October 31, 2012

UK Revokes Key GNSS Signal Patent That Sparked Dispute over Cooperation, Interoperability

[SIGNALS Exclusive] Legal filings suggest the U.S and the United Kingdom may be well on their way to working through a heated dispute over patents that, if left unresolved, could scuttle efforts to make GPS and Galileo interoperable. (more)

European Space Solutions: A Different Kind of Galileo Public-Private Initiative

A combined conference and trade fair, European Space Solutions - scheduled for December 3-5 in Central Hall, Westminster Storey's Gate, London, England - will bring businesses and the public sectors together with users and developers to explore how space technologies and applications, including satellite navigation, can make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of people across Europe. (more)


GPS Simulation Validates Design & Reliability

Ensure the performance of your GPS devices and systems by simulation. Spectracom GPS/GNSS signal generators can simulate any test scenario. Test more parameters, more often, with maximum flexibility in development and manufacturing. Save time and money for integrators of GPS. Spectracom simulators are easy-to-use, powerful, affordable, and future-upgradable. Learn more. 

U.S. Naval Office Looks for Methods to Strengthen, Alternatives to GPS

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (ONRBAA13-002) seeking proposals from industry and academia for methods to mitigate the denial of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services to U.S. naval forces. (more)

16th Beidou Satellite Launches

A Long March III rocket has carried the 16th Chinese Compass/Beidou2 navigation satellite - another GEO - into orbit from the Xichang Launch Center. (more)

Indoor Navigation Smartphone App wins 2012 Galileo Masters Prize

Finding your way will be even easier with a new smartphone app from two Portuguese research institutes that augments GNSS with ultra-low magnetic field communication (ULF-MC) for reliable navigation in office buildings, airports, underground parking garages and other indoor locations. (more)

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