January 29, 2016

GPS Glitch Caused Outages, Fueled Arguments for Backup
[SIGNALS Exclusive] Less than a month after Europe switched off most of its Loran transmitters, a problem with GPS satellite timing signal triggered alarms across the continent and caused an unknown number of outages, including the disruption of some features of critical infrastructure. (more)
Legislation to Stop U.S. Use of Russian Rocket Engines Could Affect GPS
If approved, legislation halting the use of a Russian rocket engine could force delays in the launch of U.S. military satellites, including, potentially, GPS III spacecraft planned for launch beginning next year. (more) 
"Fundamentals of GPS Threats": Discover how the growing threats to satellite navigation signals can impact your critical systems, and what you can do about it - White Paper
Satellite navigation signals from space are precariously weak and can easily be blocked, damaged, or compromised by a growing array of threats - including solar activity, man-made interference, malicious faking of GPS signals, and the manipulation of position and timing information. As we come to rely more and more on GNSS signals and data across a wide range of industries, understanding and mitigating against these threats will become a critical risk management activity for manufacturers, systems and applications providers, and end-users.
New ESA Chief Briefs Media, Hails Galileo Progress
ESA renewed its New Year's tradition, briefing the news media on January 15 at the European Space Agency headquarters in Paris, with the agency's new director general, Johann-Dietrich Wörner, presiding for the first time. (more)
GPS Experiences UTC Timing, IIF Satellite Launcher Problems
A couple of anomalies struck GPS on January 26, one systemic and the other delaying launch of the final Block IIF satellite. (more)
Feds Reach Out to Small Companies for GPS Innovations
The federal government is looking to small firms to help solve some of its toughest GPS-related technology problems with many of the projects focusing on countering jamming while others endeavor to simplify signal acquisition and improve links within the constellation. A recent spate of requests for proposals for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts have been released by various agencies. (more)
Redacted DHS Report Details Privacy Jammer Risks
Small GPS jammers, particularly the "personal privacy devices" readily available on the Internet, pose one of the greatest risks to the nation's critical infrastructure, according to a now-public Homeland Security assessment. (more)
Galileo Themes, Threads and Visions
Europe's space community rang in the New Year with the European Union (EU) Space Policy conference in Brussels and the European Space Agency (ESA) media briefing in Paris, illustrating not only the disposition of materiel and troops but also their intent and even the level of morale. (more)
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