February, 2013


This month's newsletter focuses on the simple ways to love yourself. For our middle-aged clients we offer new ways of restoring youth and vitality. Celfix is for the client that needs and wants rejuvenation of the outer skin but is not interested in a medical procedure or a quick injection.  These clients like the daily routine of investing in their skin through moisturizing and repair agents.  Our lip augmentation options are for the clients that will enjoy a minimal procedure that gives immediate results and a changed appearance overnight.  Lastly, the libido article allows privacy options for the clients that need ongoing treatment to improve their love life.  Utilizing the newer hormone therapies will result in the best circumstance for all involved, you and your partner!



Lip Augmentation Is Affordable and Sexy


  As we get older, everything on us shrinks.  It's like we suddenly wither from a ripened grape to a shriveled prune.  We lose height, we lose hair, we lose bone mass, and we lose the lovely collagen that maintains a youthful lip.  Our skin loses its fullness, and the laugh lines we thought were charming become the crevices of aging on our faces.  We are even sexier than we were in our youth, because now we have experience and knowledge, but our body betrays us.  We have the vigor and desire of our 30s, but the wrinkled and crinkled skin of a dried-out orange in a Christmas potpourri.


We want to look desirable again.  Fortunately, we live in the time where a quick injection of Restylane or Juvederm can restore our sexy pout, fill out the desert places of dryness, and reveal our inner confidence and sex appeal.  The thin lips that crease and diminish become lovely and full, with that oh so sexy plumpness that invites a lingering look.  Lipstick that resembled a road map of staggered lines is now smooth and luscious, outlining the suggestive bow shape of kissable lips. Restylane and Juvederm treatments can be performed in the office on a lunch hour, allowing someone to return back to work that afternoon or the next day with minimal discomfort.  Recovery time is sometimes only a few hours, but at the most a day or two.  Each individual is unique and may require differing schedules for recovery.


For those who have neglected their lips for far too long, we also offer Fraxel or ablative CO2 treatments.  Fraxel laser treatments have more permanent results, lasting from months to sometimes forever, depending on the person and the damage to their skin.  Fraxel is a laser treatment that moves deep into the tissues of the skin to stimulate and exercise the natural collagen stored inside.  The controlled laser point reduces the damage of acne, sun, age spots and even the pregnancy mask, in addition to smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. The Fraxel treatment is a gradual process and will show fully in about 4 months, even though the procedure itself is a one-time event.  Recovery time is one week, instead of only a day needed by Restylane or Juvederm treatments.


CO2 (carbon dioxide) treatments use fine lasers to remove the older, outer layer of skin to promote the movement of healthy skin cells to the surface of the face. CO2 laser skin resurfacing requires a longer recovery time than a Fraxel treatment, but also gives a better result to highly damaged skin.  The CO2 resurfacing can removed discolorations in the skin and even pre-melanoma moles, blemishes and deep acne or chicken pox scars.  Small lesions and imperfections can be removed also by the resurfacing treatment.  Recovery time is two weeks minimum, rather than the one week anticipated from the Fraxel laser treatments.


No one has to lose their sexiness due to aging skin.  With today's modern and efficient treatments, cosmetic help is available at a low cost and a minimum of inconvenience to the patient.  Laser treatments, injections, and skin resurfacing can remove years of aging from your skin and countenance, restoring the lovely glow of youth and vitality.

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Low Libido Lessens Love Life


Just about the time that life starts getting interesting, just when you get to the point that you are making a real salary, in a good job, and the kids are half grown or even fully out of the house, you start feeling sluggish and tired and even a little low in the spirit.  Are you catching the flu or something?  A question you ask yourself every other day or even more often as you watch you energy levels decrease and your sex drive take a dive.


If you are experiencing a loss of interest in your intimate activities, it is time to have your hormones tested for hormone deficiencies.  Hormone deficiencies, such as low testosterone, low estrogen, DHEA, growth hormone, and oxytocin can cause the desire for intimacy to wane.  In addition, there are other symptoms of low hormone levels: decreased energy, forgetfulness, thinning hair, exceedingly dry skin, erectiledysfunction, and mid abdominal weight gain (the pot belly appearing out of nowhere).


For women, additional symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, confusion, depression and loss of memory.  Mood swings, anxiety, bone loss, and fatigue are also common symptoms that occur with hormonal shifts.  In addition, insomnia and vaginal dryness contribute to the issues surrounding improper hormone levels in the body.  What a relief to know that these unpleasant symptoms can be resolved by a caring physician administering the proper hormones.



Testing for hormone deficiency is a simple process that involves a routine blood draw.  It takes 1 or 2 weeks to get the results back but this will provide evidence that your sexual issues are biological and not just in your head.  These issues can be resolved with the balancing your hormones by the use of hormone replenishment.  The process takes some time as the body needs to be recalibrated, but in doing so, one will find that other issues such as poor sleep, low energy, moodiness, low motivation, weight issues, poor memory will improve.  Whichever the case for your body, be assured the hormone replacement therapy for men and women produce life altering results.


For men, an addition of testosterone will mean increased muscle mass, increased endurance, increased sexual drive, and increased sexual function sometimes within just a few weeks.  For women, the dry skin and decreased sexual drive will disappear, to be replaced by glowing skin and an increased desire for intimacy.  Sexual relations will be much more satisfying for both parties with increased libido and sexual function.  The frustration of vaginal dryness and diminished erections will be gone; instead a new vigor and energy will return to your love life.


Depleted hormones are a natural part of the aging process, influenced but also independent of diet, stress, or exercise.  As we reach 30, the body's production DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone, and oxytocin naturally decline.  To keep the energy and libido flowing, it is necessary to reintroduce hormones back into the bloodstream and into their proper function in the body.


At Rejuve, we offer counseling and testing to determine the right proportion of hormone therapy for your personal situation.  We will meet with you for a private conversation about how our products and professional services can satisfy your medical needs.Call our office today and schedule a free 30-minute consultation.  Everyone's situation is unique and so our program is tailored to fit your own issues and hormone levels.  As always, our services are confidential and discreet.  You can trust us with your sexual health and well being.


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Celfix Skin care



As we age, our skin reflects the occasions of our lives.  If we are worried and fearful, our skin becomes dull and lifeless.  If we have been a sun bunny, our skin is bronze and dry and wrinkled.  If we have been a gardener, our skin has sun damage and wind damage.  Maybe we have age spots and blemishes, pock marks and uneven skin tones from the ravages of years of unprotected UV rays.  Our last pregnancy left a baby mask that confronts us with its uneven tones every day in the mirror.  Whatever we have lived, now is the time to improve our complexion and skin tones to reflect our inner beauty.  We want to make our outer skin reflect our inner serenity that we have justly earned.


Even though there are various cosmetic procedures that safely eliminate wrinkles and crinkles, some of us would feel more comfortable with a daily moisturizing agent and correctional cream to reinvigorate the stagnant skin cells. Celfix is a correctional cream that repairs skin from the DNA outward to reduce the signs of aging and damage to the epidermis layer of the skin.  As we age, our surface skin collects the destruction to our outer dermis, leaving behind ashen and stressed skin that is uneven and discolored.  Celfix DNA repair cream corrects the aging skin by sloughing the dead cells and pulling the fresh cells from underneath the damaged layer to the surface of the skin.  The sun damage and wind damage is removed and the new skin glows with the evenness of youthful beauty.


Until you consult with Dr. Tang or Alexandra, you may not know what an asset Celfix can be to your daily beauty regimen.  Just a few applications daily of the DNA infused cream can correct your wrinkles, fine lines, uneven complexion and blotches.  With 8 weeks of use, you can erase 80% of your sun damage.  Within 4 weeks, you will see more elasticity and less fine lines and wrinkles.  It is like a small face lift in a jar, without the cost and necessary surgical procedures.


Instead of harsh chemicals that other products offer, Celfix is made of natural botanical and marine sources of enzymes and enhancers.  This natural DNA correctional cream does not burn your outer layer of skin, as an alternative process, it reaches into the inner skin layer to pull the fresh DNA infused cells to the surface.  In addition to removing the dry, dead skin cells, it rejuvenates your skin to reintroduce the natural process your skin practiced in your youthful days. 

Skin naturally renews itself, but through the years loses the elasticity to complete the rejuvenation cycle.  Celfix reintroduces the necessary DNA repair enzymes that jump start the skin into reproduction of elastic cells.  A morning and evening application are all that are needed to change the texture and tone of your skin coloration and surface appearance.  Underneath the surface, your skin will be strengthening and tightening to reveal an even more beautiful complexion than before.


This month we have a special for new Celfix users, a 20% off discount on Celfix products from our company.  If you have wanted to try the most advanced DNA product available to recondition and repair damaged skin cells, our clinic has the information and knowledge to get you started.  Call today for an appointment for a skin assessment.  Meet with Dr. Tang or Alexandra to discuss how daily applications of Celfix will enhance your skin and restore your beautiful countenance.   For just the cost of a nice dinner in a romantic restaurant, you can improve your complexion and reveal your beautiful skin.


Rejuve Anti-Aging Laser Spa
Rejuve Anti-Aging Laser Spa

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