January 31, 2013

UK/US Deal on GPS Signal Patent Omits Galileo Version

[SIGNALS Exclusive] A recently announced deal between the United States and the United Kingdom to revoke the UK's surprise patents on a key GPS technology has a glaring omission: Intentionally left out of the agreement are patents on the European Union's version of the technology, a signal structure important to enabling Europe's Galileo system to work seamlessly with America's GPS constellation. (more)

European Space Policy: Jobs the Bottom Line for Budget Battle, Galileo

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Although they use a different vocabulary than their U.S. counterparts, European political leaders say that jobs would be the victims at the bottom of their fiscal cliff. (more)

The GNSS Quartet: Variations on a Theme

Now that everybody has joined the choir, can the four GNSS programs learn how to make beautiful music together? (more)


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More Than Money Worries: OCX and the New Civil Signals

Navigation users may benefit from GPS modernization sooner than expected thanks to an apparent shift in the schedule of the modernized GPS ground control segment still under development. (more)

Thinking Aloud: The GNSS Merry Go Round

The temptation to shape regulatory measures, market initiatives, or technology development in ways that unfairly benefit one's own program battles the idea that we are all in this together, or should be. (more)

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