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You're always hearing that 30's the new 20, or 60's the new 40. And why not? We have so many aesthetic medicine and wellness options that the proverbial Fountain of Youth comes in many forms. 


Look older than you feel? From topical products to the latest injectables, Dr. Tang can give you suggestions that can take years off your face. Feeling older than you look? We always keep up to date on the latest natural supplements that can help you achieve optimal wellness. Call us today at 408-740-5320 to set up a consultation with Dr. Tang.


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You Don't Smoke... So Why
Do You Have Smoker's Lines?

For years, people have referred to the wrinkles and creases that can develop above and below the lips as smoker's lines. The thinking was that these came from the constant puckering motion of dragging on a cigarette. 
These days, we know enough about the dangers of smoking to stay away from cigarettes and other tobacco products. But even though few women smoke, smoker's lines are still common. How is that possible? 

It turns out that while we may have thought that these lines and creases around the lips are caused by smoking, there are other culprits that have nothing to do with how you move your mouth. These creases are often started by UV damage from the sun, but hormonal changes are actually the reason they tend to deepen and become more pronounced with age. In perimenopause and then during menopause, estrogen levels drop. This causes a loss of collagen that makes facial skin lose both volume and elasticity. 

The good news? There's a wide range of solutions that can help restore skin volume around your lips and snuff out those smoker's lines. For deep creases, Ulthera is the latest and most effective, penetrating deep into tissue to spur rejuvenation. If you have noticeable creases that are relatively isolated, Dr. Tang recommends using a filler like Juvederm or Restylane to plump away the lines. For fine lines, the new Restylane Silk -- which is especially formulated for the lip and mouth area -- can work wonders. 

Smoker's lines are an example of the impact that hormonal changes can have not only on your health but also on your appearance. The whole-body approach to wellness we use at Rejuvé makes us attuned to these changes. That's why we offer our patients many treatment options that help ease symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, including bioidentical hormone therapy. To learn more, call us at 408-740-5320.
The Side Effects of Statins
Statins are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S. In fact, the CDC says that more than 25% of Americans aged 40 and up take a prescription medication to help lower cholesterol. Statins make up the vast majority of those Rx's, but statins also can have serious side effects. Roughly one-quarter of people who take statins experience side effects that include pain, weakness, stiffness, craps, or muscle myopathy. Especially given that one of the many benefits of exercising and staying active is keeping your cholesterol in check, these side effects can be extra frustrating. 

Recently, there's been some good news on the research front. A group of cardiologists who authored a study in Medical News Today found that complementary coenzyme Q10 medicines may help relieve the muscle pain and weakness side effects brought on by statins. 

If you're experiencing these kinds of symptoms, Dr. Tang recommends the CoQ10 supplement MitoQ Heart. It's the only CoQ10 supplement out there that penetrates the mitochondria. MitoQ is a patented, scienifcally-proven formula that is 847 more effective than regular CoQ10 at reaching the mitochondria, helping to alleviate statin-induced damage right at its source. MitoQ acts as an antioxidant, protecting mitochondrial membranes from free-radical damage, while delivering CoQ10 to the mitochondria itself.

MitoQ Heart supports heart health in other ways, too, encouraging a healthy blood pressure, improved endothelial function, a regular heart rate, and higher ATP production. Its other key ingredients are L-Carnitine, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3, each of which play a role in helping your heart. L-Carnitine helps ATP, working to convert fuel to energy. Magnesium is also an important part of ATP energy generation, activating the enzymes that drive the metabolic reaction. Vitamin D has been shown to be important for a healthy cardiovascular system, and D3 is especially protective of heart health.

If you are experiencing problems like muscle pains, insomnia, or fatigue and aren't sure of the cause, a vitamin deficiency could be the culprit. Rejuvé offers vitamin testing that can help you learn if your body's missing out on any vital nutrients. Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 for an appointment!
In This Issue
Wake Up Those Tired Eyes!
The quality of the skin surrounding your eyes can instantly make you appear youthful and energetic... or old and tired. Why is it that lines around the eyes make such a big difference? 

When we age, the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) -- the part of your skin where the dermis meets the epidermis -- flattens, slackening the skin. This has a major impact on your appearance. A weakened DEJ causes those droopy eyelids and creases that can make you look tired even if you've had a full night's sleep.

To wake up those tired eyes -- even if you've hardly slept a wink! -- we recommend the new D·E·J eye cream from Revision Skincare. It's specially formulated to address all of the signs of aging around the eyes, and is the only topical cream that's been shown to improve the appearance of the upper eyelid. With advanced extracts, potent antioxidants, and peptides,  D·E·J eye cream provides intense, long-lasting moisture to the thin, fragile skin around your eyes. 

In clinical trials, D·E·J eye cream has delivered impressive results when it comes to addressing common eye area issues. When used twice daily, 90% of subjects experienced an improvement in upper eyelid appearance, 96% saw improved skin elasticity, and 96% had reduced fine lines and photodamage along with increased firmness. 
Don't let drooping lids drag you down. We offer an array of products and treatments that can help you reclaim more youthful-looking eyes. Call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to set up a consultation with Dr. Tang and get personalized advice. 

Rejuve Anti-Aging Laser Spa
Rejuvé Anti-Aging Laser Spa

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Save $250 on Ultherapy!

Ultherapy is a powerful new treatment that can target the layers of the face that are usually only addressed in a surgical facelift -- but without surgery. It uses ultrasound to stimulate natural collagen production, helping to restore volume and firm up sagging skin.

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Save Up to $180 on Restylane!

Perlane has been a favorite to diminish facial folds (especially those stubborn laugh lines!). Perlane recently received FDA approved to treat cheeks, helping to lift the midface. It's gotten a little makeover of its own, too, having been renamed Restylane Lyft. And don't forget the new Restylane Silk, which offers even more precision for creating the perfect lip. Combine the two, and you've got a beautifully smooth and youthful face!

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The latest offering from Revision Skincare, D*E*J eye cream revives the entire eye area, restoring moisture and volume to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bring back a more youthful eye.

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Though it's especially helpful for those who are taking statins, the powerful CoQ10 supplement MitoQ Heart aids heart health in ways that can help anyone. The support it provides for ATP production makes it a terrific supplement for athletes.

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