August 17, 2015

Ultra-wideband Re-emerges as a GNSS Interference Issue
[SIGNALS Exclusive] The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is weighing a request to waive spectrum rules for a new ultra-wideband (UWB) device that would operate across a wide swath of frequencies including those used by satellite navigation. The proposal has prompted a call for a wider reconsideration of ultra-wideband limits, a suggestion opposed by the GPS community. (more)
Appropriations Impasse Could Stall U.S. GPS Programs
[SIGNALS Exclusive] The federal government is once again approaching the end of its fiscal year without the appropriations necessary to keep the doors open come October 1 - a reality that could undermine GPS modernization and related programs. (more)


Surveying Galaxies and Mapping the Birthplaces of Stars with a Suborbital Observatory   

This free paper details the innovative suborbital observatory launched from Antarctica which relies on the precision and durability of fiber optic gyros to provide relative positioning in the most demanding of environments - suborbital space. This ongoing experiment studies galaxies to learn the secrets of star formation and evolution using the same high performance fiber optic technology available to you right here, right now.
Download the free White Paper. 

China's New BeiDou GNSS Satellites Come on Line, Talk to Each Other   
China's two most recently launched BeiDou navigation spacecraft have begun operating and established inter-satellite links in the nation's GNSS constellation, the state news agency Xinhua announced last Friday. (more)
Most Railroads Will Miss Deadline for Implementing GPS-Aided Positive Train Control    
Only a small percentage of railroads are expected to obtain system certification and complete implementation of GPS-aided positive train control (PTC) systems by the current deadline at the end of this year, according to a recent report to Congress by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). (more)
GPS Directorate Considers Revisions to GPS Interface Specs    
The U.S. Air Force Global Positioning Systems Directorate is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to selected sections of the GPS Interface Specifications." (more)
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