October 17, 2013

Finally Funded, GPS Adjacent-Band Compatibility Study Now Delayed by Shutdown

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Although delayed for a year for lack of funding - and delayed yet again by the government shutdown - research to help set GPS-protecting interference standards appears poised to get under way. (more)

GSA Releases New Report on GNSS Markets: 7 Billion Devices, $478 Billion Revenues by 2022

[SIGNALS Exclusive] The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has released its third market report, which predicts an installed base of 7 billion devices worldwide by 2022 - almost one for every person on the planet. (more)

[ADVERTISEMENT] LabSat by Racelogic

Detect and Locate GPS Jamming with Exelis Signal Sentry 1000™

It records and replays real GPS RF data, allowing you to test almost any GPS device (with GLONASS and BeiDou option) using real world signals from your bench. Learn more here. 

"Indoor GPS" Technologies Emerge as Retailers' Interest in Tracking Soars

[SIGNALS Exclusive] New technologies are emerging to fill the gap left by GNSS services whose signals cannot penetrate indoor spaces. Using everything from triangulation and flickering light bulbs to the Earth's magnetic field, start-up companies are lining up to help brick-and-mortar retailers beat back their online competition with location-inspired service. (more)


GPS Simulation Validates Design & Reliability 

Ensure the performance of your GPS devices and systems by simulation. Spectracom GPS/GNSS signal generators can simulate any test scenario. Test more parameters, more often, with maximum flexibility in development and manufacturing. Save time and money for integrators of GPS. Spectracom simulators are easy-to-use, powerful, affordable, and future-upgradable. Learn more.  

Russia Names New Head to Space Agency in Wake of GLONASS Launch Failure

Former Deputy Defense Minister Oleg Ostapenko will head up Russia's Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), replacing Vladimir Popovkin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced on October 10. (more)


The KVH 1750 IMU is an ultra-compact, high-accuracy 6 DOF inertial sensor ideal for guidance, navigation, & stabilization applications where size, weight, and power consumption must be minimized without sacrificing precision. Leveraging patented KVH technology, the 1750 IMU incorporates the world's smallest precision fiber optic gyro - KVH's DSP-1750 - with very low noise MEMS accelerometers. Result: a high-performance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system with excellent bias stability and repeatability. Watch the video.  

NovAtel Garners FAA Contract for 3rd-Generation WAAS Receiver

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has contracted with NovAtel Inc. to produce and deliver 176 Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) third-generation reference receivers (G-III). (more)

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Detect and Locate GPS Jamming with Exelis Signal Sentry 1000™ 

Exelis Signal Sentry 1000™ is a GPS interference detection solution that enables 3D geolocation of interference sources. It provides a web-based visualization tool to support timely and effective actionable intelligence. Signal Sentry 1000 is ideal for monitoring locations where security threats exist such as airports, sea ports and train stations or at any event where a large number of people congregate. [more]

ESA, GSA Host Meeting on Scientific Aspects of Galileo Program

The third international colloquium on scientific and fundamental aspects of the Galileo program will take place at the Ministry of Transport in Prague, Czech Republic from December 4-6, 2013. (more)

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