October 30, 2015

OCX Faces Crucial Pentagon Review, Congressional Broadside
[SIGNALS Exclusive] The new GPS ground control system's cascading delays and ballooning budget have the Department of Defense (DoD) looking at other options, including shifting to an enhanced version of an existing control system, Inside GNSS has learned. (more)
PNT Advisory Board Hears about GPS Economic Impact, ABC Study, and Space Service Volume
[SIGNALS Exclusive] Members of the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board covered some old ground but gained some new insights today (October 30, 2015) during its meeting at the University Consortium for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. (more) <


"Studying the Effects of Interference on GNSS Signals" - White Paper

Assessing the impact of interference on live GNSS signals is a slow and challenging process, with many uncontrollable environmental factors. In this white paper, Spirent's test engineers describe how to conduct such tests in repeatable laboratory conditions, and reveal the effects of five different interference sources on the tracking capability and navigation performance of a commercially available GPS receiver.

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Faulty Ground Equipment Delays GPS II-F Satellite Launch
A leaky valve in the launch pad water suppression system delayed the planned lift-off of the next-to-last GPS Block IIF satellite today (October 30, 2015). (more)
Companies Aim to Commercialize Europe's eLoran System, GNSS Backup
A group of American and British companies is coalescing around a plan to provide Europe with a commercial, eLoran-based backup for the timing information now provided by GNSS signals. (more)
GSA Announces Horizon 2020 European GNSS Grants
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) yesterday (October 27, 2015) announced the evaluation results of its second Horizon 2020 call for Galileo applications. Some 13 projects made the main list to be funded, receiving grants totaling nearly €24.9 million (US$27.5 million). (more)

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