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Employee Spotlight:
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
Sarah Reed,
Billing Specialist

About me & My Family

My husband, Ryan, and I have been married for 5 years but have been together for 11 years.  We have a 7 year old daughter named Tamera.  She does competitive acro-gymnastics and dance so we are usually running her around to practices and competitions.  I have lived in Missouri my whole life.  I have 8 years of billing experience and have worked with SMB for a little over 4 years.


Fun(NY) Facts

  • I love to scrapbook.
  • My family and I enjoy going to the lake on our free weekends and hanging out with our family and friends.
  • I am a huge sports family and I love going to football and baseball games.  We are big KC Chiefs and KC Royals fans!!!


My Goals to Help Your Practice

My goal is to maintain open lines of communication at all times with each office.  I truly enjoy building close relationships with my offices.  I want my offices to feel confident in my billing and know that I'm working hard to maximize revenue and keep billing errors low.   


ICD-10 Ready


SMB is ready for ICD-10:

  • SMB's billers are ready
  • SMB's Account Receivable Specialists are ready
  • SMB's SimplyPodiatry™ Computer Systems are ready
  • SMB scrutinizes, checks and triple checks every line item of every EOB 

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We want you to have a fun-filled and relaxing summer knowing we have you covered for the ICD-10 transition this fall.



SMB Medical Billing

June 2015
 Dear SMB Client,

Happy Summer.  We hope you have enjoyed your summer thus far.  We want you to rest assured that SMB has done its due diligence and we are ready for the ICD-10 transition this fall.  In fact, we are dedicating this newsletter to let you know we are prepared for the expansion.  In addition, we will highlight Sarah Reed in our Employee Spotlight. If there is a certain article or topic you would like us to focus on, please call Chad at 1-888-874-5503.

Why SMB is the Best!
Chad Bixler, Business Development
By: Chad Bixler

 In the following article, Cheryl will highlight the specific areas of how SMB Medical Billing is ICD-10 ready.  I am going to discuss the broader view on why SMB is the best podiatry billing service available on the market for the ICD-10 expansion.


Since starting in 2001, SMB only does Podiatry Medical Billing - nothing else.   This is important because it forces SMB to focus on and do one thing very well. SMB is never distracted by other types of doctors or lines of business.   


As you are aware, every practice has its own biller.  Your personal biller gets to know, understand, and learn how to work closely with you and your staff.  Because of this arrangement, you have enjoyed the benefit of not having to explain who you are each time you contact SMB.  Your personal biller has an invested interest in your success.  For example, your biller scrutinizes and triple checks every line item of every EOB.  Thus, your biller is diligently protecting your interests and always searching for ways to increase your revenue.


This October, ICD-10 expands the number of codes from the current 13,000 to 68,000.  This results in a much finer granularity of detail of diagnosis and CPT codes submitted by the Podiatrists to the payors. This makes getting paid, and paid correctly, much harder.


Fortunately for you, SMB is ready for ICD-10.  By focusing solely on Podiatry Medical Billing and each practice having its own biller, SMB has an advantage in protecting your practice.  We do this by getting you paid quickly & all you deserve, using correct codes & modifiers and reducing your ICD-10 costs.


"I want to express my gratitude to the patient, knowledgeable and responsive staff at SMB. Thank you for your patience and expertise." -
Current SMB Client.


I am available at 1-888-874-5503 or email at  for your convenience.


ICD-10 is Coming - Ready or Not!
Cheryl Sands, Executive Vice President

By: Cheryl Sands


ICD-10, it is all we hear about these days.   This change is coming, whether we are ready or not.  We want to assure you that SMB Medical Billing is not sitting back and hoping for the best.  We are ready.  Here is a glimpse of what we have done so far:




  • Our software has been tested.
  • We have sent "test" claims to our clearinghouse successfully
  • Gateway EDI has us listed and checked off as "ready"
  • We have an ICD-10 Superbill that you can use (have you seen it?)*
  • We have an "expanded" Superbill version for your reference
  • Our employees have undergone extensive training.
  • SMB Management Team has attended webinars and training sessions.

What do we need from you, our client?


Make sure you are ready on your end.

You should be able to send us the correct ICD-10 DX code.  (Do not send the ICD-10 codes until they are required, however. Timing is everything.)


*If you would like our ICD-10 Superbill, (which coverts the top ICD-9 DX codes our clients presently use, to the correct ICD-10 DX codes) just let us know.  Email Tammy at  You can ask for the ICD-10 Superbill, as well as our expanded Superbill which includes tons more ICD-10 codes that you will be using eventually.


Together we are going to make it through this transition time.  You have our promise that we will walk beside you, help you and point you in the right direction if you are needing assistance.



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