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 How SMB's Clients are using their incentive money

Chad Bixler Business Development

As the money from the meaningful use incentive program starts to come in, the question of what to do with the bonus money is one your practice should discuss now. Having this discussion early will help alleviate conflict within your practice and paint a clear picture of what the money will be used for. In the statute of terms for the CMS program, there are no guidelines on how the money needs to be used.


Using SMB's services, our clients have been able to save money, increase profit and receive the CMS' incentive money. With an increase revenue stream, our clients have invested their incentive money in several ways. Please note that the incentive money should be used for capital expenditures or tests. It should not be used for recurring costs that will still incur after the money runs out. Below is a list of ways to professionally benefit from the extra money.


Upgrade Practice

  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Training
  • Location

Pay for additional personnel for a special project that will help the practice increase future revenue streams.

  • Technicians
  • Doctors

Expand Practice


  • Marketing
  • Test additional locations
  • Test additional services

    Investing in these expenditures will help your practice's infrastructure and provide new ways to increase cash flow and profitability.

    Issue: # 8 March/2013
    Dear SMB Client, 

    Happy Spring.  We are excited to send you our first newsletter for 2013.  In this newsletter we will discuss ways to utilize your CMS incentive money, an easy-to-use guide on SimplyPodiatry Scheduler and a word from one of our valued clients. We hope 2013 is a great year for you and your practice.  Please let us know how SMB can make it even better! 
    From Our Clients
    John Roller, D.P.M.

    John Roller


     A Testimonial from a SMB Client


    In 2005, our practice was at a point where we needed to buy new software and equipment to be able to continue handling our billing in-house. After shopping around, we decided to turn that portion of our practice over to SMB and have never regretted it. They have provided all the training and support needed to maintain a quality, consistent level of billing, accounts receivable and collections. SMB keeps us updated on the monumental changes in the insurance industry while providing information on how we will deal with these changes "together."


    We work closely with our team of billers and they are always responsive, courteous and professional. In the rare instance where a staff member doesn't know the answer to a question that arises, they find someone who does. And while I am sure there are times when we ask questions or make requests which they find tedious, you'd never know it.


    Then just when we thought we couldn't have a better partnership, SMB provided us with an EHR program that was fairly easy to implement - even for the completely, computer-illiterate office like us. In the mind-boggling world of healthcare coding and billing, changes occur every day. And while we are busy meeting the clinical healthcare needs of our patients (a full-time job in and of itself), it's good to know someone has our back on the business-end.

    John Roller, D.P.M.

    SimplyPodiatry Scheduling
    Dot Suhr

    Dot Suhr

    VP of Implementation/Training

    Easy-to-use Guide: SimplyPodiatry




    Scheduling an Appointment for Existing Patient


    Right click on the Scheduling screen to bring up the box to schedule an appointment.

    Click on New Appointment

    Use the Patient box to search for the patient.

    When the patient name comes up, click on it.

    The date is on today's date. Either put the cursor in the box and hit the plus (+) key to move forward or click on the calendar to jump to a different day more quickly.

    Select the time, duration, reason, etc. of the appointment. Note: A new reason can be created by typing it in.

    In the Note section, add relevant information that needs to print on the schedule.

    Click OK to save.


    Edit Appointment


    Double click the appointment to be changed.

    Make any changes.

    Click OK to save the changes.


    Cancel Appointment


    Double click on the appointment to be cancelled.

    Click the drop down arrow in the status box and click the red X.

    Click the drop down arrow again and choose Cancel.

    Click OK to save.


    Entering a New Patient from Scheduler


    Right click on the Scheduling screen to bring up the box to schedule an appointment.

    Click on New Appointment

    Click on the blue Add New Patient

    IN ALL CAPS, type the last name and first name of the patient. Go ahead and ask for the date of birth, address, and phone number. The phone number will then be available to confirm the appointment. Click OK. This creates an account number.

    Preparing for Therapy Required Functional Reporting

    Getting You Prepared for CY2013


    Click Here to read about Preparing for Therapy Required Functional Reporting for CY2013. This PDF explains the 2013 G-codes.


    Thank you for reading our newsletter and being a valued client of SMB.  As always, we love hearing feedback and suggestions from you.  If you would like us to touch on a certain topic in the next newsletter, please contact Chad at 888-874-5503.  We hope you have a wonderful spring. 

    SMB Medical Billing