September 16, 2013

Federal Budget Constraints, NextGen Doubts Spur Interest in Privatizing U.S. Air Traffic System

[SIGNALS Exclusive] The prospect of budget cuts further slowing the modernization of the nation's air traffic system is fueling interest in privatizing the country's aviation infrastructure. (more)

GAO Report: More Research Needed to Determine GPS Program Changes

Air Force officials should get more cost and user information and determine how many GPS satellites they will support before making decisions about revamping the navigation system, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has told Congress. (more)


Detect and Locate GPS Jamming with Exelis Signal Sentry 1000™

Exelis Signal Sentry 1000™ is a GPS interference detection solution that enables 3D geolocation of interference sources. It provides a web-based visualization tool to support timely and effective actionable intelligence. Signal Sentry 1000 is ideal for monitoring locations where security threats exist such as airports, sea ports and train stations or at any event where a large number of people congregate. [more]

AFIT Signs Agreement on GPS Technology Development with Locata

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and Locata Corporation, based in Canberra, Australia, have announced the signing of a co-operative research & development agreement (CRADA) to build and demonstrate new Locata multipath mitigation technology for use in GPS receivers. This cooperation is expected to leverage many years of proprietary Locata ground-based technology development to bring completely new capabilities to satellite-based GPS receivers. (more)

[ADVERTISEMENT] LabSat by Racelogic

LabSat by Racelogic is a low cost GPS simulator 

It records and replays real GPS RF data, allowing you to test almost any GPS device (with GLONASS and BeiDou option) using real world signals from your bench. Learn more here.  

UAV Operations in National Air Space Advance as Privacy Fight Heats Up

Significant progress has been made in integrating two classes of small, unmanned aircraft into the national air space (NAS), an area of considerable interest for GNSS companies whose products provide navigation and guidance for many of the unmanned systems. (more)

Human Engineering: GNSS, Of Course!

Ismael Colomina began his career in 1982. "So, in a way," he says, "I grew up as a professional at the same time GPS was growing up and maturing. GNSS has always been present in my working life; so, I never experienced the 'GNSS, aha!' moment. Rather, I never stopped thinking 'GNSS, of course!'" (more)


GPS Simulation Validates Design & Reliability 

Ensure the performance of your GPS devices and systems by simulation. Spectracom GPS/GNSS signal generators can simulate any test scenario. Test more parameters, more often, with maximum flexibility in development and manufacturing. Save time and money for integrators of GPS. Spectracom simulators are easy-to-use, powerful, affordable, and future-upgradable. Learn more.  

Lockheed, Raytheon Complete Integrated GPS III/OCX Exercise

Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Company have successfully completed the third of five planned exercises to demonstrate the launch readiness of the U.S. Air Force's next generation GPS III satellite and operational control system (OCX). (more)

GNSS Hotspots

In this issue: Easy Riders, Collaborative Air Force, SVN 64 and Take Two for Russia. (more)

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