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Fall 2012
Rebooting Legal Education
Preparing the Next Generation
UC Hastings Magazine: Celebrating the Judiciary
Advancing Clinical Legal Education
Lawyers for America: Medical Model
Master of Studies in Law: Inaugural Class
Going Live Online w/Health Law, Labor Law
Scholarship: Rethinking Patent Law
Fiat Justitia Video Series + Dean Wu on HuffPo!
Preparing the Next Generation of Judges, Lawyers, Advocates, Doctors, Scientists, Techies, Innovators, You-Name-Its.   
UC Hastings Legal Education = Global. Soulful. Flexible. Pioneering.    


bright-eyed 1Ls  

UC Hastings prepares students extremely well for practicing law. Founded in 1878 as the first law department of the University of California, this university has built a reputation for pumping out well-trained, hard-working lawyers. We hire great faculty who love to teach and whose scholarship illuminates key issues of the day. And we're in San Francisco, the best city in America! 


There was a time when those elements added up and were enough. That time has passed, irrevocably. We've scaled back on JDs, and now train all of our students to apply their legal learning and ethics to areas far afield of the courtroom, on a global scale. 


The law permeates all aspects of contemporary life and has a fundamental impact across a wide array of professional and academic endeavors. This year for the first time, we've even branched out to equip some of the top health and science professionals in the country with the legal know-how they need to make a difference in their fields. 


Most importantly, we are preparing all our students for the realities of a marketplace. We're moving forward on a bold strategic plan that will ensure the relevance of legal education for the next generation, period. UC Hastings College of the Law is rebooting legal education. 


--Frank H. Wu, UC Hastings Chancellor & Dean | huffingtonpost.com/frank-h-wu 

UC Hastings Magazine: Celebrating the Judiciary

"It is a great privilege to decide on the pressing issues of American life. Doesn't get much better than this." - Carol Corrigan '75     

judicial special cover
This special issue of the UC Hastings magazine looks at some of the most prominent, innovative, and inspiring alumni judges currently serving on the bench -- and more.

  • Katherine Feinstein '84 "Into the Fray" 
  • New Judges: Young, Flexible, and Tech-Savvy 
  • Full Court Press: UC Hastings alumni on the state court bench. 
  • Advise for lawyers from CA Superior Court Justice Marvin Baxter '66. 
  • Patrice McElroy '78: Why patience in finding your calling is worth it.  
  • Don Franson '78 on how to become a judge. 
  • Charles Smiley '97: From community service to the bench.
  • Ed Davila '79 on having the confidence to know when your argument won't carry the day.
  • UC Hastings students work to help drug war's "permanent underclass."
  • UC Hastings Moot Court: "You can't argue with #1." 
  • Our game-changing vision: Generous gifts from donors & a bold strategic plan move UC Hastings forward, expand opportunities for students. 
Bonus: Prof. Rory Little shares unique insights into clerking; Prof. Evan Lee offers thoughts on the wisdom of the federal courts; Prof. Naomi Roht-Arriaza on teaching law in Botswana; and former Prof. Donna Ryu describes her journey from classroom to courtroom. An absolute must read.
Advancing Clinical Legal Education      
Integrating experiential learning across the curriculum.

Professor Nancy Stuart '94 takes the reins as UC Hastings' first Associate Dean for Experiential Education; Mediator Dana Curtis teams up with recently named Director Sheila Rose Purcell, adding to the strength of our top-10 ranked Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution as Adjunct and External Training Coordinator; and experienced Silicon Valley practitioner Lucy Dilworth joins forces with Professor Robin Feldman in rolling out a trio of courses that will give students hands-on experience assisting entrepreneurs with real start-ups. Along with Yvonne Troya, who joined the faculty this summer to head the new Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors, it's all systems go for more fully integrating experiential learning across the curriculum. More.  
Lawyers for America: Medical Model for Law Schools
2 years classroom, 1 year externship, 1 year paid fellowship.  


Introducing Lawyers for America, a pilot program based on the medical model to provide greater access to justice while responding to the challenging legal marketplace for graduating law students. Participating students will have the opportunity to spend the year working full-time at a government agency or non-profit organization-and then return for a year, after a break to take the bar, in a paid fellowship position at the same job site. Launched this Fall at UC Hastings

Master of Studies in Law Welcomes Inaugural Class 
Top health & science professionals equipping themselves with a more sophisticated understanding of legal reasoning and doctrine.  

The UC Hastings Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree launched this year with a focus in science & health policy. This innovative new program is administered by the UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science and Health Policy, an extraordinary educational partnership focused on the complex issues at the intersection of law, science, and health. Meet the inaugural MSL Class of 2013.  

High Quality Legal Education Online: Q&A with CIO Jake Hornsby     
Health Law, Labor Law classes going live online Spring 2013. 

Q: How will you pick what courses to offer online?

A: This is an academic-driven program and I am just a part of a great team working to deliver better teaching and learning tools and opportunities to expand our portfolio.


New UC Hastings CIO Jake Hornsby on augmenting the student experience & leveraging capacity w/online learning: 
Learn more
Scholarship: Rethinking Patent Law 
Illuminating the key issues of our times.

cover of rethinking patent lawThe publication of Professor Robin Feldman's book, Rethinking Patent Law (Harvard University Press, 2012) just happened to coincide with a very public patent fight between smartphone makers in Apple v. Samsung. As such, Feldman has given scores of TV, radio, and print #iCourt interviews as journalists around the globe look for the broader context.  

"Companies everywhere are plagued with patent problems," she says. "It is not about who invented something. Every patent is now a potential weapon in complex, multi-dimensional battles. With patents at the center of attention, people want to understand how modern patents operate."  

Says Harvard University Press: "Instead of hoping for clear boundaries, and moaning when we don't get them, Rethinking Patent Law urges lawmakers to focus on what the law can do well: craft rules that anticipate the bargaining that will occur as rights unfold."  

Are you in favor of or against the fig/flounder hybrid?       

Introducing "Fiat Justitia," the video series; + Dean Wu on HuffPo!

Fiat Justitia! In the first of a new short video series designed to highlight and promote engaged scholarship, Chancellor & Dean Frank H. Wu interviews Professor Marsha Cohen, Food & Drug Law expert, about her research and scholarship related to genetically modified foods. Watch Fiat Justitia w/UC Hastings Professor Marsha Cohen.

HuffPo! Recent Huffington Post Blog entries for your consideration, by Chancellor & Dean Frank H. Wu: 

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