Safely getting rid of unwanted hair

Nowadays, laser hair removal is a widespread procedure that is becoming more and more popular. It's an effective solution to getting rid of undesired and unwanted body hair. One advantage of this approach is that laser hair removal produces increasingly sustainable results thanks to advanced technology. However, this treatment needs to be taken seriously. 


The skin is an organ that will undergo changes through interventions, including laser hair removal. Supervision by experienced professionals is essential before giving laser hair removal the green light, if only for detecting health problems or suspicious skin lesions.  From one person to another, certain types of lasers are more appropriate than others, and the criteria must be perfectly determined.  Performing laser hair removal inappropriately or providing a treatment using poorly-maintained equipment can cause severe burns, scars or pigmentation problems (appearance of white or brown spots).


Because one must avoid sun exposure before and after treatments, the fall and winter months are a good time for undergoing laser hair removal.  This is because tanning increases the production of melanin in the skin and can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Except for eyebrows, hair can be removed from all areas of the face and body: upper lip, chin, armpits, stomach, back, groin, legs, etc.


The laser hair removal technique produces better results in some people. To find out if you would be a good candidate and to discuss your personal needs, come see us.  An evaluation will enable us to determine the appropriate approach and treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal


Figurra is a leader in the field of laser hair removal and we want to make sure we remain at the forefront, offering the best product on the market.





We use numerous reputable and innovative hair removal technologies such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Broadband Light (BBL) and laser hair removal (diode and Nd:YAG) to remove unwanted body hair.

Diode Laser - LightSheer Duet
IPL - Lumenis One
BBL™ - Sciton
Nd:YAG Laser - Sciton

Nd:YAG Laser - RevLite


The types of laser treatments or combination of treatments administered depend on the affected areas.

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New faces within the Figurra Institute team.


Our team is growing and we are pleased to welcome two

new members.

Rachel Boudreau is our new Patient Services Coordinator. She's the one who welcomes you on the phone and schedules patient appointments.

Sophie Léger, Registered Nurse, brings knowledge and years of experience in the health care sector to support Dr. Chiasson in the delivery of various treatments at the clinic. 

We very warmly welcome them. We are confident they will contribute to our team's dynamism.

November 2014   

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