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Featured Casa Entity ~ "Love"
Healing and the Casa Journey ~ By Amy and Markus Koch
The Rosary~ By Ewa Zubel
Paul Simon's New Album Inspired by His Visit to the Casa
John of God, Full Trance Medium ~By Kathy South
The Entities at Work.~ Healing Stories from Adrienne Grierson
Casa Crystal Beds~ Around the World - New additions
 John of God's Travel
Schedule 2016
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY USA
 Sept 27- Sept 29, 2016
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Friends of the Casa
Official Recommended Casa
Guide's Travel Schedule
It is recommended that new comers go with a Casa Guide to visit John of God. The Casa is filled to overflowing with hundreds of people from all over the world. There are many protocols, on how to take care of yourself, during your Casa treatment, what to do, and where to go, while you are there, which the Casa recommended Guides will help you to navigate. You can focus on what is important to your healing process, and you are sure to get the most support and highest benefit. The Casa Guide provides all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation, individual support, Casa Protocols, including care during your healing experience etc.etc 

FOC Guide Listing Facilitator
To be Listed as a Guide
on the
Friends of the Casa Website
Peter Waugh
If you have been authorized by the Entity to bring groups to the Casa, please contact Peter Waugh at for further information on how to be listed
as a Casa Guide on
The Friends of the Casa Website.

Peter Waugh is an official Casa Guide living in
New Zealand.
For more information about Peter and his Casa Group Travel to Brazil, go to his website: 
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New Casa Prayers CD

Created with the help of the Entities,
by Grainne McEntee
For years, many people have approached me after the Current sessions and inquired if there was a recording of the prayers in English, from the first Current room. This prompted me to ask the Entity, who was receptive and  happy to grant me permission to do this work. 
So this CD was born to help people leaving Abadiania to connect with the Current when 
 they go back home.
It is available at the Casa bookstore, and you can contact Grainne at Café Central or on for more information.

John of God's Birthday Celebration
at the Casa De Dom Inacio
3rd Friday in June.

Phyllis Bennett Photos 2010



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   Featured Book   
Mytrae Meliana
   Casa Recommended Guide  
Mytrea Meliana's Book 
John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil
Whether you're a first-time or returning visitor, Mytrae Meliana offers a roadmap to your personal miracle. 

The Entities of Light, tell us, "We do 50 percent of the work; you're responsible for the rest." Practical and intuitive, this book helps you achieve that other 50 percent.  

For more information on Mytrae Melina and her Guided Travel to John of God in Brazil:



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Distance Healing 
Through Casa Herbs
For a List of Guides who do a service, taking Photos to the Casa and John of God for Distance healing through the Casa Herbs Click Link:
Note: The cost of this service should be between $65.00 and $85.00USD or equivalent, including regular postage and depending upon what country you and the Guide performing the service, are in.


Distance Healing Update
There has been a dramatic increase in people asking for Casa Distance Healing through photographs. For the most part, The Entities and John of God are now doing the  Distance Healing work, scanning the photo, sending teams of Spirit Light workers "directly" out to work with the person in the photo with no intermediary needed. Where as before the Entities used a "surrogate" or a person to "stand in" for the Spiritual Intervention for the individual in the photograph.   
If you are interested in having your photograph presented for Distance Healing through the Casa Herbs, contact a Casa Guide who does the service of presenting photos to John of God.

Click Below:
Casa Guide Travel Calendar

The charge for this service should be between $65 and $85.00 US dollars and will include at least 55 days of Casa Blessed Herbs. The Casa de Dom Inacio DOES NOT charge for distance healing through the photograph. Apart from the herbs service and shipping there should be NO extra charge for the service. Plus NO Charge for putting animals or prayers for people in the Casa triangles for Prayers.

Casa Guide Advice Tips: 
Listen for Special Instructions after EVERY Spiritual Intervention
         By Sean Durkin ~ 
Abadiania Local Casa Guide
     As many who have come to the Casa know, the Entities often alter the post intervention instructions, which makes it essential that 
all guides and visitors, new and returning, check with the people doing the official Casa orientations every time they have an intervention to see what changes and supplemental instructions have been made.

     Because the current room energies and work is very powerful, it is strongly suggested that you sit only in the first current room - the "Mediums Current" - for the first session after your 24 hour "keep away time" following any intervention, even if you have permission and normally sit in a different room.

For more information on Sean Durkin and his personal local Guide Services:

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               Casa Soup Kitchen


FOC Casa Blessed Soup Pot 


      FOC Casa picture of Blessed Soup       

Donations of clothes for all ages,
toys, blankets etc are always welcome 
for the soup kitchen.
The Casa accepts donations for various charity projects related to the mission of John of God. Be advised that neither the Friends of the Casa nor any of the Staff or Volunteers at the Casa are allowed to accept donations in the name of the Casa.
For information on how to donate go to:



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FOC Main Hall Triangle Energy photo  






Crystal Bed Photos

  FOC Crystal Bed Image 2

FOC crystal Bed Crystal Point 1



              Featured Casa Entity     
Some of the entities have chosen not to 
reveal their identity. 
One particular entity has asked to merely be called 'Love' explaining, 
 "If I told you my real name, there would not be a building large enough in this town to accommodate all the people from 
 around the world who would come."

Healing And 
The Casa Journey
John of God surgery with Orbs

By Amy and Markus Koch
Casa Recommended Guides

     What is healing? It's really a misnomer, because healing implies that there's something broken that needs to be fixed. In God's eyes, we are whole. There is nothing broken. Rather than a healing journey, let us call this a journey of remembering. To remember your wholeness, the wholeness of the body, even to the cellular level. Remember the wholeness of the emotions and the mind. It's very easy to forget, in our human aspect. The body and emotions move into certain distortions. These distortions are not who you are.  The entities of the Casa help us to know this and our body, mind and spirit can follow by releasing old energy and healing.

     This is what the Casa Spirit Entities do to support you. They help you to remember, according to your highest intention. They help to support the manifestation of that remembering, but we each have free will and need to have that intention for our self as well. This is why the formulation of your intention is so important. Let your intention be for remembering your wholeness and the deepest manifestation of that wholeness on as specific a level as you wish. Whatever you ask for that is wholesome and for the highest good, the entities will support you in that wholesome intention. They freely give you these interventions on a spiritual level, in the body, in the mind, in karma. They offer them to you with Love. It is simply offered, and it is up to you to take what you can use. Our intention here, all of us, human and spirit, is for the highest good of all beings, with Love and harm to none. Simply that: to remember our wholeness, live our wholeness, and reflect that radiance out into the world; to model such wholeness for the world so that ALL beings may have well-being, happiness, and peace.

     You will definitely receive answers and healing at the Casa, though they may be very different from what you were expecting. A journey like this is deeply personal. Often those life issues that you most need to heal will arise and begin to be cleared. Your experience will be totally unique and individual.

     Time spent at the Casa is sacred and nourishing. We all have an enormous capacity for love and compassion and we each have an individual and important place in the world. In addition, we have all been through traumatic experiences and have issues that can manifest in the physical body. We are also capable of being healed and being healers ourselves!  Healing involves celebrating life to the fullest and includes healthy living, self-empowerment, harmonious relationships and inner joy. Healing is also about overcoming fears, forgiving all others and ourselves, and balancing the energies in our body, mind and spirit. We can co-create a future that is filled with peace, compassion and gratitude. We can place our intent and commitment towards happiness, and freedom from suffering for all beings. 

     The Casa facilitates healing on all these levels. We have not met anyone who has not benefited from a healing journey to the Casa, the house of love, where the medicine is love.  If you have read this far, it is time to ask yourself what is possible for you? This is your chance to align yourself with all the opportunities that are available in this loving place.

     So many experience healings on various levels of their being through standing in the presence of John of God and the thousands of Entity light workers that fill the Casa daily.  Miracles happen at the Casa! You are ready for yours.  As you heal yourself by knowing your own divine essence, you also heal others. You heal the Earth itself. Nothing is separate.

          For more information on Amy and Markus Koch, 
 their Casa Guide services, details, and dates 
 when they travel to the Casa in Brazil
go to:

Call: 734-660-0898

~ The Rosary ~
An Unending Praise of God

By Ewa Zubel
Casa Recommended Guide
Hail Mary is not a "Dear Mary". It is a HAIL MARY!!!!
An Unending Praise of God.
An Expression of True Prayer.
A call to Meditate.
A call to Silence.
"Be still and know that I AM." "Pray in silence of your heart". "Gather and Pray".
Rosary is a joyful prayer! Rosary is meant to restore readiness to receive the "living waters".
It is Not a prayer of whaling hearts and sinners asking for mercy. It asks for nothing. It is Glorifying God, Unifying us with Mary the Mother of God as She contemplates His Face. United with Mary and thru her united with Christ, we thrive in the Oneness with God; we rest in His Peace, the Silence - the Hosanna and Hallelujah -The Music of The Spheres, the music in the Silence.
For what is there to ask for if everything had been given? In the same moment that we ask - we receive and the moment is unchanging. There is no time in reality where we Really live - in Heaven -  there is No Time.
Time is created here in our dimension, where all goes according to the law of nature and the law of physics. But what is the One Law above all law that Jesus, the Son of God, the God Incarnated gave us - and put that above all law? It is the Law of Love. For he came not to destroy the law but to Fulfil it. And so it is said : "Love me above All"
When we understand Rosary correctly - we see that it had been created to restore the human kind to God, to give us back That, which we ourselves deprived us of, to give us the Peace, the Love, the Light- The Light that contains All.
So, as we learn to sit in silence, to meditate, to contemplate, to pray Rosary from our heart, giving Joyful Glory to God - thru glorifying Mary  we receive the Grace of God. The Grace that contains all Goodness, all Wisdom.  As Mary is The Grace of God, when we unite with Her - as She contemplates her own Creation- we contemplate the biggest Mystery - the Incarnation of God into our world, into our dimension, into human body. 
As we give Him our Love, for he said - "Love me above All"- as we love Him- before we ask for something he says: "Why should you ask, when everything has been given you? For-you abided with the law of this planet. The only law I established is the law of Love. Therefore you shall receive according to My law. For you have understood correctly my words : Love Me above all, love me with all your heart, your Soul, your whole existence.  And you praised Me before you asked and so it's given to you immeasurably".
Rosary is a call to Love - it is a fastest saving tool for humanity. For, as we leave everything behind and concentrate on the only thing that Really matters in this world- the Love that God established- as we give Him this Love and unite ourselves in this Love with Him-Everything is received. We are saved, as we Rest in this music of the silence. 
All our needs and wants are released and we become in this stillness One Will with The Will of God. 
For ~ in this ~ we put God First and everything else Follows.
"Your Will be Done" becomes our will as well -  therefore total surrender is achieved.
Editors Note: The Rosary is prayed at the Casa De Dom Inacio at 7:00 every evening in the Main Hall. 
All are welcome.
For more information about Ewa and Jan Zubel, their Casa Guide Services and group travel to John of God,
Go To:

Ewa & Jan Zubel
Ph. (732)-930-1466

Paul Simon's New Album Inspired by 
His Visit to the Casa 

"I heard an angel playing The Sound Of Silence, the most beautiful guitar I had ever heard- my spirit raised up to the clouds."
Dan K. from California, recalls his experience, in The Current Rooms, at The Casa De Dom Inacio, when Paul Simon was asked, by John of God, to sing a song 
 at the end of the session.
Paul Simon's latest album 'Stranger To Stranger,' 
released June 3rd 2016, 
like many of his works, showcases a fascination 
with spirituality, mysticism, 
and what lies on the "other side."
In this article by Cathleen Falsani, Paul recounts some of his experiences during his visit to John of God, at The Casa de Dom Inacio, in Abadiānia, Brazil.

Here, you can preview and purchase 
  John of God ~ Full Trance Medium
By Kathy South
Casa Recommend Guide   

John of God is a powerful psychic medium and spiritual medium. The spirits that work with and through him are Beings of Light called the Entities. The Entities have a mission to help humanity by using the mediumship of John of God as a vessel to channel their communication and healing energy.

A medium is someone with the ability to allow spirit to use their body in some capacity. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics relay messages from the spirit realm and receive intuitive information from a client's energy. Some psychics are also mediums with the ability to allow spirit to communicate through their body during a trance.
The mediumistic trance state ranges from conscious to unconscious. When a medium is conscious, they can potentially interfere with spirit. When unconscious, a medium is essentially asleep, remembers nothing, and cannot interfere with spirit.
All healers are channels for different vibrations of light. Spiritual mediums are healers with a mediumistic ability to hold the vibration of a spirit to heal and communicate. The level of vibrational capacity to which a medium can allow a spirit to enter and heal through their body is known as incorporation. Incorporation levels vary based on the evolution of the medium.
When John of God incorporates an Entity, he goes to sleep while entering an unconscious trance state to allow 100% of an Entity's energy to inhabit his body. All who pass in front of John of God while incorporated, feel the love and light of the Entity. Requests are made to the Entity, not John of God. The Entities write energetic prescriptions, manage our healing protocols, and perform the actual healing work. John of God affirms "I do not heal. It is God and the good spirits who heal."

For more information on
Kathy South
 Her Casa Guide services and group travel to 
John of God, in Brazil: 
Phone: 703-924-3768

The Casa Entities at Work

Healing Stories from Adrienne Grierson
By Adrienne Grierson 
Casa Recommended Guide

Damian Scott Campbell 31
Syracuse NY USA
Refrigeration technician.
When I was 12 years old I started bleeding internally. I was put on steroids, got really sick, lost 100lbs, and went down to 90lbs. On Dec 4th 1989 after being told I had ulcerative colitis doctors removed my entire large intestine. They did an experimental surgery, took my small intestine, looped it around four times and sewed it together making a'large intestine' or pouch inside of me. One year later I had swelling in my lower back which caused sciatica and I was diagnosed with vitiligo, white spots formed caused by losing pigment in the skin. Two years ago the scar tissue started wrapping around my small intestine and I was getting bowel obstructions from salad, any food with a rough edge, certain meats.
I would have to go to hospital, get an IV until the obstruction would free itself. I didn't want them operating again to remove the scar tissue so I came to Brazil on April 4th 2004. I had an invisible surgery and when I went home I was able to eat certain foods I couldn't eat before. I am eating healthier now instead of mush. I believe my problem was spiritual, I grew up with a lot of anger and sitting in the current room helps me to release a lot of those memories and deal with the emotional root. I can't explain how I know that was the root of it but I learnt that after I left Brazil the first time. 

Barbara Anne Vincent, 58
Redondo Beach , California
Counsellor and hands on healer.
I was rear ended in a car accident in October 2002. My head was turned to the right and slammed against the headrest. I was given strong intravenous steroids for twenty-three hours to try to reduce the swelling in the brain stem. This reduced the swelling somewhat but I had a terrible allergic reaction to the steroids. Eleven months later I still had some swelling in the brain stem and I had symptoms of glaucoma. On October 1, 2003 , my birthday, I was in Brazil to see Joćo. Within ten minutes of invisible surgery I no longer had swelling on the brain stem, my neck was no longer swollen at all and I could turn my head.
The next week I had two visible surgeries one on each eye. He scraped each eye with a scalpel, digging out something from behind the eyeball. I felt no pain; it was uncomfortable having his fingers in my eye but no pain. The glaucoma symptoms disappeared. I had worn glasses every day for forty-seven years and now only needed them for reading.
After showing Joćo a picture of my grandson Bryce, I did a surrogate surgery, which involved me having an invisible surgery on his behalf. He was living in Orange County California and was eight years old at that time. He had been diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. During the invisible surgery it felt like a Mack driving over my head then backing up over it and then backing up again. It was extremely painful. Ten minutes later when the surgery was over there was no pain. My grandson immediately no longer had ADHD.

    Click here to watch Adienne's Video library 
of Casa Healing stories. 

For more information on 
 Adrienne Grierson's Group travel 
 to visit John of God in Brazil 
 Go to:

    John of God Casa Crystal Beds  
Around the World
     Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.
     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our
Casa Crystal Bed Section 


Emma Bellamy 
Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Lynette Leckie-Clark 
12 Darren Close,
Victoria Point,
Queensland 4165


Isabelle du Brouwer 
44 rue du Beager
1050 Brussels

218 Chemin du Vieux Lavoir
04 50 04 31 38

Stefanie Hobusch
Unter der Clustrift 2a, 
37581 Bad Gandersheim
05382/ 790 79 79

Mary Cahill
353 93 42348

Phil Phelan
Rathbeagh, Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny
Mobile - 087-6228141

Bari Brown
Benedict Street, Glastonbury, BA69NE, Somerset.
Dr Latifah lynn Hobin
1502 Norseman terrace 
Austin, TX 78758

Mauree Kai
88 Harley Road 
Pottstown, PA  19465

Mellissa Tong
9016 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Mona Schaefer BCMTB 
Magnificent Hands LLC
Las Vegas, Nevada

Ruthie Rosenfeld 
New Hope, PA

Tomoko S. Mays HHP, SHP 
TSM Healing Center
Jersey city, NJ 07307

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