February 2014  
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Winter is not only tough on morale ... our skin can also suffer from the biting cold, the icy wind, the changes in temperature. Skin aggressions, especially on our facial skin, are numerous. That is why adapting care measures to suit proper hydration is necessary. And of course, do not forget to use a cream that contains a Sun Protection Factor. Remember that sun rays, even if you feel them less during the winter months, are still harmful to our skin.


To slow down and prevent skin aging, it is important to have a good ritual and to use the right products for your skin type. Small consolation, know that winter is an ideal time for treating and improving certain skin problems caused, among other things, by the sun. So why not take advantage of this time to regenerate your skin with the various treatments offered at the Figurra Institute?

It is possible to regain a more even complexion and glowing skin despite the gloom of winter. Let us help you celebrate the benefits of beauty.


Dr. Chantal Chiasson
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Operation radiance through photorejuvenation 


Like it or not, skin quality deteriorates with age, more or less quickly depending on your skin type, your heredity, aggre-ssions to which your skin is submitted, including the adverse effects of the sun, and the care measures applied.


At the Figurra Institute, we make sustained efforts and call upon innovative technologies to regenerate your skin to make it radiant and regain its natural beauty.


IPL and BBL™

By using two proven and effective technologies, IPL (intense pulsed light) and BBL™ (broadband light), photorejuve-nation infuses a genuinely youthful radiance to the skin.


This non-invasive approach treats and fixes many skin problems such as: brown spots, localized redness, rough skin, large pores, facial veins, dull skin, rosacea, wrinkles, and other small imperfections.


Our treatments can be targeted to different parts of the body that are affected, whether it is the face, neck or neckline, hands, arms or back.


Treatment sessions typically last 15-40 minutes, and long-term effects can be seen after 1-4 treatments performed every 3-4 weeks.


Come and see us to discuss the custom options available to you ...

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News and Updates


National Magazine

The second edition of My Skin Magazine, in which Dr. Chiasson writes an article on skin care during the winter months, has just been published and released in the national newspaper Globe and Mail. This magazine is an initiative of the Canadian Dermatology Association to raise public awareness of the importance of skin care. Click on this link to read Dr. Chiasson's article (French Article).


Figurra Institute on YouTube

The Figurra Institute now has its own channel on YouTube. Find videos on different skin issues as well as interviews with Dr. Chantal.


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Featured Products

Facial skin requires special care and good hygiene. It needs to be cleaned and moisturized daily, morning and evening. Limit exposure to sunlight and do not expose yourself to the sun without protection: ultraviolet light promotes skin dryness and accelerates aging ... even during the winter it is necessary to be vigilant and to use sunscreen.


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Pro-Derm has developed a range of high-quality products optimized with active ingredients for facial rejuvenation and improvement of some common skin problems. In addition, the use of Pro-Derm products is recommended as a complement to medical rejuve-nation interventions such as IPL/BBL treatments.


Gentle Cleanser

Soaps and most of the cleansers are alkaline and irritating to the skin. In addition to protecting the integrity of the skin, the Pro-Derm Gentle Cleanser is soothing, because it contains 40% aloe and is enriched with allantoin and lavender essential oil.


Day Cream SPF 20

This cream is suitable for normal skin. Con-taining anti-aging properties, this cream is fortified with vitamin A, E, B5, C and aloe. It can also be used as a base cream under makeup.



This peptide complex is enriched with ingredients of the highest quality that are specially selected for their anti-wrinkle, protective, restorative, moisturizing action and "lift" effect. Liftense maximizes the results of medical rejuvenation treatments (laser, injection treatments, etc.)

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