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February 2014

The Rhode Island Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative (CSI-RI) is continuing to make progress to help transform Rhode Island's healthcare system by promoting the patient-centered medical home model of primary care. Below are the latest updates from CSI-RI.
The Voice of CSI-RI 

Frequently, CSI-RI is asked to provide comment on important policy issues on behalf of its primary care membership. Below are highlights of recent topics and issues CSI-RI has weighed in on: 


Recommendations to Transform the R.I. Health Care Delivery System

The State of Rhode Island recently released its State Health Care Innovation Plan (SHIP), focused on the future of health care in R.I. This plan was developed through a project funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, under the State Innovation Program (SIM). The SHIP identifies steps that R.I. can take to maximize the opportunity to transform its health care system, and will serve as a basis for applying for the next cycle of SIM funding once available.
The recently released SHIP document highlights the work of CSI-RI and the patient-centered medical home model of care. Before the plan was released, CSI-RI provided recommendations to transform Rhode Island's health care delivery system. To read CSI-RI's recommendations, click here.


MAPCP Demonstration and CMS-1600-P Medicare Program Complex Care Management 

Most recently, CSI-RI weighed in on a topic of national importance: The Continuation of the Medicare Advanced Primary Care (MAPCP) Demonstration and CMS-1600-P Medicare Program Complex Care Management Services. Click here to view the letter submitted from CSI-RI.  


Recommendations to R.I. Board of Licensure and Discipline

At the state level, CSI-RI provided recommendations to the Board of Licensure and Discipline on the Proposed Guidelines for Minimum Standards of Conduct for Medical Assistants, Guidelines for Scope of Practice for Medical Assistants and Guidelines for Supervision of Medical Assistants. Click here to view CSI-RI's recommendations.


Special Joint Commission to Study Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health

The Honorable Senator Joshua Miller and the Honorable Representative David Bennett invited CSI-RI to be a participating committee member of the Special Joint Commission to Study the Integration of the Behavioral Health and Primary Care Delivery System in Rhode Island. CSI-RI Executive Committee, with input from the CSI Integrated Behavioral Health Committee, provided recommendations for advancing integrated behavioral health in R.I. Access the recommendations here.

Coming Soon: Chartbook Showing New CSI-RI Data
CSI-RI will be releasing the first version of its new data Chartbook on Friday, which will include updated data on performance (which includes structural, quality, patient experience and utilization measures), and more information on CSI-RI. Check back on www.pcmhri.org for the Chartbook.
Becoming Recognized as a PCMH: CSI-RI Practice Achievement

A core requirement of CSI-RI is for practices to achieve National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) patient-centered medical home recognition. NCQA sets specific standards for primary care practices to use in organizing care around patients, working in teams and coordinating and tracking care over time. These criteria provide practices with an actionable guide to reorganizing the care delivery system to create a patient-centered medical home. 


We are proud to announce that 88% of CSI-RI practices have achieved NCQA recognitionThe following practices have achieved NCQA Level 3 recognition: Anchor Medical Associates (Lincoln, Providence and Warwick), Aquidneck Medical Associates (Newport and Portsmouth), Blackstone Valley Community Health Center, Comprehensive Community Action Program (Coventry, Cranston and Wilcox), Coastal Medical (Greenville, Hillside, Narragansett and Wakefield), East Bay Community Action Program (East Providence and Newport), Family Health and Sports Medicine, Kristine Cunniff, Medical Associates of RI (Bristol and East Providence), Ocean State Medical, South County Hospital Family Medicine, South County Internal Medicine, Thundermist (West Warwick, Woonsocket and Wakefield), Tri-Town Community Action Program, University Family Medicine, University Internal Medicine, University Medicine (all sites), WellOne Primary Medicine, and Wood River Health Services.


The following practice has achieved NCQA Level 2 recognition: Internal Medicine Partners.

Patients Coming to the Table
Part of the CSI-RI strategic plan includes establishing a Patient Advisory Group (PAG), which CSI-RI has recently been working toward. CSI-RI is pleased to announce that Connie Susa, a Hillside Family and Community Medicine patient, has volunteered to co-chair and help launch the PAG.

CSI-RI is currently seeking patient volunteers to join the conversation and efforts to fully launch a CSI-RI PAG, which will service two key functions: helping CSI-RI practice patients (sharing of best practices, healthcare education, etc.) and helping the practices (i.e. providing feedback). Please email names and contact information for any interested patients to [email protected].
Stay Tuned: Plans for Expansion
CSI-RI will be issuing a "Call for Applications" in spring 2014. This expansion is in line with CSI-RI's strategic plan to add 20 new practices each year, with an anticipated addition of 100,00 more patients each year, over a five year time period. CSI-RI will be seeking primary care practices that provide care for patients 18 and older, are interested in delivering care consistent with patient-centered medical home (PCMH) principles and standards, and becoming active participants of the initiative including governance, data collection and evaluation efforts.
The open application process will help ensure that more Rhode Islanders have access to the PCMH model of care. Further emphasizing the importance of the PCMH model, HealthSource RI, the state's health benefits exchange, offers a plan with lower co-pays for visits to a PCMH vs. a non-PCMH.
Transitions of Care: EOHHS
Earlier this month, the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) convened a small representation of providers and stakeholders to explore the current status and opportunities related to hospital to community provider communication following hospital discharge. 


To address the opportunities that were identified, EOHHS is funding a focused learning collaborative. Participants will actively engage in continuous quality improvement, data collection and reporting, two learning sessions, and an outcomes congress to share key learnings with others throughout the state.


For CSI-RI practices and partners, if you are interested in learning about the EOHHS sponsored Transitions of Care effort or other Safe Transitions work across the state, please contact Lynne Chase ([email protected]). 


For more information, click here.
CSI-RI in the News
"Health care stakeholders meet to discuss ACA" (Providence Business News, 12/9/2013)
Upcoming meetings
Feb. 6, 7:30-9am (301 Metro Center Blvd., Warwick): PCMH-Kids Stakeholder meeting (committee members only)
Feb. 11, 8-9:30am (RIQI): Nurse Care Manager Best Practice Sharing Committee
Feb. 14, 7:30-9am (RIQI): Steering Committee
Feb. 14, 9:30-11am (RIQI): Community Health Team Planning meeting (committee members only)
Feb. 20, 7:30-9 (RIQI): Practice Transformation Committee
Feb. 20, 3:30-5pm (RIQI): Integrated Behavioral Health Workgroup
Feb. 24, 10-11:30am (RIF): Program Evaluation Committee (committee members only)
Feb. 28, 7:30-9am (BVCHC: Executive Committee (committee members only)
Feb. 28, 9:30-11am (BVCHC): Community Health Team Planning meeting (committee members only)

*Please note the February Practice Reporting Committee (required meeting for all practices) will be rescheduled. Committee members will be emailed with the new time and date.
For more information visit www.pcmhri.org