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Friends of the Casa NEWSLETTERJuly, 2014
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Patron Saint of The Casa` Dom Ignacio de Loyola
I am Just a Man~ By Grainne McEntee
Ask and It is Given`Interview with Heather Cumming
John of God's Birthday Celebration~ By Melinda Holland
Healing Stories~ By Anita Fuller
Featured Official Guide ~ Susie Verde
Elements~By Grainne McEntee
Casa Crystal Beds~ around the World - New additions

 John of God's

Travel Schedule


 Sept 30-

Oct 2, 2014  
Omega Institute 

 Rhinebeck, New York, USA  



Nov 22-24, 2014 

Sydney Olympic Park  

 Sydney, Australia 




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Photo's of John of God's
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June, 2014



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Distance Healing 

Through Casa Herbs 


For a List of Guides who do a service taking Photos to the Casa and John of God for Distance healing through the Casa Herbs go to:

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Friends of the Casa recommended Guides  

Note: The cost of this service should be between $65.00 and $85.00 including regular postage and depending upon what country you are in.





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Peter Waugh


Peter Waugh is an official guide to the Casa de Dom Inácio since 2002. He was directed to do this work by Dr Augusto de Almeida, a spirit guide/healer/Entity at the Casa. Peter escorts small groups to the Casa 4 or 5 times each year.

For more information on Peter, his travel dates to the Casa or

if you have been authorized by the Entity to bring groups to the Casa and you have received a guide badge from the Casa management, please contact Peter Waugh at for further information on how to be listed as a Casa Guide on

The Friends of the Casa Website.




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Since early July, 2010, 2362 people have linked up with The Friends of the Casa on Facebook
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Tania and Elements

Mytrea Meliana's
New Book 
John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey with Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil

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Whether you're a first-time or returning visitor, Mytrae Meliana offers a roadmap to your personal miracle.

The Entities of Light, tell us, "We do 50 percent of the work; you're responsible for the rest." Practical and intuitive, this book helps you achieve that other 50 percent.   


       Casa Soup Kitchen


FOC Casa Blessed Soup Pot 


      FOC Casa picture of Blessed Soup       

Donations of clothes for all ages,
toys, blankets etc are always welcome for the soup kitchen.
The Casa accepts donations for various charity projects related to the mission of John of God. Be advised that neither the Friends of the Casa nor any of the Staff or Volunteers at the Casa are allowed to accept donations in the name of the Casa.
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Crystal Light Beds


By John of God 



FOC Crystal Bed Image 2


FOC Crystal Bed image






Find a Crystal Light Bed in Your area. 




                             Patron Saint of the Casa 
                                                                             Dom Ignacio de Loyola 
"For those who believe no words are necessary. 
For those who do not believe no amount of words are sufficient" 
                                                  St Ignatius de Loyola 

                                                    Click here & read more about St Ignatius Loyola 


On August 1st, John of God and the Casa honor Dom Ignacio De Loyola,
with a beautiful celebration and pageantry of gratitude.


                  I am just a Man...   

                                                                By Grainne McEntee


     Coming to the Casa De Dom Inacio affords us the opportunity for profound growth on all levels. Our lives have changed for the better forever.
Medium Joao tells us he does not cure anyone. It is God who heals. John of God is an instrument in God's hands.
     There are lessons everywhere and in everything. In the past, interventions were solely offered to those presenting themselves in the lines. Of late, the Entity has been calling people forward  to volunteer themselves for interventions, of their own accord.  The deep penetrating dimensions of these instructions are not always obvious, as we awaken to this infinite spiritual world we become aware of a larger picture.
      Many are afraid to take this leap of faith, instead waiting to go in the line and be directed personally to have an intervention.   Often this is not what happens. The end result of these visitations in the lines sometimes leaves us  frustrated and lost  especially when we are waiting to hear the word "intervention" and it  just doesn't happen for reasons known only to God.

     The Higher Power speaks the language of Love. By our very nature we are fear based , attached to the literal, strict confines of human tones. The future is unforeseen. Learning not to leave to chance later happenings, we do all we can today to improve our lives. This is an exercise in taking action now, in the moment, for a better tomorrow. We need to surrender expectations. Let us conquer our insecurities, recognizing we are in a safe place. There are multitudes of benevolent Beings working on, in and around us all the time. They had bodies too, so they know all about the human condition. Seeing our suffering, they are very much aware of what we need. We can be healed by playing our part, delivering ourselves into the hands of the Almighty, sacred Trinity of innumerable names.  The Entity is constantly  reminding us to trust,  and believe in the Divine process. 


What John of God in Entity, is saying is:  


If you have faith in the Architect of the Cosmos, the Creator, I am inviting you to  come forward to receive the powerful healing energy of the Casa de Dom Ignacio. Your faith will heal you. 


     It doesn't get any better than this . We are being empowered to help ourselves, aided by unseen benevolent Beings. Only we alone can do it, but we cannot do it alone. These interventions  of Grace embody very deep work, where profound transformation can take place as we volunteer ourselves to the mercy of the Divine power. The many advantages of this process saves precious time  going in the lines and reduces the stress on Medium Joaos body, making the currents shorter and most important of all, teaching us to surrender, receiving what we need rather than everything we want. The Entities are making  more options available to us now, and a chance to deepen our faith. Where ever we are, outside in the main hall, inside in the current rooms,  we are being worked on intensively whether we feel it or not. We need to take courage and recognize that all is in Divine order. By being present, seizing the opportunity of each and every moment, we grow.  As we mature on our spiritual path, there are many challenges which are all opportunities to strengthen our belief, trust and deepen our faith.

     More and more people arrive weekly for attendance and the past year has seen a dramatic increase in  these interventions of Grace, encouraged by the Entity.
     At  times  people feel that this particular work is  somehow not as  strong  as being instructed directly by the Entity in the lines. In fact, this experience can be deeper, very effective and more complete as we offer ourselves in this way. This operates on many levels . The Entities are empowering us to heal, asking us to volunteer for this potent intervening by them on our behalf. In essence what is happening is that we are stepping forward, introducing ourselves to a higher level of healing.  We  are taking more responsibility for our process of cleansing ,transmuting heavier energies into Divine light, becoming lighter, happier, healthier, stronger, making it easier to be at peace and harmony with all of Creation .
      We have an expiration date. Time is of the essence; Carpe Diem. We need to embrace this initiative inherent within ourselves, conquering our fears which are holding us back, stopping us , causing indecisiveness. Guiding us to present  ourselves in this way is teaching us to let go , to change our thought patterns, and  to come from a place of Trust. We have a choice here as in everything we do.  Lets chose this infinite love which is being offered to us, taking hold of  the opportunity to learn the lessons we came here on earth to learn in these physical body's. There is an endless font of help available to us. Let us put our hearts and souls into this Divine work .  Where there is doubt , let us bring faith.
We are all children of God , in the school of life.
There are no mistakes, only lessons.
Take courage and seize the day.  



                          "Ask and you Shall Receive"
                 Interview with Heather Cumming continued.....
     A little story that came up I want to share; I thought this might be helpful. This gentleman was very successful in the corporate world, but also was a trained acupuncturist. He came and really had one foot in each world and didn't know whether to leave that successful business or not. So his request to the Entity was to help him decided. The Entitles said he would be very good as an acupuncturist. He was only there for a week. He received his spiritual operation and then went back and when he got back, on the Monday morning, he found he was relieved of his services in the corporate world. Well, he wrote to us and said, "That was quick!" His souls urging was to devote his whole time to being an acupuncturist, but he had been torn. He was concerned about whether he would he have enough clients and how he would make a living etc. And then a few months later, a friend of his who is an acupuncturist said he wanted a sabbatical, so asked, "will you look after my practice for six months or so and maybe more?" And so that gave this man all the confidence. After that, he opened his own practice. So everything took place from that one week and his one request. I always think of that as such a wonderful way the Entities work. They just open the path and when we ask for opening the path it comes. It's big, but with the small sentence. Are you ready for the path to be open? Are you ready to say YES to the Souls yearning. I think people, more and more that are coming to the Casa are so open, I think, spiritually. From such a busy life and so many chaotic changes in the World there are so many more people now who want to come and have that harmony in their lives restored.



John of God's Birthday Celebration
By Melinda Holland

We celebrated Medium Joao´s birthday on Friday the 27th June. Officially the date is June 24th . Joao de Deus loves the celebration and all the well wishes he receives. With a big smile on his face throughout the festivities, it was a long day for him. Arriving at the Casa there were many birthday greetings on banners tied to the fences or put high in the air above the street with ribbons, balloons, lanterns and glittery stuff. Most of the local businesses, pousadas and friends put up notices for Medium Joao´s special day. The car park was the site for the party.
 Starting the day early, loads of people greeted  Medium Joao for his birthday. He gave a long talk about his mission on stage at the 8am session. Dom Ignacio incorporated for his birthday. The second session at 2pm started late due to all the people meeting Medium Joao.  Again he gave another talk on stage. After the Casa work ended it was possible to wish him well in the car park, get a photo and personally say Happy Birthday.
The party began at around 7pm with John of God on stage giving a talk about his birthday and his mission, along with the Casa Manager, Secretary and two girls who were Miss Abadiânia and Miss Sao Paulo. Security was tight and the crowd was large. The fireworks started. They were spectacular and really beautiful, a presentation to rival the Sydney New Years fireworks. The very last firework ran along a line to light the bonfire tower. Some of the local pousadas put out a beautiful spread of free food for the people of Abadiânia and it was so full. There was music that followed the on stage. We then went into the marquee tent where there was a catered dinner for Medium Joao, close friends, and Casa staff. People attending the Casa at this time could also go in.  There was a beautiful array of flowers and two huge birthday cakes with white icing and blue stars. A singer called Maria sang and more photos were taken with Medium Joao. He was grateful for all the well-wishers and was constantly saying thank you during the  night. By around 1am the Medium told people to go to their houses as he was tired. He was hugged, kissed and congratulated all day and night.  He was happy and had a big smile on his face throughout all the festivities. It was lovely for those present to share in the event and to voice appreciation in gratitude to Medium Joao for his mission and endless work he does serving everyone who comes to see him.
Happy Birthday Medium Joao!!!!


                                      Casa Guides Healing Stories


                                                      by Anita Fuller 


Go to Anita's website to read more stories and about her guided travels to  

The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.  



      I am reminded of a time when a woman i know, in Abadiania, was asking John Of God ,during a morning healing session, if he could help her. Due to an illness she had no uterus or the physical possibility to have a baby. He said he would create a new way and a new womb! She WOULD have a baby! I am sure she was pleased but doubtful it could be achieved. However it did come to pass and she must have been overjoyed to say the least, when she found herself pregnant and she went on to have a healthy baby girl!

     The girl grew into a lovely young teenager and enjoyed high success in her skating career and many other achievements. I remember the woman standing on stage, at the Casa De Dom Inacio, and John of God asked her to tell her story.  He said, he wanted all of the people waiting in the big hall to know what was indeed possible through spirit intervention and Gods love.


     There is another story i like to tell that i could witness first hand. A lady ( whom afterwards became a good friend)  brought her mother to the Casa de Dom Inacio for healing with John of God. She had last stage cancer and the prognosis was bad.Her doctors and specialist said there was nothing they could do and she best go home and be with her family, they gave her 2 more months at most, to live.

     When she arrived at the Casa in Brazil and was in front of John Of God, she asked for 7 more years to spend with her family. She asked this, even though she had really no faith in spiritual healing, nor belief in any life in the invisible realms or after death.

She received 2 spiritual "surgeries/interventions", with John Of God's Healing Entities. Later after returning back to the UK, she went to her specialist and asked for tests. The cancer (that was all over her body) had totally disappeared! They could not believe it and said they must have made a mistake!  She lived 7 years and then was ready to pass over. This i witnessed with my own eyes and again i found it amazing.

     I am so happy to be part of the work at the Casa De Dom Inacio in Brazil with John Of God and his healing Entities, it fills my heart and i do so love to be part of the healing process of participants in my guided groups. It always touches my heart.   




Featured Official Casa Guide
                                    Susie Verde
Visit Susie's Website


     Susie Verde is a Brazilian medium and Daughter of the Casa of Dom Inácio, acting as an ambassador and guide to the work of John of God. She was completely healed of breast cancer by the Healing Entities of Abadiânia in May 2005. Susie has travelled extensively around the world and had the blessing of spending time with some very special spiritual teachers like Sai Baba, Mother Meera, Amma and Daskalos. Her academic background includes a Brazilian Law Degree from UERJ and masters courses in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado. Her non-academic studies include professional training as an astrologer from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in England, as well as practitioner and teacher training with Aura-Soma, a remarkable color healing frequency technique that she often combines with astrology in her professional consultations. Susie has been interviewed many times on Brazilian and international TV and has co-hosted a TV show called Spirals of Wisdom in Colorado with her husband, Gurudev Khalsa. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Susie speaks fluently in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, and considers her home to be the world, but most often in Boulder, Rio and Abadiânia.

Susie's Healing Story:

"In March 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told by my doctors in Brazil that I needed to have a full mastectomy. As shocking as such news can be, I tried to remain in a space of inspiration and search for clarity. Taken quite by surprise, time suddenly became a precious thing, against which I was instructed to run with full force."

'Eventually, I decided to follow the tide and listen to all the rational voices telling me to have an operation and booked the surgery, like any reasonable person would do. Then strangely, when the phone rang in my flat in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, and my doctor's office postponed the surgery due to his holiday(!), I was so deeply disappointed...but little did I know what was about to unfold!"

"My whole life was about to change, and I was about to embark on one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life.  It's as if invisible hands lead me to this paradise of light called Abadiânia, and there I started to dream the impossible. Watch the video and check it out...."

If this possibility touches you, I invite you to join me....

For more information on Susie Verde, her guided travels to the Casa in Brazil, and Healing Circles in Boulder Colorado
Click here to contact her through her website:
Nourish, Mind Body and Spirit 
By Grainne McEntee
      The lovely Tania Appel has brought a very welcome and necessary addition to Abadiania over the past 8 years, with her specialist store Elements.
Centrally located, just two blocks from the Casa, this shop unlocks the power of natural products.  Ever expanding she carry's many unique lines of Brasilian creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, powders and sprays. Much of the merchandise is exclusively available in her store from all over this bountiful country with a substantial amount of these finest ingredients coming directly from the Amazon.
She carries a cornucopia of healing plants, oils, fruits and herbs which not only make for an enriching learning experience but more importantly these products do what they say they do.
     A generous supply of supplements, powdered acai, graviola, stevia, gurana, too many to mention .......all serve to boost and maintain health.
There are delicious exotic natural snacks to savor. A high grade of aloe vera mouthwash is also for sale. The available essential oils are varied and of the highest quality as are her specialist incense sticks.  Vibrational sprays  and natural flower essences come in many flavors  to help to keep the ambient clear , perfuming  the air. Exotic produce specific to Brasil include andrioba, copaiba, buriti, cupuacu, maracuja, cacao and many other uncultivated products are  carefully harvested under the Elements brand into magnificent grooming preparations  for body use.
     For loved ones, the choice of gifts from Elements is unsurpassed. There are many small statues of the Entities of the Casa and beautiful suspended colorful mobiles of butterflies and angels to delight your family and friends.
 Treating yourself to a new beauty regime is always a good idea.  Not forgetting the menfolk, there is plenty of options for them too.
All natural ingredients made to the highest standard, many exclusively for Elements, with variety and diversity, there is something for everyone. Also available are blue double cushions and U shaped neck pillows to make for easier sitting in current. If you like to order something in advance please use the email address or call before you arrive.
It's a one stop shop to nourish mind body and spirit, a voyage of discovery.

 Tania has been volunteering at the Casa de Dom Ignacio for many years...... Her gentle manner, and deep knowledge of our relationship to Mother Nature, inspires great confidence in her products.
It's always an educational, fulfilling, life changing experience to visit Elements.
Elements, Av Frontal 274 , Abadiania, Goias ,Brasil, Cep 72940-000.
Tel 0055 62 3343 2339       email.


                      Casa Crystal Beds Around the World


      Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process. There are twelve, plus, crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to, the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes, or more, while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.

     On our website, we provide a list of individuals who were given special permission from the Entity to purchase one of these crystal beds, thereby enabling them to offer these unique treatment sessions all around the world.
     The following are new additions to the list of individuals worldwide who offer crystal bed treatments. The full listing of crystal beds around the world is available on the Friends of the Casa website, in our Casa Crystal Bed Section 






Ann Joel
Pure Energy Healing Centre
73/26 Kirketon Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW
+61 418 917 420

Sherril Page
Pure Energy Healing Centre
73/26 Kirketon Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW
+61 402 066 023


Rene Maria Sumera
D 21521 Wohltorf


Donna J-Hall
Harmonise Ltd
22 Gibraltar Crescent
Parnell, Auckland


Kimberly Dawn
2030 Hwy 89A, Ste. B-5
Sedona, AZ  86336

Alan & Linaya Hahn
Longmont, Colorado
970-218-4812, 800-520-3822

Eva Zubel
Clifton, New Jersey

Gail Volpe
4 Woodland Ct., At A2
Lombard, IL  60148

Nannette Wear
Sedona, AZ
928-284-4325 or

Pamela Bogdonoff & Christopher Wright
607 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia  22101

Kathy South







































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