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June 2014

The Rhode Island Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative (CSI-RI) is continuing to make progress to help transform Rhode Island's healthcare system by promoting the patient-centered medical home model of primary care. Below are the latest updates from CSI-RI.
Celebrating a year of success!
2013 was an incredible year for our initiative. We had the opportunity on May 20 to celebrate those successes alongside many of our supporters, highlighting our latest data, new programs, success stories and upcoming expansion. 
We encourage you to read our 2013 Annual Report to learn more about the great progress we've made. 
Photo credit: Connie Grosch, Rhode Island Foundation
Dr. John Gaines with Coastal Medical spoke to CSI-RI supporters on May 20, 2014 about the difference his practice has seen as a patient-centered medical home

CSI-RI 2013 Annual Report highlights promising results
We recently released our 2013 Annual Report, which includes our latest data pointing to the success of CSI-RI and our patient-centered medical homes.


Highlights of 2013 CSI-RI results include:

  • CSI-RI practices collectively met every targeted patient health outcome, including areas of weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure and tobacco cessation; and practices are showing improvement over time in all of the targeted areas.
  • CSI-RI practices received increased, positive patient experience ratings, including access to care, communication with their care team, office staff responsiveness, shared decision making, and self-management support.
  • More experienced CSI-RI practices saw reduced inpatient hospitalization, while the comparison group (primary care practices that are not CSI-RI patient-centered medical homes) experienced an increase.
  • More CSI-RI practices (81%) have achieved National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition, which sets specific standards for primary care practices to use in organizing care around patients, working in teams and coordinating and tracking care over time. 
For more results or to read more about new CSI-RI programs and efforts launched in 2013, access a digital copy of the annual report here.
2014 expansion will provide up to 100,000 more Rhode Islanders access to a patient-centered medical home
On May 20, CSI-RI announced the 2014 Call for Applications, seeking up to 20 new primary care practice sites to join CSI-RI. We will hold two Question and Answer sessions for applicants on June 9, 1-2pm and June 11, 8-9am (call-in number: 508-856-8222 / code: 4614). 

This year, CSI-RI is looking for practices to be able to demonstrate working collaborative relationships with other healthcare organizations or systems that will be able to support the practice in coordination of care (e.g. hospitals, specialists, and community-based services). Applicants are also asked to apply with a minimum of three to four full-time providers and a combined panel size of approximately 5,000 patients. Single provider practices may partner with other primary care practices, provider organizations or hospital systems for support in PCMH infrastructure and meeting the CSI-RI deliverables. They may apply as one application. Multisite practices may also apply in one application. In all cases, each site would be required to report on quality and customer experience at the practice site level, unless the practice can demonstrate that their patients and providers are shared across each practice site.


For more information, click hereThe deadline to submit completed applications is August 22, 2014.
Rhode Island Foundation shines light on CSI-RI progress

CSI-RI is supported by funding from public and private payers in the state, along with grant funding from government and non-governmental sources. The administration of our project is supported through the Rhode Island Foundation.


The recently released Rhode Island Foundation 2013 annual report features a spotlight on CSI-RI, highlighting the success of the patient-centered medical home model of care.


Further, Foundation president and CEO Neil Steinberg spoke at our May 20 celebration, noting that "Increasing Rhode Islander's access to high-quality primary care is a significant step toward advancing our state's health care system. This initiative is helping do just that." 

In the news
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20 more primary care practices to join CSI-RI (Rhode Island Public Radio, May 20, 2014)
Patient-centered care network to add 20 new practices this year (Providence Business News, May 20, 2014)
Help us put a spotlight on our practices!

CSI-RI is always looking to share the great news and success stories of our practices, their care teams and patients. If your practice or a CSI-RI practice you may know has a great story to tell, we want to hear from you! Email: [email protected]

Upcoming meetings

June 5, 7:30-9am (301 Metro Center Blvd., Warwick): PCMH-Kids Stakeholder meeting (committee members only)

June 10, 8-9:30am (RIQI): Nurse Care Manager Best Practice Sharing Committee

June 13, 7:30-9am (RIQI): Steering Committee

June 13, 9:30-11am (RIQI): Community Health Team Planning meeting (committee members only)

June 19, 7:30-9am (RIQI): Practice Transformation Committee

June 19, 3:30-5pm (RIQI): Integrated Behavioral Health Workgroup

June 24, 8-9:30am (RIQI): Practice Reporting Committee

June 25, 7:30-9am (RIQI): NCM Measurement System Meeting (CSI pilot sites, Anchor, WellOne and health plans)

June 26, 7:30-9am (RIQI): Contracting Committee (CSI practices and health plans only) 

June 27, 7:30-9am (BVCHC): Executive Committee (committee members only)

June 27, 9:30-11am (BVCHC): Community Health Team Planning meeting (committee members only)

For more information visit www.pcmhri.org