April 30, 2014

Pentagon Seeks to Partner for Access to Other GNSS Signals

[SIGNALS Exclusive] The U.S. military is moving toward using the signals of other satellite navigation constellations to help ensure access to positioning and timing information and to potentially thwart spoofing. (more)


European Officials Consider Galileo Mandate for Mobile Phones

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Perhaps taking a page of Russia's playbook for mandating use of GLONASS in certain equipment, European officials are looking into the possibility of requiring the addition of Galileo capability to mobile phones and other device and platforms. (more)



Take your testing to a new level, with the Spirent GSS9000 - the most sophisticated GNSS simulator, for the most demanding applications.

To address the growing demand for greater accuracy, fidelity and functionality, Spirent has developed a new GNSS test solution that offers supreme performance with several features never before seen in the market. The GSS9000 includes the ability to simulate signals from all GNSS and regional navigation systems, and provides ultimate flexibility to meet all testing needs.

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Key GPS/PNT Official Teri Takai Leaving DoD

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Teri Takai, the Department of Defense's chief information officer (DoD CIO) announced April 28 that she would be leaving at the end of this week. She is the top advisor to the secretary of defense on navigation and timing plus a host of other subjects including telecommunications, satellite communications, and spectrum issues. (more)


Second IRNSS Satellite Reaches Orbital Location

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has reported that the second inclined geosynchronous orbit (IGSO) satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) has reached its intended orbital location and is operating normally. (more)

NANU Alerts GPS Users to Start of L2C/L5 CNAV Messages

GPS Block IIR-M and IIF satellites began transmitting CNAV messages on the L2C and L5 signals, on Monday (April 28, 2014). (more)

New INSIDE GNSS webinar

"UAS in the NAS: The Story Continues," coming on Wednesday, May 7, with panelists Elizabeth Soltys, FAA, Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site Selection; Chuck Johnson, Senior Advisor for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems, NASA; Jon Greene, Interim Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, one of the six UAS test organizations selected by the FAA; and Ro Bailey, Director, Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex (another FAA UAS test site), and Deputy Director, Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration. (more)

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