May 19, 2014

FAA UAV Exemption Process Is in Place, Though Perhaps Imperfect

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Companies hungry to offer commercial services in the United States with unmanned aircraft finally have something to chew on. (more)

GNSS for Emergency 112 Mobile Caller Location in Europe

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Europeans agree - assisted GNSS or A-GNSS provides the best means for locating emergency callers using mobile phones. Although the question of who should pay is remains to be answered, new regulations aimed at enabling the service now seem inevitable. (more)


The KVH 1750 IMU is an ultra-compact, high-accuracy 6 DOF inertial sensor ideal for guidance, navigation, & stabilization applications where size, weight, and power consumption must be minimized without sacrificing precision. Leveraging patented KVH technology, the 1750 IMU incorporates the world's smallest precision fiber optic gyro - KVH's DSP-1750 - with very low noise MEMS accelerometers. Result: a high-performance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system with excellent bias stability and repeatability. Watch the video.  

DoD Condenses Acquisition Strategy to Speed M-Code Units

[SIGNALS Exclusive] A shift in the Air Force's acquisition plan should shave a year off the time needed to finish development of new M-code-equipped receivers and potentially inspire more commercially flavored innovation - and perhaps even the entry of new vendors. (more)

Lawmaker: No Prospect of Federal Funding for FAA UAS Test Ranges

No federal funding is available nor will there be for the six test ranges chosen to help integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace, a key lawmaker told attendees at a prominent conference on unmanned systems. (more)


Future-Proof Advanced GPS/GNSS Signal Simulators with Lowest Cost of Ownership

Spectracom Multi-Channel, Multi-Frequency Advanced GPS/GNSS Signal Simulators for development and manufacturing are easy to use, powerful, and affordable. Now featuring expanded capabilities and a flexible, upgradeable design that allows you to select only the features you need for your specific application today, upgrade when necessary. Learn more. 

Flawed GPS Signal Processing Design Cited as Cause of Receiver Problems

Widespread reports of intermittent GPS receiver outages may well end this week as the U.S. Air Force wraps up an "extended navigation mode" functional checkout of a GPS satellite, designated Space Vehicle Number (SVN) 64, a Block IIF spacecraft launched in March. (more)

Sixth GPS IIF Spacecraft Launches

On May 16, the U. S. Air Force successfully launched the sixth Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellite on board a United Launch Alliance Delta IV launch vehicle. The launch took place at 8:03 EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. (more)

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