2015 Year In Review 
ORA™ Power Rankings = 14 Million Doors, 420+ Companies, 10+ Review Sites and ILSs tracked monthly

Were you featured in any rankings published in 2015? 

J Turner's ORA™ Power Rankings published by Multifamily Executive highlights the performance of properties, companies, and REITs with regards to their online reputation. Since its debut in January 2015, ORA™ Power Rankings has caused ripples in the industry. This email summarizes all the rankings published in 2015

ORA™ Power Rankings 2015 
Top 50 Properties

Best and Worst REITs

Top 50 Properties Statewise
Top 10 NMHC 50 Managers

Top 50 Properties Movers and Shakers

Changes in Top 50

Top 5 Properties in Top 10 MSAs

New Entrants in Top 50

Relook at Top 10 NMHC 50

Game On!

Why these rankings MATTER
  • ORA™ Power Rankings is based on a monthly, online reputation study of more than 14 million doors nationwide, across multiple review sites and ILSs. - Industry's largest online reputation database.
  • To overcome the challenge of multiple rating scales, we have devised a statistical model that establishes a single ORA™ score (based on a scale of 0-100) for each property.
  • The ORA™ Score eliminates the ambiguity of measuring and quantifying your property's aggregated perceptions across multiple review sites.
  • The ORA™ allows benchmarking of your property/ies and company vs. competition at the local, regional, and national level.
  • J Turner Research is the ONLY company offering a comprehensive, quantifiable market survey of your online reputation.
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