Different But Alike

Volume 60
                                                                                                                March  2016

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Two Remarkable Men

Dale Chihuly
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Chihuly Chandelier
Dale Chihuly's art glass piece,
Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli in
Irv Weissman's Research Bldg.
A gift from My Blue Dots

Irv Weissman
For more information about Dr. Weissman's work visit:

Blue Dot Ornament

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,

 Alive with new ideas that will impact and change this world are these two remarkable men, Dale Chihuly and Dr. Irv Weissman. In many aspects both of these men are very different, but they are also very similar in so many ways. They are different in the disciplines they choose, but similar in their passion and devotion to their work as well as how they encourage and mentor others. 

My Blue Dots has had the honor to be associated with both of these men and thus this month, we step aside and salute them for all they have done and all they are doing to make this world a better place.
Until Next Time... 

Two Remarkable Men

Creating, exploring, seeing life 
Through a new lens
Are these two most fascinating 
And remarkable men.
One creates art that 
Is fresh and alive
It touches your soul 
And delights your eyes.
The other explores things 
That have never been seen.
And his work is dynamic, 
Splendid and keen.
They are alike but different 
In so many ways
But both have been good mentors 
All of their days.
It's a joy and a privilege 
To know these two
To watch them grow 
In they things they do.
For they each change the world 
In their very own way
Leaving this a better place 
Each and every day.
Sue McCollum 

A Remarkable Woman
cancer warrior
Michele McCarter

"I appreciate the My Blue Dots pin and it is a springboard for me to share my cancer journey with others in my community."

Michele's cancer story is riveting:
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