June 2014
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America's Top Ten Cities
Leaders Speak Series- II
Meet Nitin Agarwal

Tip of the Month: Kitchen vs. Appliances
When asked about redesigning their apartment, the top priority for Millennials is a bigger kitchen and for Gen X renters is upgraded appliances.
Statistic of the Month: Rent concessions on a downward slump.
According to a J Turner Survey of industry leaders, 53% percent indicated that they did not offer rent concessions in 2013, as compared to 48% in 2012, and 36% in 2011.  

Joseph Batdorf
Dear Friends,

"Reach New Heights" is the theme for the much anticipated 2014 NAA Conference and Expo. What an appropriate theme, especially when online reputation assessment is serving as a catalyst to propel the industry to brainstorm and devise new strategies to meet and exceed resident expectations. To arm the industry with actionable business intelligence, in a groundbreaking study, J Turner has tracked and analyzed the online reputation of 46,000 properties in more than 131 cities nationwide to determine the top ten cities offering the highest customer satisfaction in the apartment industry. In this issue we highlight excerpts from this breakthrough study The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection.


Additionally, we continue our "Leaders Speak Series" highlighting key industry trends as envisioned by the thing tank of our industry.  


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Joseph Batdorf

Presdient, J Turner Research


America's TOP TEN Cities 

With the Most Satisfied Apartment Industry


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thirankinby tracking and analyzing the online reputation of 46,000 properties nationwide spread across more than 131 cities in a study titled The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection. Based on an aggregate scoring scale of 1-100, J Turner found the national average score in online resident satisfaction to be 47. Raleigh, NC Topped the charts as the 'Most Satisfied City with a final score of 54.




 To read the complete study, please visit Top Ten Cities

Leaders Speak Series - II

JTR has been conducting surveys of senior level executives in the multifamily industry since 2009. The purpose is to gauge their attitudes and expectations about the industry. In 2013 we asked the leaders a range of questions. Each issue of our newsletter will highlight two questions. 

The top three most challenging issues facing the industry 
Since 2009, online ratings and reviews has emerged from nowhere to find a place among the top three in 2013. With the number one spot, reducing expenses remains a constant focus over the last three years. Dealing with online ratings and reviews is at number two, followed by raising rents at number three. 
Opinion on the availability of financing projects
Industry leaders seem to have an improved view of the availability of funding for projects. The outlook has risen from 2.89% in 2009 to 3.90% in 2013. 
For more details, please visit Leaders Survey Series
Meet Nitin Agarwal 
Director of Research and Analytics, JTR

A founding member of J Turner Research, Nitin has been with the company for twelve years. He is passionate about exceeding client expectations and enabling them to outpace the ever changing industry dynamics. Family is precious to him and he dotes on his thirteen month old son. To read more about Nitin, please visit Profile. He can be reached at nitin@jturnerresearch.com.

About J Turner Research 


Founded in 2001, J Turner Research is the leading provider of innovative, affordable, and business enhancing market research services for the multifamily industry. J Turner uses state-of-the-art technology to empower clients with real time, actionable operational intelligence. With its unique survey methodology, industry benchmarking process, and trending reports, the company strives to consistently meet the changing demands of the multifamily industry. Based in Houston, the company offers a range of cutting edge services including monthly resident satisfaction surveys, real-time prospect feedback surveys, and an online reputation assessment tool among others. For more information, please call (281) 558- 4840 or visit   J Turner Research



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