August 18, 2014

Digital Nav Payload Emerges as Factor in GPS III Re-Bid

[SIGNALS Exclusive] The advantages of a digital navigation payload, a technology singled out by both the House and Senate for $20 million worth of research support, appears to be a key factor in the Air Force's search for a new GPS III contractor. (more)

Despite Congressional Support, 2015 GPS Budget Drops

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Members of Congress mapped out some rare common ground with both House and the Senate appropriators agreeing to not only fully fund nearly all elements of the GPS program next fiscal year but to add tens of millions to restore cutbacks in the procurement schedule for GPS III. (more)


Future-Proof Advanced GPS/GNSS Signal Simulators with Lowest Cost of Ownership

Spectracom Multi-Channel, Multi-Frequency Advanced GPS/GNSS Signal Simulators for development and manufacturing are easy to use, powerful, and affordable. Now featuring expanded capabilities and a flexible, upgradeable design that allows you to select only the features you need for your specific application today, upgrade when necessary.
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As Galileo FOCs Near Launch, EC Holds Public Consultation on Open Service ICD

The European Commission (EC) has opened a public consultation on a newly revised version of the Galileo Open Service Signal in Space Interface Control Document (OS SIS ICD). (more)


Designers and engineers need to compare the attributes of various gyro technologies to determine which sensors offer the required performance parameters. The valuable information in this guide compares gyro and inertial measurement technologies of both fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) using five distinct critical performance areas of industrial and tactical grade gyros.
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DoT Sets Workshop on GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) will host a workshop on September 18 to discuss implementation of a GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility (ABC) Assessment initiative. (more)

[ADVERTISEMENT] Hilco Industrial

Seismic Testing Equipment Available Now

Submit your offer on a wide variety of inland and marine seismic testing equipment including Zupt (B-PINS) Backpack Portable Inertial Navigation Systems, good off-crew Sercel data acquisition channels, NCA and Price high-pressure air compressors, sleeve guns, and support equipment.  Also available are marine vessels, trucks, and trailers all configurable for seismic testing. These assets are no longer necessary in the continuing operations of Global Geophysical Services. Offers due by Friday, Aug. 22 to Jody Bacque (+1 251.404.2367 or [email protected]). See <> for more info.

Schools Square Off to Serve as FAA's New UAS Center of Excellence

Universities must declare by August 22 if they will seek to lead a new federal research effort on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), a contest that is expected to be fiercely competitive despite the low level of funding guaranteed for the program so far. (more)

General Hyten Takes Command of AFSPC

General John E. Hyten became the 16th commander of Air Force Space Command, in a change-of-command ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, last Friday, replacing General William L. Shelton. (more)

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