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Friends of the Casa NEWSLETTERJune, 2015
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Featured Casa Entity ~ St Rita de Cacsia
The Saint of the Impossible ~ By Grainne McEntee
Casa Expansion & A Message from John of God ~ By Grainne McEntee
Baptisim at the Waterfall ~ By Virginia Rabata
Healing Disobsession ~By Emma Bragdon
Featured Casa Guide ~Nancy Ling
Doctors are Shocked~ Alisha's Story
Casa Crystal Beds~ Around the World - New additions

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 John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions

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Heather Cumming, was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the interior of Brazil. She studied in Sao Paulo, Edinburgh, London and New York. Heather, speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. For many years she studied and taught mediumship, metaphysical and Shamanic studies in her office in Westport, CT. Heather now lives in Abadiania, Brazil where she devotedly serves John of God's Mission as translator, medium and Beloved Casa Guide to visitors and pilgrims from all over the world. 
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Casa Expansion 
Making room for more and more Pilgrims 

New Pharmacy for the Casa Blessed Herbs

New Blessed Water dispensary

New Reception Offices and Translation Counter

The Casa Main Hall opens up

No more stairs: Now a new ramp in the open space


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Entities of the Casa De Dom Inacio
with Peter Waugh

June 2015 trip is FULL and now taking reservations for mid-2017 

Following our time at the Casa  June/July 2017 we are planning, by popular demand, to follow the footsteps of a pilgrimage first undertaken in 2011, with the Entity's blessing.


Peter Waugh is an official Guide to the Casa de Dom Inácio since 2002. He escorts small groups to the Casa  

4 or 5 times each year.

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            Featured Casa Entity     
               St Rita de Cascia
      The first Entity Spirit to appear to John of God
                         (1381 to May 22, 1456)
St Rita de Cassia Photo by Karen Leffler
St. Rita of Cascia, known as the Saint of the Impossible, was an Augustinian Nun who lived in Italy between 1386 and 1456.
May 22 is her feast day
The Saint of the Impossible 
St Rita de Cacsia
By Grainne McEntee
Friends of the Casa Snoop Reporter
Casa Current Room Facilitator

     St. Rita of Cascia was the first Entity to appear to Medium Joao when he was nine years old, just a boy. Appearing on a cloud, he remarked how beautiful she was and she indicated the mission he was about to embark on.  
      She is the patroness of impossible causes and hopeless circumstances because of her difficult and arduous life. Through her trials God used her in remarkable ways, not only while she lived, but now from above she assists those who plead for her intercession for their seemingly impossible and hopeless circumstances.
     From an early age St. Rita desired to become a nun, but her parents insisted that she marry at the age of 12.  St. Rita did so in obedience to them. Adding to her disappointment, the man she married was cruel and harsh, and she spent 18 years in a very difficult marriage.  Her husband eventually became physically abusive, yet she met his cruelty with kindness and patience. Two sons were born to her whom she loved deeply. After many years she eventually won her husband over to greater civility and kindness.
      St. Rita's family was caught up in strife that was so entrenched in society at that time.  Her husband was murdered as a result of the infamous rivalry between two families.  St. Rita mourned her husband's death and interceded for his soul with great earnest.
     Her two young sons, in keeping with the vice of the day, talked of avenging their father's death.  St. Rita did all she could to guide her children into forgiveness, but was unable to dissuade them from their evil intentions. Prayer was her only hope. She prayed that God would change the darkness swelling up in the hearts of her sons, or allow them to die before they had the chance to commit murder and in so doing be separated from God forever.
    God granted her prayers.  Both of her two sons died within a year in a state of grace; they were prevented from following the path of their father.
    After the death of her husband and her sons, St. Rita was all alone in the world and sought again to enter the convent.  She was turned away because of her marriage & of her family's association with the civil strife
     St. Rita, again facing crushing disappointment and yet another impossible situation, had recourse to prayer and the intercession of the saints.  St. Rita's sincerity and spirit of charity and forgiveness prevailed and she was eventually granted entry.  She became known as a holy and prayerful nun, often meditating on the sufferings of Christ.
     One day, while praying, St. Rita received a visible wound on her forehead.  This was a mystical yet visible mark (stigmata) of Jesus' wound from the crown of thorns, symbolizing St. Rita's unity with Christ in his sufferings.  She also received many mystical experiences with Christ during the forty years she lived in the convent.  She passed away on May 22 when she was in her seventies.
     St. Rita certainly had a difficult life, but her heartbreaking circumstances drove her to prayer and helped her to become a holy woman.
Even though her life was full of sorrows and disappointments, she was consoled by being closely united with Christ.  He did not abandon her; rather He granted her profound and intimate graces.  Now a saint in heaven, St. Rita is the patron of impossible causes, sterility, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, parenthood, and widows, the sick, bodily ills and wounds.

If you are facing a difficult and impossible life circumstance, you can resort to prayer after the example of St. Rita.  Click the link below for the prayers to St. Rita and her novena.
The Casa Expansion and an Important Message
John of God

By Grainne McEntee
Friends of the Casa Snoop Reporter
Casa Current Room Prayer Facilitator  
        In recent years there has been a dramatic change in the town of Abadiania. As the Casa de Dom Ignacio grows in fame, here in Brazil, and worldwide a great expansion has occurred. Numbers have risen so much that the Casa has built many extensions and buildings to accommodate all of the Pilgrims.
  • The bigger café is a welcome addition.
  • Now in the center of the Casa is a lovely new reception area.
  • Translations are done outside this building which also houses three windows for the dispensing of passionflower, the herbal treatment of the Entity.
  • Around the corner is the water shop, taking the pressure from the bookstore, selling just blessed water.
  • The main hall has more light now as the back wall has been opened up, ensuring the smoother flow of people going in the lines.
  • The soup area opened last year is a short stroll from the main area, and that too is functioning well.
  • The car park across the road from the Casa is full most days as fewer vehicles are permitted on the Casa grounds.
  • The town itself has seen phenomenal growth. Many new pousadas have sprung up and the established pousadas are expanding, meeting the needs of the rising numbers. More houses and apartment are being built.
  • There are many restaurants and shops selling everything from white clothes to Brazilian memorabilia.
  • An art gallery is an indication of the international flavor of the rising population.
     Also, discretion needs to be used with the many masseuses in the town. As is human nature there will always be opportunists and those less well intentioned. Recently Medium Joao came out in the main hall and pleaded with those present to be careful. As we are here solely for treatment at the Casa, we need to adhere to the protocol set down by the Entities, for our optimum healing benefit. Many people are doing energy work not authorized by the Casa and there is a big problem with this. Always check with the Casa authority to avoid mixing of energy's. This interferes greatly with your healing progress at the Casa.
     Of course with this increase in numbers coming to the town, the currents are longer ,the lines are taking more time  and the work is more intense. We have the opportunity to learn patience, be mindful, raise our awareness and most of all pray for Medium Joao, this extraordinary man, his phenomenal mission.
We have no idea of the stresses his body undergoes during incorporation. He is celebrating  his 73rd birthday next month. This will be on Friday 26th June at the Casa. Dom Ignacio's anniversary is July 31st and falls on a Friday this year.  On both of these dates the town will be inundated with people so if you'd like to avoid crowds plan to be in Abadiania outside of these times.
  Let us hold John of God in our hearts, and ask the Creator to guide, help, protect and strengthen him for his mission.
After all, he is the reason why we come to this ever expanding town in the heart of Brazil.

Baptism at the Waterfall
A Gift from John the Baptist
By Virginia(Gini) Rabata
Daughter of the Casa and  Official Casa Guide
  On Christmas Day, those of us who were spending the Christmas Holiday at the Casa, were deeply blessed by the incorporation of John the Baptist. His energy was both forceful and loving. When he announced the time for volunteer interventions a woman with an orthopedic cane approached the door. John the Baptist took away her cane and threw it across the stage while claiming:  "you will never have to use this again."  He encouraged everyone with walking problems to have surgery.  He took his time as people walked through the lines, taking people's hands and expressing deep love and compassion through his eyes and hands. At the end of the afternoon he announced to the 200 people in current that they would receive a beautiful Christmas gift. He told everyone to go down to the sacred waterfall to be Baptized. All 200 people received a Baptism through two godparents selected by John the Baptist and were made children of the Casa. It was a beautiful and amazing day for all!!

For more information about Gini and her group travel to the Casa De Dom Inacio GO To Her website:
Healing and Disobsession
By Emma Bragdon

     Learning how to connect with the "good" spirits and stay immune from the "negatively-motivated" spirits can be a matter of life and death.  Matthew Ireland, from the USA, testifies that it was the spiritual work of disobsession, at the Casa de Dom Inacio, that caused his remission from a fatal brain tumor after he had been given up on by one of USA's best hospitals.  He's now healthy, married and the proud father of two.

     Disobsession is one of the very important functions of the Casa.  It minimizes the influence of negative patterns of thinking and releases the impact of negative-entities.  You may think it strange to consider that ignorant or avenging disembodied spirits might have an influence over us in human bodies; but you may also welcome the positive benefits of communing with other disembodied spirits, e.g. Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, etc.  Spiritism has much to teach in making sense of this area of life.

     Disobsession is a practice done by all Spiritist Centers and all Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil.  The mediums involved train for years and usually work in teams.  They use prayer, meditation and relaxing music to set the stage-never drugs, ritual, incense or other elements associated with church or indigenous healing ceremony.  Sessions take place in a simply furnished meeting room around a table.  Blessed water and a form of energy transmission, like Reiki, are used to help the mediums stay balanced during their work.

     The results: I've personally spoken to people formerly diagnosed with schizophrenia who are now balanced and well after such disobsessions.  I've also been a guide to those suffering with alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and psychosis who have experienced a complete relief of symptoms after disobsession.

     50 Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals have been developing this work since the 1930s.  Spiritist Centers in Brazil have worked with disobsession since the 1880s.   More info with a summary of published research about outcomes is available in "Spiritism and Mental Health"  It's good news.

     Emma Bragdon, PhD, was a guide from 2001-2012 and brought 60 groups to "the Casa". Now she brings small groups of health providers, once a year, to learn from psychiatrists and mediums who collaborate at the Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers in Brazil.
For more information on Emma's Trips:
Email Contact:

Featured Official Casa Guide 
                     Nancy Ling
 Being from a Chinese background, I always have been fascinated with all sciences from the Orient. This is why I studied Feng Shui with many professors and Feng Shui Masters. I also worked in the hospital field for many years. I then discovered that my main life purpose is to help people in their healing process. For the past 8 years, I have chosen to teach and work in the energy aspect of life and afterlife. Recognized as a Casa Guide, by the Casa Entities and Joao de Teixeira Medium, I wish that my knowledge, advice and support ,will make your stay, at the Casa de Dom Ignacio memorable, and most of all to be in touch with your spirituality and the Divine through your healing process. My principal language is French.

For more information on
Nancy Ling,
Her Casa Guide services and group travel to John of God, in Brazil: 
Phone: 450 880-8886


Casa Healing Stories   


Doctors are Shocked  

 4th Stage Cervical Cancer Healed

Submitted by: Bob and Diana Dinga

Beloved Casa Guides  

      My name is Alicia, I had been having problems with cervical cancer for several years, it began as abnormal Pap smears, but as the years progressed it got worse. I am 34 years old and a mother of five children. I have a loving supportive husband, but we are the only family we have, we have each other, no parents or outside support.
      In 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and I had surgery to remove the cancer. The surgery was successful and I was scheduled to have routine biopsies every three months. The first two biopsies came back clear and my surgeon decided to leave me for 6 months for further tests. But during this time I intuitively knew the cancer was coming back. I could feel it, I could see it and I began to loose weight rapidly and my skin began to change to a grayish tinge. By the time I went back for my 6 month biopsy, I weighed 53 kg and I was back to stage 4 cervical cancer again.  
     It was at this time, I had begun to have crystal light bed sessions, and had heard of John of God. The crystal light bed therapist also takes groups to see John of God and was taking her next group 6 weeks after I got my diagnosis.
     I had no money to make the trip. but I knew I had to go as this was what would save my life. I cried and I prayed that the money would come. I don't receive family tax benefits, but overnight money was deposited into my account, due to some rebate I was entitled too and my husband had $2000 paid into his account with his wages!!! We have no idea why and we didn't ask any questions, I knew this was God and the Entities getting me to Brazil.  
     During my time in Abadiania, I had two invisible interventions, which are very very real. As I sat there with my hand on my heart, I could taste and smell anesthetic, and feel movement inside my cervix. My stomach began to swell and I looked like I was 7 months pregnant. I also began to bleed.  
     On the day of my last intervention, I walked into the Casa, I sat down to have my "invisible" intervention. A lady walked in and asked if anyone would like to volunteer for a physical intervention, as this is completely voluntary, and approximately only one person in a thousand choose this. I stayed seated, determined to have the invisible intervention. Then with no control my hand shot up in the air!!! Before I knew it I was standing before the Entity in a line of others who had volunteered. I closed my eyes, surrendered to God, and I felt a golden light flow down over me. I followed him and prayed as we walked. Once on stage the entity told me he would fix everything, but I also had a hernia and he would fix that too. 
     He then proceeded to cut about a 5cm incision on the left side of my abdomen and place his fingers inside the incision, I felt something moving up and out of me. He then stitched me up with a needle and thread, only two stitches. I felt everything that was happening, yet I felt no pain and only one tiny drop of blood dripped down. 
He then began to push around my cervix area, as he did this I felt a thick black energy go up through my chakras to my third eye, as that happened the entity placed his hand over my third eye and then over my mouth and nose, telling me to breath out as hard as I could. I pushed that breath out with all my might, as if I was giving birth!!! And I felt something strong leave my body. 
     I was then taken to the infirmary to recover. But instead of being sore or exhausted, I was full of life, I had more energy than I had in so long, I was wide awake, with a big smile on my face in absolute awe of what had happened. The cancer had left my body and I felt it leave. My wound healed quickly with no infection, it was washed in blessed water each day and had healed and the stitches were removed within 8 days. 
     I have had two biopsies since then and they can not find a trace of cancer. There is only scar tissue on my cervix from my surgery in 2013. 
     My doctors cannot explain this, but I can. I went to Brazil to see the most miraculous medium and healer of our time. I went there with faith and determination, I went there with the intention and belief i would be healed and I went there as a mother and a wife who was not leaving her family no matter what. 
     I cannot express the love and gratitude I have towards Medium Joao for his selfless and loving work, to God, the Angels and the Entities of the Casa and my family for giving me the strength and Faith that made me never give up hope. 
     I have since returned to the Casa for a spiritual journey and to give thanks. I will make many trips back to Abadiania I have been given a second chance at life and I will be forever grateful.
Click here to read Bob Dinga's healing story.

For more information about Bob and Diana Dinga and their trips to John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio 
Go to:

"My Scoliosis is Gone"


  Submitted By Deb Court

Casa Guide and Friends of the Casa Newsletter Publisher and Webmaster




  Kira's Story:


     In March, 2015 I was blessed with the great experience of visiting the Casa for two weeks.  After a quick and easy overnight flight, I was greeted warmly at the airport in Brazil by Deb Court, my guide. Then, I had a long, peaceful ride of about an hour, during which I enjoyed the lush landscape with its rolling hills, unusual trees and vast valleys under soft, billowy clouds and intense, golden sun. A friendly Brazilian driver warmed my heart as the sun warmed my body. My mind raced with excitement, imagining what was in store for me at the Casa.


     We arrived at a charming neighborhood on a dirt road. An iron gate kept this very quiet, private sanctuary well protected. The driver said goodbye kindly and I stepped down onto the dirt and chatted with the friendly people who had come from Florida, Indiana and California. A Brazilian woman smiled at me warmly and showed me to my room. It was simple and homey with a large, comfortable bed, big windows and a beautiful spiritual painting on the wall. I fell into a deep sleep.


    Life was simple again and I savored the carefree moments when my friendly group member, who stayed next door, knocked on my door and told me it was dinner time. We talked lightly as we walked down a charming pathway filled with blooming bushes and into the dining room. A vase of beautiful flowers shimmered in the soft light and paintings of brightly colored parrots lined the walls. I stood in line to get a plate and my eyes grew wide as I looked at a neatly arranged buffet filled with a variety of vegetables(some that I'd never seen), beans, fruits, breads, meat and deserts. I filled my plate to overflowing and sat down with my group. Everything tasted delicious and my group members radiated peace and love as we talked with lighthearted excitement.


     My guide explained all the Casa procedures. I felt very cared for and protected, as free as a child. Crystal shops lined the dirt road that we walked down when we went to the Casa to sit in the current. Walking in the warm sun, talking with my friends I felt like I was growing younger.


     When we stood in the current line, friendly people smiled at me with love and I observed people from around the world sitting on beautiful, wooden pews. Gorgeous five foot tall crystals glistened in the sunlight and radiated healing vibrations. I closed my eyes and sat for four hours, feeling enraptured by the Divine LOVE that showered through me like a magical bath, renewing every cell in my body and opening my heart. The air felt thick with love, a love that knows no limits and that can change lead into gold. I wanted to stay in communion with this profound love forever.


     The time came for me to stand in front of John of God. A feeling of comfort and well being filled me as he looked at me and quickly wrote a prescription for herbs and then directed me into the intervention room. I had worried that I could not endure having something stuck up my nose or being sliced open.  Much to my delight, I discovered I could just sit in peace for fifteen minutes while the good spirits healed me. A profound peace filled me as I sat in silence. Then, I was driven home and allowed to rest for twenty four hours. What a life! My meals were brought to me by my angelic friends. All I had to do was daydream and rest.
     Every moment with my friends, eating delicious food and shopping for crystals was delightful. The workers at the Pousada kept me fed like a queen and cleaned my room to perfection. They were kind and friendly. I felt totally at home, even though they'd never met me.
     My time at the Casa was pure magic in every moment. In our beautiful closing ceremony, I stood under a rushing waterfall in a mystical forest filled with pretty flowers and singing birds.
     I thank God and everyone working at the Casa.  When I got home, my doctor examined me. With a look of amazement, she told me that my scoliosis had been cured. I am very, very blessed.

For more information about Deb Court and her guided trips to John of God Go to:



    John of God Casa Crystal Beds  

Around the World 


     Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.

     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our
Casa Crystal Bed Section 






Allison Newitt

Byron Bay Shire

Kirsty and Karen
Ki-Ka Crystal Bed Healing
Kew 3101
Kirsty:  0417 016 624
Karen:  0418 560 068



Gerald Ostiguy & Noelle Hayes
Scotstown, Quebec, J0B 3B0
819-588-2300 C
819-657-9971 Fax

Melanie Roach
Markham, Ontario

Peggy Burningham
Healing Crystal Bed 4 U
Caledon, Ontario L7K 1W1


Bettina and Peter Vestergaard

Elmegaardsalle 69, 3400 Hillerod



Vee Ashlin

Mountain View Village, Kirstenhof, Cape Town


Mme Merry Bonot

079 579 25 74



Ariana King

Middletown, CA

Barbara Bedford
Victorville, CA  92395  
Deborah Borman
Monroe, WA

Deborah "Atianne" Wilson & Dianna Mednick
Boulder, Colorado

Kathleen Knight
Houston, TX
713-812- 9912

Kathleen DeSilva

Danville, CA

Michele Denise 
Ashville, NC

Rachel Villanueva
The Healers Tree
McAllen, Texas, USA

Reverend Scott Raymond
Traveling Crystal Beds

Tanya Coon, Lac, Dipl.Ac.
Black Mountain Healing Center
Black Mountain, NC  28711
720-254-1144 Cell


Ricci Nava & Patricia Menegaldo
Maracabio, Zulia
0058 414 640 1566
0058 414 619 6751
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