June 2016

Sometimes, less is more. That's why this month we're spotlighting treatments that let you get excellent results with minimum effort. We've got a quick refresher on the "liquid facelift" -- there are so many options today that are much less invasive and arduous than a surgical facelift. We also wanted to highlight Mesotherapy, which can be used to target stubborn fat beneath the chin, another problem that used to require going "under the knife." And let us introduce you to Stricell, a topical cream that can be used at home to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It doesn't get simpler than that!


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Why Patients Prefer the "Liquid Facelift"
Getting older is a fact of life -- but when you don't feel old, it can be jarring to see yourself in the mirror and realize that you look old. In the past, the only treatment option was a facelift -- and when your skin grew slack, the only option was another face lift. Instead of looking natural, patients would wind up with the tight or pulled appearance that made it obvious they had "had work done." In addition to not always giving natural-looking results, plastic surgery face lifts are invasive medical procedures that are fairly risky, involve extensive recovery time, and quite expensive. It's no wonder then that people have long wanted an alternative to plastic surgery.

Fortunately, today we do have an alternative -- in fact, we've got many. These kinds of treatments are sometimes called "liquid face lifts," "mini facelifts," or "lunchtime face lifts." These treatments are appropriate for patients who are younger, someone in the 30s to 60s who is not ready for plastic surgery or is not a surgery candidate. Depending on the issues the patient wants to correct and their treatment goals, there are a host of non-surgical facial procedures. These solutions are called "lunchtime lifts" because many of these non-invasive treatments can be performed in a short amount of time and let you get right back to your busy day. 

With options including injectables, dermal fillers, lasers, and more, a liquid facelift can be completely customized to meet your goals, budget, and lifestyle. Dr. Tang has had extensive experience in combining the various treatments and technologies, and at your complimentary consultation, you'll get personalized advice that's tailored just for you. Getting aesthetically pleasing results requires not only sound medical knowledge and an understanding of anatomy, but also an artist's eye. With years of experience treating Bay Area liquid facelift patients, Dr. Tang can help you look as young as you feel.

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Lose That Double Chin Without Surgery

Some parts of the body that are prone to developing small pockets of fat are just plain stubborn -- exercise doesn't make a difference, and it can feel like you don't have any option but to go "under the knife." Fat beneath the chin (submental fat) is a perfect example of this. While there are many options for addressing skin laxity under the chin, if you have fat beneath your chin these may not be enough to give you a smoother, more defined profile.

If this sounds like you, Rejuv� offers an excellent, non-invasive option for treating fat beneath the chin -- and it's one you may not have thought of. Mesotherapy -- also called "liquid liposuction" -- is used for the targeted removal of small pockets of fat. It's a technique that has actually been around since the 1950s, and Dr. Tang has been using it for more than 10 years with good results. 
Ideal for patients who have a small pocket of fat.

Mesotherapy involves the injection of medication into the "mesoderm," which is the layer of fat just beneath the skin. It uses tiny needles -- think acupuncture size -- and local anesthetic, making it a much less intense procedure than actual lipo. The active ingredients in Mesotherapy are naturally occurring proteins and enzymes that break down the membranes surrounding fat cells, causing the cells to come apart and be destroyed. Your body naturally removes these damaged cells, and as these are metabolized you'll see layers of fat disappear. The fat reduction is permanent so long as you maintain your weight.

Dr. Tang uses his own formulation which includes key components in Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve. The key ingredient is actually the same medicine found in Kybella, which is the only FDA-approved treatment for the permanent reduction of fat beneath the chin. Though Mesotherapy is considered an "off-label" treatment, many of the different components in the treatment are FDA approved for different purposes.

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Diminish Stretch Marks at Home

Whether dark or light, raised or sunken, stretch marks are a common and frustrating problem. Many people feel self-conscious about them, and like there's nothing that can be done. While it's impossible to completely eliminate stretch marks, there are stretch mark treatments that can help minimize their appearance. 

Stretch marks (striae) occur when the surface of your skin is stretched and torn, from pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or other relatively rapid changes in body mass. Hormones can also impact the formation of stretch marks. Glucocorticoid hormones are what actually cause stretch marks. These hormones prevent fibroblasts in your dermis from forming the collagen and elastin to keep growing skin taut. When there isn't enough supportive collagen and elastin, your skin tears, causing these marks to appear. 

At Rejuv�, we offer noninvasive treatments like Skinfinity that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. We now also have Stricell, a topical cream that you apply at home. Stricell can be used on its own or in conjunction with in-office treatments like IPL to help restore skin's tone and texture. 

The key ingredient in Stricell is liposomed plant stem cells from Centella Asiatica. This plant extract has been found to improve the overall appearance of stretch marks by reducing the intensity of their pigment and improving the texture of the skin. The plant stem cells help encourage your skin to regenerate by mimicking healthy skin cells. This helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, increases the turnover of skin cells, and provides antioxidant benefits. Though it's usually used to treat existing stretch marks, research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that the Centella Asiatica stem cells are effective as a preventative measure to keep stretch marks from forming. 

Stricell gives impressive results, and you can simply apply it at home as you would any lotion or topical product. It's just one of the many effective and unique skincare products that we offer at Rejuv�. Come in to our offices to check out our offerings, or call Rejuv� at 408-740-5320 to make an appointment to get personalized skincare advice. 
Natural Support for Men's Health

Do you find that you're often waking up at night to go to the bathroom? Are you having trouble urinating? These symptoms aren't just annoying; they can lead to lost sleep and health issues like UTIs. Many men experience these kinds of problems as they age -- but there is help.

These issues are caused by the prostate, a tiny gland near the bladder. If the prostate becomes enlarged, it puts pressure on the bladder, causing these kinds of symptoms. Many men balk at taking the prescription medications that are on the market for prostate health due to the side effects, which can include blurred vision, constipation, and dizziness, which can increase the risk of falls.

That's why at Rejuv� we recommend Prostrate Support Formula. This natural supplement is not linked to the types of side effects many experience with prescription meds, and is formulated with ingredients that support prostate health. Some of the key ingredients in Prostrate Support Formula include extracts of saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and pygeum (Prunus africana). These promote healthy urine flow, complete bladder entering, and normal urinary frequency -- so you aren't getting up at night or constantly looking for the restroom during the day. 

Rejuv� offers a wide range of natural supplements to support your whole-body wellness. A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tang can help you determine what supplements can help you achieve better vitality; we also offer vitamin testing, which can help you learn precisely where your diet or current supplements might come up short. To make an appointment, call Rejuv� at 408-740-5320. 

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