May 29, 2015

Stenbit Takes the Helm of Space-Based PNT Advisory Board

[SIGNALS Exclusive] When the nation's top GPS advisors meet next month they will announce their new chairman - a former defense official, welcome four other new members, and begin with a freshly renewed charter. (more)

Hundreds of Drones Approved as FAA Eases Limits

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Work to integrate drones into the nation's regular air traffic picked up speed over the last eight months as aviation regulators found new ways to permit unmanned flights while still keeping the skies safe for other aircraft. (more)


"Studying the Effects of Interference on GNSS Signals" - White Paper

Assessing the impact of interference on live GNSS signals is a slow and challenging process, with many uncontrollable environmental factors. In this white paper, Spirent's test engineers describe how to conduct such tests in repeatable laboratory conditions, and reveal the effects of five different interference sources on the tracking capability and navigation performance of a commercially available GPS receiver.

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Contract Supports New Tests of eLORAN as GPS, PNT Backup

Exelis, UrsaNav, Inc., the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) to test and demonstrate enhanced Loran (e-LORAN) service from former LORAN-C sites. (more)

Same Issues, Fierce Debate as LightSquared Bankruptcy Ends; GPS Spectrum Battle Reappears

After three years in Chapter 11, the company whose planned wireless broadband system threatened to overload GPS receivers across the United States is preparing to emerge from bankruptcy. (more)

May/June Inside GNSS Cover Story: Thinking Small

A design team tells how they developed a low-cost attitude determination and navigation system based primarily on mass-market OEM GNSS receivers and antennas, aided by MEMS inertial sensors. (more)

Thinking Aloud: Still Not a Thing, Part 2

The National Transportation Safety Board has included positive train control on its "Most Wanted List" every year since 1990. Why is this still not a thing in 2015? (more)

DoT Releases 2014 Federal Radionavigation Plan

The federal Department of Transportation (DoT) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology has released the 2014 Federal Radionavigation Plan (FRP) signed by the U.S. secretaries of defense, transportation, and homeland security. (more)

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