with the names.



Peter Taylor

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Office of the President


Spend Analytics 


We are now live! Our work on Spend Analytics is just beginning. I wanted to pause and celebrate this milestone and to thank those who have worked diligently to make Spend Analytics a useful and valuable tool for all campuses. We wouldn't have made it this far without the time, energy and subject matter expertise you brought to the project.


We have kicked off the training phase of Spend Analytics with introductory webinars and in person training on campus.




Erin Riley

Analytics & Reporting Manager | UC Procurement Services


Day two of Spend Analytics and a success story!


"With Raja's help I was able to instantly identify the software in use at all the campuses. This would have taken weeks before now and campuses likely would have under reported."



Stephen Benedict

Director of IT, Procurement Services  
Sourcing Technology


Phase 1b Focus group - Contract Directory and Repository

On January 31, key Sourcing staff from UCOP and campuses will meet in Oakland to plan for the configuration and roll out of Contract Directory and Repository, SciQuest's contract authoring and management modules.


In phase 1b (click here to view timeline) we will:

  • Define standard UC workflows
  • Build a library
  • Establish automated event notification
  • Create a central contract repository

Phase 2

We are currently meeting with key staff in AP and Procurement who are involved in supplier on boarding to better understand our campus level processes in preparation for phase two. Phase two will focus on integrating TSM with the ERP and for those campuses with SciQuests HigherMarkets, creating the ability to export a requisition to Sourcing Director, run a sourcing event, then import the results back onto a requisition in HigherMarkets.



We continue to develop the CPQP functionality in SRS. Our working group of campus representatives have identified three showstopper issues that we are working with SciQuest [Read more on CPQP]



Brian Agius

Manager - Contracts, Compliance & Systems | UC Procurement Services



Bibi Ansari

eProcurement Systems Manager | UC Procurement Services


SRS by the numbers
Commodity Update



I am pleased to share with you that we have renegotiated our standing contract with our primary Expedited Mail and Ground Freight supplier FedEx. Our current agreement has been in place since 2006 and was up for review.


Some key wins for UC under the new agreement include:

  • Fuel Surcharge: we will receive a 35% discount on the fuel surcharge (previously we paid the full surcharge)
  • Minimum Requirements: thresholds have been lowered which helps us avoid Minimum Charges, specifically on the zones that we ship to most frequently
  • Address Correction Fees: 25% discount (this is the surcharge we are charged most often!)
  • Pick-Up Fees for domestic and international destinations: 100% discount (no pick-up fees)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Previously, we had no Money-Back Guarantee for late shipments. This Money-Back Guarantee will be in effect for all shipments

[Read more about our expected savings]



Lesley Clark

Commodity Manager, Office of the President




Inbound freight agreement

In conjunction with renegotiating our FedEx contract, we will also start requiring suppliers to use our FedEx freight account for inbound parcel shipments. This will provide greater control of our freight rates which will reduce our overall freight costs with no change in service or delivery. We have engaged Vantage Point Logistics, an expert in this field, as our freight management partner.


[Read more about our expected savings]



Jim Hine

Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Procurement Officer 

at UCSF and UC Berkeley




HP / Dell contract update 

I am pleased to announce that the University of California has executed separate Amendments to the PC Agreements with Dell Marketing L. P. and Hewlett-Packard Company. 


Potential cost savings are anticipated to be $1,517,000 from Dell and $310,000 from HP.

[Read more on how these savings will be realized]



Eric Stevens

Commodity Manager, Office of the President


SB1280 decisions and impact of implementation


On September 28, 2012 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Bill number SB1280 effective January 1, 2013. This Bill allows the University of California to use the Best Value methodology for awarding competitively bid contracts involving a bid of more than $100,000 for common goods, materials or services.


[Read more about the impact of Best Value]



Haggai Hisgilov

Executive Director of Procurement Services



Have a Question?
Where to go for help 


A reminder that your CPR (Spend Analytics or Sourcing Technology) is your first line of support and contact person for enhancement requests or other suggestions.


Want to refresh your skills? 


Training materials including webinars and quick reference guides are available on the Procurement Services site.


Wondering about something else?


Contact your SPOC.