August 16, 2016

[SIGNALS exclusive] A lack of funds will force a shutdown in the development of the GPS new ground system on September 15 unless lawmakers act on a July request to redirect funds, according to the Air Force. (more) 
[SIGNALS exclusive] With control of Congress increasingly up in the air and a new administration due to take the reins in six months, organizations around Washington, are working hard to get friendly provisions in place before sympathetic officials have to change jobs. (more)  

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) used visual, inertial and LiDAR sensors to create a surveying instrument that could eventually be used to model collapsed caves on the Moon, Mars and beyond. The CMU instrument applies geo-referencing technology, including KVH inertial sensors, to create high resolution 3D modeling of planetary caves. Precision mobile mapping will be critical to finding these caves, potential sites for extra-planetary colonies as well as environments for extra-terrestrial life.
Australia Plans New Datum System in Response to GNSS Growth
Citing the position accuracy of new GNSS constellations, Australia's Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) is moving to modernize the country's current datum system. (more)
GNSS Forum: Seven Easy Ways the Administration or Congress Could Get a Quick Win Protecting GPS and America
The U.S. Secretary of Defense has said "I hate GPS" and "I want to unplug the military from GPS." Senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have called GPS "a single point of failure for critical infrastructure." (more)
The European Space Agency (ESA) said two ailing Galileo satellites, which were salvaged from a faulty 2014 launch and moved into improved but not fully operational orbits, are set to begin broadcasting navigation signals for industry testing. (more)
The U.S. Air Force has announced a new competition for the next GPS III satellite launch, scheduled for 2019. The request for proposal (RFP) for an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Launch Service, due from the industry by September 19, follows a draft RPF that received "extensive industry engagements," the Air Force said. (more)
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