November 17, 2015

Positive Train Control Postponed
[SIGNALS Exclusive] When the President signed a three-week extension - until Friday (November 20, 2015) - of federal transportation funding, he also gave railroads another three years to install positive train control or PTC on their locomotives and rail networks.  (more) <>
ULA Drops Out of GPS III Launch Competition
The United Launch Alliance (ULA) send-off of the 12th GPS Block IIF satellite scheduled for next February 3 may turn out to be the last GPS launch for the Boeing/Lockheed Martin joint venture - at least for a while. ULA did not submit a bid to launch the next generation of GPS satellites (GPS III). (more)


Surveying Galaxies and Mapping the Birthplaces of Stars with a Suborbital Observatory   

This free paper details the innovative suborbital observatory launched from Antarctica which relies on the precision and durability of fiber optic gyros to provide relative positioning in the most demanding of environments - suborbital space. This ongoing experiment studies galaxies to learn the secrets of star formation and evolution using the same high performance fiber optic technology available to you right here, right now.
Download the free White Paper. 

International Navigation Gathering Highlights GNSS Advances and Distractions   
[SIGNALS Exclusive] Speakers at the recent International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) conference in Prague threw into stark relief some of the big GNSS programs and even bigger GNSS questions.  
ITU World Radiocommunication Conference Allocates Spectrum for ADS-B Tracking of Aircraft    
The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, has agreed to allocate RF spectrum for global flight tracking in civil aviation. (more)
GPS Control Segment Implements Threat Protection Technology    
The GPS Operational Control Segment (OCS) has implemented security upgrades developed by Lockheed Martin to safeguard data and ensure satellite availability at the system's Master Control Station and Alternate Master Control Station. (more)
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