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Tami Evenson, Director of Customer Service & Delinquent Patient Accounts
Employee Spotlight:
Tami Evenson

I have been married for 23 years.  I have 20 year old twin boys, a 32 year old stepson and a 30 year old stepdaughter who has given us 3 awesome grandchildren: Dylan who is 10 and our second set of twins, Lacy & Lola who are 6.  Needless to say, we stay pretty busy with all of their events and activities, but I can always take up golf with my husband if I get bored!  My favorite times, of course, are when all of us are together.


I just had a 10 year anniversary with SMB and have enjoyed watching the company grow & flourish.  I love people so I am a very "good fit" heading up the Customer Service department.  I also handle the Delinquent Patient Accounts department.  I deal with the complete "Patient" side of our billing company.


FUN (NY) Facts


I love to work out and take classes regularly at our gym - my 20 year olds try to "keep up with mom" on occasion and those classes are always fun.  I love spending time shopping with my friends and we have a standing date for "Friday Night Girls Night" at the mall or movie theater.  I love reading and think my Kindle Fire is one of my favorite possessions at this time.


My Goals to Help Your Practice


My goal is to relieve you and your office staff of patient calls about their billing issues.  We can handle and enter any insurance updates, coordination of benefits issues and also check on patient's personal payment history.  Each of our Customer Service Representatives has extensive training and the majority comes from previous Customer Service Positions.

About SMB

 We have been in business since the summer of 2001.


Our staff has over 175 years of direct podiatry account receivable experience.


We are a private, family-owned and operated business.


Our future depends on the strength of our word, our great working relationships with your office staff and our work performance.


We are currently servicing over 200 podiatry practices in all CMS regions and States.

Dear SMB Clients, 

Being headquartered in the Midwest, we are excited to jump start spring and say goodbye to winter this year with a new newsletter.  In this newsletter, we highlight Tami Evenson, our new phone lines and the impending ICD-10 transition.  We hope you enjoy the newsletter and the warmer weather heading our way!

SMB Medical Billing
ICD-10 Transition is Near
By: Chad Bixler
Chad Bixler, Business Development

Starting this October, ICD-10 codes are mandated.  This means that all podiatry practices must use ICD-10 codes when submitting claims to Medicare, private insurance companies and Medicaid.


For many podiatry practices this will mean trouble. This transition will take its toll through increased denial rates and longer times for practices to get paid.  Industry experts predict ICD-10 will increase denial rates 100% to 200%, and it will take an additional 90 - 120 days to receive payment for claims.  Practices will be susceptible to criminal liability for upcoding due to neglectfully using the wrong codes.  Industry studies predict ICD-10 implementation costs to range from $83,000 for a small practice to $2.7 million for a large practice.


SMB's clients are prepared for the ICD-10 transition by using SMB Medical Billing's service. SMB is ICD-10 trained, tested and ready.  We have a dedicated team for ICD-10.  SMB has submitted test claims and continue ongoing tests with major payors.  SMB has upgraded our IT, and all ICD-10 codes are in our system.  This testing and IT upgrades are a major aspect of ICD-10 implementation costs that clients do not incur.


SMB billers are ICD-10 trained.  This will help SMB's clients because the biller reviews each claim prior to submittal to ensure that the ICD-10 codes are correct. This is another major aspect of ICD-10 implementation costs that clients do not incur.

SMB's main goals are:

  • Maximize Reimbursements
  • Reduce Accounts Receivables
  • Reduce Workload
  • Be Transparent

Please note, while we are ready and gearing up for the ICD-10 deadline, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you, as our partner, to make sure you are up-to-date with all of the ICD-10 changes.  As you know, we are a billing company, we do not do the coding.  Therefore, while we are doing everything on our end to be ready, it is imperative that you do your homework so you are ready on the coding side of things.


SMB's Customer Service and 

Delinquent Patient Accounts Departments

By: Tami Evenson


SMB's Customer Service (CS) Department is SMB's first level of support.  They focus on answering SMB's client practices and their patient's questions and coordinating the answer to questions they cannot answer.  Customer service hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays.    The CS staff staggers their lunch breaks to ensure that the department is open and available during the entire day.  


The Delinquent Patient Accounts Department is tasked with reducing patient accounts receivables for SMB's clients. Obviously, this is not an easy job. SMB has been able to staff this department with knowledgeable representatives whom each have over five years' experience.  This means that they have "seen and heard" it all. Each of the staff is assigned specific practices and accounts.  They monitor each practices patient receivables a minimum of once a month.


Tami Evenson has managed SMB's Customer Service and Delinquent Patient Accounts departments since early 2004.  The CS representatives are Julie Inman, Sherry Savorelli and Jena Hudson.  The entire CS staff is experienced and knowledgeable about podiatry medical billing and SMB.  SMB is lucky to find individuals who truly enjoy providing first level support for SMB.  The CS department may be reached by calling our toll free number at 866-514-0380. Our senior Delinquent Patient Accounts staff is MaryAnn Cox, Judy Morgan and Carol Pegg.


SMB has installed a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system.  As the name suggests, it takes advantage of the obvious advantages of the Internet.  SMB is having tremendous success and have received very positive feedback from our clients and their patients.  The new phone system has allowed the CS Department to answer calls faster with improved call quality.  The new system has improved SMB's capability to transfer calls, conduct conference calls and handle individual faxes.  


The new phone system has dramatically improved SMB's initial toll-free call handling.  Now, when a call is received, all available CS representatives are "ringed".  This provides SMB with a quicker call response.  If no representative is available, due to handling other calls, callers are greeted by the system. The callers are periodically given an option to continue holding or to leave a message. This has dramatically reduced SMB's average hold time. 


After the initial call and if the issue requires additional work, the issue is handled by the representative until it is resolved. The caller is given a name and the phone extension of the representative to ensure continuity of SMB's efforts.


The benefits of the new phone system are improved response times, better answers, and increased continuity of effort. Obviously, this increases SMB's value to our clients.  This also creates patient satisfaction with SMB's clients.


Our Customer Service and Delinquent Patient Accounts Departments are working hard to help answer your questions and get your claims paid.


As always, thank you for taking time to read our newsletter.  If you have a topic you would like us to cover in our upcoming newsletters, please contact Chad at
SMB Medical Billing