January 2016

It's a new year, and even if you aren't the type to make a list of resolutions, now's still a good time to get a fresh start. Why not renew your body, get more energy, and even lose weight with detoxification? Keep reading to learn more about why toxins are so damaging, the detox plan that Dr. Tang recommends, and a supplement that can help support your detoxification.


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To your health!

Detox in Just 7 Days

Detoxification helps to restore your body at a cellular level, reducing your toxin levels and helping your body to more efficiently remove harmful chemicals. But did you know that a detox can help you lose weight, too? 

Dieting by cutting calories alone can actually increase the density of toxins in your body. When you've cut back your food intake, your body goes into starvation mode -- and it sacrifices muscle before it will touch your fat stores. And those fat cells? Well, those cells are precisely where toxins like to accumulate. When you follow a true detoxification program, removing toxins from your body can help encourage fat loss and the creation of lean muscle. 

Not sure where to start your detox? Dr. Tang recommends Core Restore. Core Restore is an easy-to-follow 7-day detoxification system that includes targeted antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, phytonutrients, and vitamins and minerals. The research-backed formulation works to enhance and balance Phase I and II liver biotransformation, priming your body to achieve optimal detoxification.

Want to learn more about Core Restore, or looking for more tips on detoxification? Call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320!
Support Your Body's Key Toxin Eliminator
When it comes to detoxification, your liver does the heavy lifting of making sure that toxins are flushed from your body. Giving your liver a little help can make a big difference in getting the best results from your detox.

While you're following a detoxification protocol, we recommend supplementing with PureCleanse Liver. With a combination of vitamins including folic acid, N-Acetyl Cysteine, B12, B6, and alpha lipoic acid, plus botanicals like artichoke, milk thistle, and watercress, PureCleanse Liver supports the cleansing process. Its active ingredients remove toxins from your organs and fatty tissue, packing the most powerful punch found in one supplement. 
Want to know whether the supplements you're taking are truly effective? Rejuvé offers vitamin testing, giving you detailed results that show you just what your body needs. To learn more, call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320

What Makes the HCG Diet Different
You may have heard that the HCG diet can help people lose a considerable amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time. But you have probably also heard conflicting reports about how the diet works. Here's a quick breakdown of what makes the HCG diet different.

Though patients following the HCG diet restrict their calories quite a bit, this isn't a "crash" diet. What makes the HCG diet different is the hormone itself. HCG is a hormone that is usually associated with pregnancy -- for some pregnant women, it can cause feelings of nausea. In those who aren't pregnant, however, it reduces feelings of hunger. That allows patients following the diet to eat less without feeling terribly deprived. HGC encourages the body to produce more hormones, and because hormonal imbalances or deficiencies are so often the culprit behind weight gain, this is another way that HCG can aid in weight loss.

HCG's pro-hormone nature is also important because it impacts the way that you lose weight. HCG increases the presence of other hormones (like testosterone), helping the body to maintain muscle. If you're dieting just by restricting calories, your body turns to your muscle tissue for fuel -- and since muscle weighs more than fat, you might be excited to watch the numbers on the scale drop. But losing muscle is terrible for your overall health (impacting not just your strength but your metabolism), and while it's very difficult to regain the muscle, it's all too easy for your body to make up the deficit with fat. When calorie restriction is augmented with HCG, hormone receptors on your muscle fibers respond to the anabolic state that HCG produces. That means you're losing the fat you want to lose, not the muscle you need to maintain. 

In order to lose weight healthfully and maintain your weight loss, it's vital that you only undertake the HCG diet with a physician's supervision. While you may have seen products that claim to raise your HCG levels, the hormone levels can only effectively be raised using injections. Dr. Tang has helped many Rejuvé patients lose weight with the HCG diet, and can help you follow the diet safely and effectively to get the results you want.
Even better, if you use the buddy system to lose weight with a friend or loved one, you can get started for just $100 each. Scroll down to get the coupon for your savings, and to make an appointment, call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320

Be Chemical Conscious
Even if you don't have a serious sensitivity to chemicals, you've likely had the experience of having nausea, headache, or even worse symptoms induced by walking into a room that was just painted or driving in an area that's being paved. In these kinds of situations, it's obvious that you're being exposed to chemicals. In our modern world, however, you're exposed to chemicals at virtually all times, whether or not you're aware of it.

Our immune systems evolved in a time when there were many fewer chemicals in the environment. It's been noted that most of the 60,000-some chemicals in use today were developed just in the past few decades. Your body has systems set up to help eliminate these toxins, but these often can't handle the level of chemical exposure we have today. Over time, constant exposure to toxins can overwhelm your body's ability to get rid of them. This can cause symptoms like fatigue, weakness, memory problems, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and more.

Besides following a detoxification plan, what can you do to avoid overexposure to toxic chemicals? Though you may not have control over some environmental factors, being conscious about what you put in and on your body (think not just food, but also health and beauty products and even clothing) and what you use around the house and at work can help you reduce your exposure. Here are some common culprits to look out for:
  • Formaldehyde used to be a common ingredient in nail polish, and while California's banned its use there, this chemical can still be found in many products. These include foam insulation, carpeting, particleboard, plywood, polyurethane foam rubber, adhesives, and fabric finishes (like stain-resistant upholstery or wrinkle-resistant fabric). 
  • Watch out for oil vapors, which can come from obvious sources like oil furnaces but also surprising places like kitchen electrics including food processors, blenders, and can openers.
  • Looking for vegan leather? It may be animal-friendly, but make sure it's safe for you. Polyethylene plastic is often found in synthetic leather, as well as other plastic-based or plastic-coated fabrics like those used in artificial flowers and shower curtains.
  • Always use household chemicals like paints, rug-cleaning products, solvents, window cleaners, and stain removers in a well-ventilated area, and avoid prolonged exposure. 
  • Polyesters in clothing, upholstery, drapery, and stuffing (inside pillows and quilts) can be chemical-laden. Opt for natural fibers when you can. Organic fabrics are an even better option, because then you don't need to be concerned about residue from pesticides.
  • Epoxy adhesives on plastics and electronic equipment (like TVs and microwaves) can release gases when heated up.
  • Be careful about the office supplies you use at work and the gear you buy your kids for school: Ink, duplicating chemicals (like copy machine toner), and glues can all add to your chemical burden. 
You can't avoid chemicals everywhere, but minimizing your exposure where you can, staying healthy through diet and exercise, and doing a periodic detox can help you stay well. Looking to lose weight in 2016? Come in for a consultation with Dr. Tang for personalized advice on nutrition, metabolism, and more. To set up an appointment, call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320


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