March 18, 2014

FAA May Tap Three Reference Networks to Monitor Civil GPS Signals

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Aviation officials are looking at combining data from the Air Force's planned GPS ground system with services from other monitoring systems - or even relying on other systems entirely - to save money on monitoring the GPS civil signals. (more)

FCC's New E911 Location Requirements Could Boost Positioning Services in General

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to improve the ability to locate cell phone users placing emergency calls from indoors could affect firms providing chipsets and location-focused infrastructure as well as phone companies. (more)


The KVH 1750 IMU is an ultra-compact, high-accuracy 6 DOF inertial sensor ideal for guidance, navigation, & stabilization applications where size, weight, and power consumption must be minimized without sacrificing precision. Leveraging patented KVH technology, the 1750 IMU incorporates the world's smallest precision fiber optic gyro - KVH's DSP-1750 - with very low noise MEMS accelerometers. Result: a high-performance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system with excellent bias stability and repeatability. Watch the video.  

AFSC Commander: Suspected Chinese ASAT Weapon could threaten GPS

The head of Air Force Space Command (AFSC) has told lawmakers that the GPS system could be put at risk by what appears to be a new anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon being developed by China. (more)

FY15 Budget: GPS III Procurement to Slow, Dual-Launch Funding Cut

The Air Force is slowing GPS modernization and dropping part of the funding for dual launch of satellites, said defense officials in describing the President's Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) budget. (more)

DoT Agrees to GPS CNAV Test Plan, Seeks Public Comment

In a Federal Register notice issued March 5, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) invited public comments on U.S. Air Force plans to implement preoperational L2C and L5 civil navigation (CNAV) messages on GPS Block IIR-M and IIF satellites next month. (more)

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