May 2014



People come to Rejuvé for all kinds of treatments, advice, and solutions that support health inside and out. We hear lots of unique concerns, but some questions come up again and again. So this month, we're focusing on some of the newest solutions available to treat common issues. 


We offer many different options for slimming and contouring the body, but areas like the outer thighs ("saddlebags") can be especially troublesome. That's one reason we're so excited about CoolSmooth, the latest innovation from CoolSculpting. This noninvasive treatment is designed especially to treat this kind of tricky area. 


Age spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone can affect people of all ethnic backgrounds and skin types. Dr. Tang can recommend a laser treatment or peel that can help with uneven pigmentation, but you should also check out Lytera Skin Brightening Complex, the newest product from SkinMedica. Used daily, you can see results in weeks!


With flowers and trees in bloom, nature's beauty is all around us right now -- but for seasonal allergy sufferers, it's a different story. Dr. Tang recommends Natural D-Hist, a new supplement that uses a blend of natural ingredients to treat nasal congestion and sinus pressure without slowing you down.


Could one of these treatments be the answer to your health questions? Still have more? Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 to get personalized answers from Dr. Tang! 


To your health!

The Cool Solution for Slimmer Thighs

Looking for solution to stubborn fat around your thighs? We are very excited to introduce the latest fat reducing innovation in CoolSculpting. CoolSmooth is the first and only noninvasive solution that is clinically proven, FDA approved, and designed especially for fat reduction in the thighs. Get ready to say goodbye to those "saddlebags" and hello to bikini weather with CoolSmooth!

In a clinical study where patients' outer thighs were treated with CoolSmooth...

  • 86% noticed visible fat reduction after just one treatment
  • 86% were satisfied with their results
  • and 89% would recommend CoolSmooth to a friend!

CoolSmooth uses a non-vacuum cooling applicator to treat non-pinchable fat bulges, with a comfortable design that adjusts to fit your individual shape. The patented cooling technology is highly effective at selectively targeting and eliminating fat cells. Like all CoolSculpting procedures, it's FDA approved and there's no downtime! You can get right back to your busy life... and look forward to a new you.


You can learn more about CoolSculpting on our website. Curious if CoolSmooth could work for you? Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Tang!
Gorgeous, Glowing, Even Skin!

From sun to environmental toxins to stress to aging, your skin has to contend with a lot on a daily basis. The result, too often, is dull, uneven skin. If uneven pigmentation and dark spots are plaguing you, make sure you check out the latest from SkinMedica! 


Lytera™ Skin Brightening Complex is a hydroquinone-free treatment specially designed for unevenly pigmented skin. It targets, corrects, and helps prevent hyperpigmentation, leaving you with a radiant, more even complexion.


A study of Lytera Skin Brightening Complex found that

  • 79% of users reported improvement in the evenness of skin tone after 12 weeks
  • 95% reported improvement in overall skin condition after 12 weeks!

How does Lytera get such great results? It's packed with proven ingredients that improve skin and diminish age spots. Advanced peptides decrease excess melanin production deep in your cells, stopping new spots from forming. Retinol contributes to the growth of new, healthy skin cells. And Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals to help prevent further environmental damage. It helps reverse existing skin problems while at the same time preventing future issues.


Want advice on what's best for your skin? Learn more about the entire SkinMedica line and get a personal consultation from Dr. Tang. Call Rejuvé today at 408-740-5320 for an appointment!
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Natural D-Hist
 A Natural 
Allergy Solution


Are those proverbial May flowers making you sneeze? We've got a terrific new remedy for seasonal allergy sufferers. Natural D-Hist works quickly, is non-drowsy, and best of all, is a natural solution for supporting your nasal and sinus passages. 

These supplements contain a powerful combination of natural ingredients that are proven to provide relief. Quercetin promotes sinus and respiratory health, and stinging nettles leaf help keep nasal passageways open. The natural amino acid N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) keeps mucus normal and healthy, so you aren't stuffed up.

If your kids aren't crazy about taking pills -- or you're worried about medications making them drowsy -- Natural D-Hist comes in a special version that's just for kids! These lemon-lime gummies make taking allergy medication -- and finding relief -- easy for even the pickiest little ones.
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