March 2015
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Meet Amy Stout

Tip of the Month: Average value of concessions 

According to J Turner Leaders Survey for Q4, 2014 - 48% of communities do not offer any concessions, 34% offer concessions valued less than $400, and 18% offer concessions valued more than $400.


For apartment REITs, a key challenge is to assess and manage the online reputation of their entire portfolio. Each REIT has multiple properties, and each property is perceived differently across various review websites. So, how do REITs determine their portfolio's public perceptions across a host of online platforms?


The second edition of the Online Reputation Assessment, ORAŠ Power Rankings analyzes the online reputation of REITs. The average apartment community has an ORAŠ score of 51. But of the 11 REIT portfolios ranked in this month's installment, only three firms outperform the average.


Which REITs ranked highest in online reputation?


Which REITs have room for improvement?


What is the science behind measuring their online reputation?



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Top REITs Based on Online Reputation


ORAŠ Power Rankings is presented by Multifamily Executive and Powered by J Turner Research. 

Meet Amy Stout
Administrative Operations Associate

Customer service is her forte and she oversees the Dashboard - J Turner's customer service management tool. She is self motivated, she is a neat freak, and she dotes on her eight year old daughter. Meet Amy Stout, administrative operations associate.  

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