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November 2013  
This month: Jane Austen Tea and Bill Bryson  
From the Director

Rivkah K. Sass

Library Director

What makes good readers? And why do some children master the complex skills of reading earlier than others? An article in the October 22 edition of the New York Times, "Language-Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre-K," points out an issue that libraries have been addressing for more than 100 years -- children need conversation.   


Whether it's pointing out the shape of a grapefruit in the supermarket or asking what sound a dog makes, language development depends on caring adults talking with children about ordinary things and everyday experiences. One predictor of later reading skills is how many words a child hears in the first few years of life--the more, the better! 


While experts debate which programs will most benefit children, librarians in your local Sacramento Public Library continue to push the five early literacy skills that every children needs in order to flourish: reading, writing, talking, singing and playing.


Whether it's a baby lapsit, toddler time or preschool story time, your Sacramento Public Library is on a quest to ensure that every child in our community starts school ready to learn to read. Every week more than 1,500 babies, toddlers, preschoolers, parents and caregivers attend one of our 45 storytimes designed to provide the foundation children need to begin the lifelong journey of literacy. Our librarians help people find the right books to share, offer simple tips and tools to help children learn and we'll do it all for the cost of a library card -- in other words, for FREE.

AustenTEAtious: 4th Annual Jane Austen Tea
You are cordially invited to the fourth annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea, on Sunday, December 8 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Come celebrate 200 years of Pride and Prejudice with delicious food, beautiful music and lively dancing.


Admission is free to members of the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. Non-members must pay $15 at the door (or pay $15 to join the Friends on the spot and get free admission). Click here to register (required).  


Doors will open at 1:30 p.m. to a book sale and silent auction featuring Jane Austen-inspired gifts. Lunch served at 2 p.m., accompanied by live music by Quite Carried Away and a short talk about Pride and Prejudice by Carrie Sessarego. There will be an English country dancing lesson from 3 to 4 p.m.

Bee Book Club: Bill Bryson
Bill Bryson with a One Book/
Slender Poe T-shirt.    
Shortly after taking the stage at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria on October 8, Bill Bryson recalled one of his very first book signings. Six people showed up. Two were friends of his parents. Another was a man also named Bill Bryson, who had driven from another state "so we could both stare at his driver's license," Bryson said.

How times have changed for the bestselling author, whose non-fiction verges from travel writing to memoir to history and science. He drew 425 people to the Galleria! Bryson originally came to fame as the author of travel books like A Walk in the Woods, and and is also known for A Short History of Nearly Everything.

His new book, One Summer: America, 1927, tells the story of five fateful months that year which saw Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic, Babe Ruth's home run record, Al Capone's most notorious months as a Chicago mobster, and many other notable events.

Bryson was in town as part of the Sacramento Bee Book Club, which handled ticketing for the free event. The Bee Book Club will be back in the Galleria for multiple dates in 2014--details coming soon.  
Galleria website redesign
Come check out the redesigned Tsakopoulos Galleria website, with new content and photos.

Are you looking for a wedding venue that's both spectacular and practical? Do you need meeting space for your next conference, or a place to hold a quinceañera or school dance? The Galleria offers all this and more. From audio-visual equipment to a growing list of caterers, it's your one-stop shop for event hosting.

Even better, when you use the Galleria, you're supporting the Library! Unlike other venues, the money you spend at the Galleria comes back to you in the form of new books and great library services.
Making government easier to access
Confused about the Affordable Care Act? Come to an informational seminar with the U.C. Davis Center for Reducing Healthcare Disparities. We'll be holding 11 events during November! Find out how to get benefits and make sense of all the changes on the healthcare landscape.

All Sacramento Public Library branches have also been restocked with voter registration forms. Did you know you need to update your voter registration every time you move? Just pick up a form the next time you're at the library.

Last winter, we opened a new Passport Center on the second floor of the Central Library. We have all the forms you need, library staff to help answer your questions, and the ability to take passport photos on the spot. We're open on Tuesdays, and Friday through Sunday, for your convenience.  

Right next to the Passport Center is the General Education Development (GED) Center opened over the summer. Starting in January, the GED will only be offered by computer. We offer computer skills classes for the new GED during the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and the second and fourth Sundays from 10 a.m. to noon.
The Values Project
Peter Hassen at Arden-Dimick. 
The Values Project is a public art project that connects communities by stenciling values words, like "Integrity", "Tolerance" and "Compassion" in an unexpected place: in front of parking spaces in parking lots.  


On October 18, artist and Values Project founder Peter Hassen and his team painted positive words in parking spaces at the libraries at Arden-Dimick, Belle Cooledge, Colonial Heights and South Natomas.


Hassen led at least two community meetings at each library, working with local residents to come up with a list of words they wanted to include. Every message is painted in both English and one other language in order to reflect the local community of a given area, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Russian, Tagalog and Mien. The group completed a similar project in Napa County in 2011, painting more than 500 messages at 31 locations.


"They're aspirational qualities," Hassen said. "I have no agenda in trying to drive specific words. I'm being reflective of the community's values."

Library happenings


Library staff Carolyn Tucey and Christie Hamm with Radio Disney's Janell Dale.
On October 2, the Rancho Cordova Library received a mural for their community room. This was the culmination of a partnership between the library, Radio Disney and Mercedes Benz.  

The mural was painted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disney VoluntEars, a community service volunteer initiative by Disney and their employees, and was painted by employees of all three agencies and their families. The Rancho Cordova Library also unveiled their new Read & Feed Demonstration Garden on Oct. 26. That's quite a month!

Librarians Samantha LeBlanc and Lexie Kalbach at Read for the Record.
On October 3, the Southgate Library joined millions across America in celebrating Read for the Record. This was a nationwide effort to create the biggest storytime ever. Organized by JumpStart, a supplemental education company, last year's Read for the Record set a new world record with 2.3 million people reading simultaneously.


Southgate had a great turnout for a reading of Otis by Loren Long. Set on a farm, this story is about the friendship between a calf and a tractor. Children were treated to a farm animal petting zoo, courtesy of Greenich Acres Farms, with piglets, bunnies, ducks, a goat, miniature pony, cow, donkey, alpaca and even baby llamas. The audience included three preschool classes from the nearby Crossroads Gardens Head Start.


Library staff Andria McCune, Sally McGrath and Cheryl Aguirre at Haunted Stacks.

October also marked the One Book programs around The Slender Poe,  Sacramento Public Library's new anthology of works by Edgar Allan Poe. This meshed nicely with the fourth annual Haunted Stacks at the Sacramento Room. The event featured library staff playing the roles of real Sacramentans from about a century ago--each of whom met a grisly death. The ghost of Poe was also there, not to mention that of his lost Lenore.  

Upcoming events: Child's play
The Central Library has added a new preschool storytime every Wednesday from 10:30 to 11 a.m. There's a toddler storytime the same time on Thursdays and the baby storytime on Sundays from 12:10 to 12:45 p.m.

We're also excited to announce that children's storybook author Danna Smith will be appearing at the Rio Linda Library on November 14 at 4 p.m. On Saturday, November 9, at 10:30 a.m., local author and preschool teacher Amy Cox will visit the Sylvan Oaks Library to share from her recently published children's book Odetta, the Octopus Teacher. Both writers will also share some fun crafts with the kids. 

There are also new fall dates for the Family Sundays at Central series. On November 17Musical Robot will do their show "Wake Up Robot!" The drum-and-ukulele duo will perform robot-themed sing-alongs with kids. On December 15 there will be a Holiday Concert by musician and storyteller Francie Dillon and Puppet Art Theater. Both events start at 2 p.m. and will be preceded by an hour of crafts at 1 p.m. led by staff from ArtWorks.
Staff Profile: Paula Stevens-Pike

Paula Stevens-Pike, 35, is one of Sacramento Public Library's delivery truck drivers.


Tell us about your typical day.


I start at 6 a.m. I load the trucks up with bins for each branch. I come to Central and unload whatever needs to go to separate departments, and I leave at 2:30 p.m. I like that I don't have to deal with traffic.


I stop at nine libraries every day: McKinley, Arden, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Sylvan Oaks, North Highlands, Rio Linda and Del Paso. It's a 60-mile round trip. On Tuesdays and Fridays I go to a book drop at Rite Aid on 48th Street and J Street. We pick up "Friends boxes" of donated books. We pick up and deliver supplies, hours of operation, library cards, chairs, projector screens, Xboxes, Wiis, laptops. There's three drivers total. Jason (Trice) has the longest route. Braulio Cruz does the shortest because he does the mail.


Patrons, taxpayers, they stop and ask about our new trucks and what I do exactly. I explain that if they request a book from Fair Oaks to McKinley, I bring it to them. Someone told me the other day this is a cool service we're providing for them. The new trucks are Peterbilts, 2013. Brand-new, no miles on them, 14-foot bobtails. We just got them last December.


Had you been a professional driver before?


No. I've done customer service, retail and warehouse. It's something I always wanted to do. I applied online in October and got a call in December. I was put on my own truck within two weeks. I love it. My dad was a long-distance truck driver. He used to show me a lot of things about trucks. He taught me how to drive a stick when I was 13 or 14, back in Virginia. I sent him a picture of me standing in front of my truck. He was really excited about it.


What do you do when you're not bringing our books?


I'm very family-oriented with a beautiful partner of 13 years with four children. I'm a people person. Music is my biggest hobby. I used to play the violin. I sang in my church choir. I've been looking for a church. I found one I've been to a few times. I would love to sing again.

Great Reads
Each month, staff at the Sacramento Public Library come up with a list of books they've loved--and think you may too. Check out the Great Reads page. Now you can find three of the top choices in each newsletter: one adult fiction, one adult non-fiction, and one kids' or teens' book. Enjoy!

Adult Fiction:

Arcadia Falls
The award-winning author deftly weaves a mesmerizing narrative of passion: for revenge, for art, for love.

Adult non-fiction:
How Does It Feel to Be A Problem?
An eye-opening look at how young Arab- and Muslim- Americans are forging lives for themselves in a country that often mistakes them for the enemy.


Will in Scarlet
Once the sheltered son of nobility, Will has become an exile.
Endowments support lasts forever!
In 2004, the Sacramento Public Library Foundation established a $1 million Books and Materials Endowment in a joint effort with the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. As of June 30, 2013, the endowment was valued at $1,135,810.84 and had distributed $462,000 to the Library.

In 2007, the Foundation's Board of Directors voted to establish an endowment for The Sacramento Room. As of June 30, 2013, the endowment was valued at $1,200,102 and had distributed $92,500 to the Library.

In 2013, the Board voted to establish an endowment for Children's Literacy. Over the next several months you will be reading more about how you can contribute to this fund. Gifts to the Foundation's Endowment Funds last forever!  Call 916-264-2990 to learn more.


April L. Butcher

Executive Director

Sacramento Public Library Foundation

Friends of the Sacramento Public Library
Will Block as Edgar Allan Poe, with two of the night's costume winners, Linden Tarr and Lauren Fong Beam. 
The Friends of the Sacramento Public Library gathered on the evening of Oct. 25 for the Third Annual One Book Sacramento Dinner. This was a chance for the different Friends groups at our 28 libraries to get together, talk shop and have a little fun.  

As you probably know, Sacramento Public Library created the One Book this year and printed it through the I Street Press: The Slender Poe Anthology of works by Edgar Allan Poe. The night featured several local elected officials, high school students doing Poe readings, costume contests, and multiple Poe impersonators.

We invite you to join the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. Membership is only $15 a year, and entitles you to goodies like discounts and members-only sales at the Friends Book Den Warehouse. Even better, the money goes to support programs and materials at the Sacramento Public Library!  
Sacramento Public Library
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