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February 2013
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We are have been busy in Abadiania over the last year and we have been silent for way too long. Since the last newsletter many changes have taken place at the casa.  And several successful international events have touched the lives of thousands. Many famous people have visited the casa and are now supporting the mission.  Most Notably, Oprah Winfrey was at the casa in late march.  The Abadiania Community continues to grow and expand as word gets out of the healing results of the entities.  Here is some news about the Casa and Medium Joao's mission.  
Diego & Sonia  
Toronto March 15-16-17 


Canada flag Next month will mark Medium Joao's first visit to Canada and the only planned event for North America in 2013. If you have not been able to find the time to go to Abadiania this year, this is your opportunity to spend some time with the entities over a three day weekend. You may also take this opportunity to invite friend or loved ones who you know would benefit from the healing energies of the entities.   The event will take place at the Toronto Convention Center in Downtown Toronto.  Tickets are still available but call soon to make sure you get your place.  (Special offers for authorized Casa guides.) 


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Construction at the Casa

casa3 During the last year, the Casa has seen a lot of construction.  The Kitchen was remodeled to be more efficient and cooler.  The daily production of blessed soup is taking place in a more efficient and safer manner.  The casa can now take care of the needs of the growing number of visitors for the foreseeable future.  There is a new ladies restroom which now occupies the parking area behind the coffee shop.  It has facilities for handicapped people as well as families.  Baby changing stations are also available.  The old facilities have now been remodeled to house the men's room.  The Main hall at the casa also got it's share of attention.  It now is about 25% larger and able to accommodate many more visitors.  The Image above shows you what our beloved Main Hall looked like while Medium Joao was traveling in Europe at the end of November.   I know most of you have never seen the casa like this.  But do not despair, the hall was finished and in pristine condition just in time for Christmas last year.


Medium Joao - Travels 2012
European Healing Tour

Switzerland12 Continuing the European tour success of the previous year, Medium Joao visited the city of Winterthur  in Switzerland  and also traveled to Alsfeld in Germany and Salzburg in Austria.  All the European events were very successful.  Participants came by the thousands to partake of the healing energies of these events.  Participants included people who were being introduced to the work of John of God for the first time as well as those who have been to Abadiania before but wanted to reconnect for a few days in the middle of their busy lives.   The image above was taken in the current room during the Swiss event.



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Rule Changes

pig It came as a big surprise to most of us and I am sure it will be surprising to you.  Without any forewarning, this year the entities changed what has probably been one of the best known and accepted rules at the casa for the last thirty years.  About three and a half months ago the entity announced we are now allowed to eat Pork while taking passiflora.   Instead, they asked us not to eat fertilized eggs.  For those of you who are not familiar with them, fertilized eggs are those that have been fertilized by a rooster and therefore can produce a chick.   In most countries fertilized eggs are labeled. So, if you have been craving some bacon and eggs you can now indulge, so long as the eggs are not fertilized!



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Travel News
No Visa Extension for Some EU Passport Holders

EUPassport Although we have not been able to confirm this with local authorities, we have received news that the Brazilian government is applying strict reciprocity regarding tourist visas.  Stays of up to 90 days are permitted, but currently German citizens and citizens of other EU countries are being denied extensions beyond the original 90 days.  In the past it was enough to go to the Federal Police and ask for an extension to get authorization to stay an additional 90 days.  If you are planning to travel to Abadiania for extended periods, please make sure you verify this with the Brazilian consulate in your jurisdiction.  UK and Irish Passport holders are not affected by this measure.