October 2015



Fall is all about color, whether it's the changing leaves on the trees or putting on fun makeup and costumes for Halloween. But color's a lot less fun when it's not one you choose -- graying hair, purple undereye bags, and red, irritated skin are all examples of color changes most people aren't so excited about. 


This month, we're focusing on treatments that can put you in control of color and help you get back an even skin tone. Stretch marks can be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, but they're virtually impossible to conceal. Forget hiding them -- let's get rid of those striae with Skinfinity! Melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation can dramatically alter your facial appearance -- the latest from VI Peel helps you reclaim an even, undamaged complexion. And Alexandra's product pick this month, d*e*j face cream, can help you get firmer, smoother, and brighter skin.


No matter what your facial concern, we're here to help. Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 to set up a consultation with Dr. Tang.


To your health!

Finally! Say Goodbye to Stubborn Stretch Marks

Stretch marks -- or as they're technically called, striae distensae -- can be an especially frustrating skin problem. Caused by rapid changes to your body size, including weight loss, muscle gain, and pregnancy, stretch marks are the result of strain on the middle layer of your skin (the dermis). When your body changes size , the connective tissue is stretched, leaving you with these scars which can range in color from pale white to deep purple. 

Stretch marks might not hurt, but they are often aggravating to people who feel that they always have to cover up and keep them hidden. At Rejuvé, we offer numerous different treatments that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This month, we wanted to highlight one particular solution, the Skinfinity laser. Skinfinity is a fractional ablative RF laser that can produce exceptional results. The patient above was treated with Skinfinity on the left side (the skin on the right side of the photo) and with an older laser device on the right. You can really see the difference that Skinfinity delivers. 

A recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy looked at treating stretch marks with Skinfinity and ultrasound therapy, which was used to safely enhance the body's natural healing. The research team found that their subjects' widest stretch marks had decreased by nearly .5 mm after a series of 3 treatments spread over 2 months. The majority of the research subjects were "very satisfied" or "extremely satisfied" with their results. 

Skinfinity is safe for all skin tones, and is highly customizable to meet your treatment needs. If you're ready to say goodbye (or good riddance!) to your stretch marks, call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tang.
Get Younger, Brighter Skin
If you're in the market for a new face cream, look no further. The new
D*E*J face cream from Revision Skincare tackles an array of skin issues with exceptional results. Used morning and night, in a clinical trial 97% of participants had improvement in skin brightness, firmness, and wrinkles.

The dermal-epidermal junction (aka the DEJ) is where your dermis (the middle layer of your skin) meets the outer epidermis. When we age, this gets weaker and grows slack, leading to sagging, wrinkly skin. D*E*J face cream works to reinforce the DEJ, helping to firm skin and give you a more lifted and contoured appearance. Its powerful ingredients also fight free radicals and provide intense hydration, helping to bring you rejuvenated skin in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.
If you're not happy with the results you're getting from your current facial routine, maybe your products could use a makeover! Call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to set up a consultation for personalized advice. 

Get Even with Melasma and Hyperpigmentation
Even if you're careful to use sun protection, freckles and spots can crop up. Those with sensitive skin or who spend lots of time outdoors can wind up with hyperpigmentation -- whole areas of skin that are deeper in color. Melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation around the eye area that sometimes is a result of pregnancy, can dramatically alter your appearance -- and be extremely tough to get rid of. Yes, you can spend time each day applying makeup. But wouldn't it be better to find an effective treatment that could help you get back your clear, even complexion?

At Rejuvé, we have long been fans of VI Peel, which offers options suitable for all skin types and targeted at many different skin conditions. Their latest offering, VI Peel Precision Plus, is specially designed to boost the power of VI Peel and reduce the appearance of melasma and hyperpigmentation. It boasts powerful ingredients, including hydroquinone (which bleaches and inhibits pigmentation), kojic acid (which brights skin and fights discoloration), and hydrocortisone (which fights redness and irritation plus keeps hyperpigmentation from coming back). 

VI Peel boasts minimal downtime and can be done at any time of year. Best of all, you get results with just one peel! And in addition to fighting melasma and hyperpigmentation, VI Peel Precision Plus also helps to reduce UV damage, remove toxins from the skin, unclog pores, and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. Your skin will look -- and feel -- amazing. 

With six different peels to choose from, there's a VI Peel that can help you put your best face forward. Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 for an appointment!

Save $50 on Skinfinity!

Dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other stubborn skin problems with the powerful but precise Skinfinity RF laser It's safe for all skin types and can be customized to best reach your treatment goals.

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Save $50 on VI Peel Precision Plus!

Treat melasma and hyperpigmentation and get back clear, even skin with the new VI Peel Precision Plus. In addition to treating pigmentation issues, it also fights UV damage and toxins, helping your skin stay healthy.

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Save 10% on D*E*J face cream!

No matter what your skin issues may be, D*E*J face cream from Revision Skin Care delivers results with just twice-daily application. Get brighter, firmer skin, and see fewer wrinkles in as little as 6-8 weeks!

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