April 16, 2015

Navy Seeks Technology, Suppliers for Assured PNT Navigation in GPS-Denied Conditions

[SIGNALS Exclusive] The Navy is preparing to buy a new Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) Navigation Suite and is asking industry to help it craft its acquisition approach by submitting ideas, products, and potential solutions. (more)

Pentagon Slashes Money for GPS III 'Recompete'

The Air Force has sharply recast the contest to build up to 22 additional satellites to fill out the GPS III constellation, slashing the maximum funding for the first phase of a "recompete" from $200 million per award to a scant $6 million. (more)


5 Critical Performance Factors to Know When Choosing a Gyro or IMU  

Designers and engineers need to compare the attributes of various gyro technologies to determine which sensors offer the required performance parameters. The valuable information in this guide compares gyro and inertial measurement technologies of both fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) using five distinct critical performance areas of industrial and tactical grade gyros.
Download the free White Paper. 

GNSS Markets, Standards, and Resilience at the European Navigation Conference

The 2015 edition of the European Navigation Conference (ENC) in Bordeaux last week found the continent's GNSS community leaving troubles behind and looking to the future, where the world's dependence on GNSS is greater, the risks higher, and the potential profits ever more tantalizing. (more)

Seriously Seeking a Galileo Service Operator
(Not Another PPP . . . Honest)

The Galileo service operator invitation to tender does not look like the old public/private partnership fiasco - it is a very important, maybe the last, chance for Europe to get serious about Galileo. (more)

Flying Blind    

Thirty years after GPS was made available for civil aviation we still have not reached the Promised Land of mandatory, real-time tracking of airliners over the oceans. (more)

ComNav and CGEOS Build First BeiDou CORS Station in Europe   

A BeiDou continuously operating reference station (CORS) station, reportedly the first in Europe, has begun operations in Wallonia, Belgium. (more)

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