Pass It Forward 

Volume 58
                                                                                                                December 2015

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We wish you a 
Very Merry Christmas 
or a  
Happy Hanukkah

Hope, Healing,


 for a new future

mentally, physically,
spiritually, and emotionally

renewed health

Erinn Rankin

Assistant Professor
Department of Radiation Oncology
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Stanford University 

Our Pin Stories
(Passing Forward
support of others)

Jeffrey Sweet
Stanford University

 " I wear my pin to honor the warriors who face the challenges of cancer with the strength to get up each day.  It is a strength of heart, a strength of will, and a strength of hope that inspires me and that I aspire to reflect back to the world."
                                                   Jeffrey Sweet

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,

     As we move into this Holiday Season our theme is to "Pass It Forward."  We pass forward our faith to others as we celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, we pass forward our love with the Holiday gifts we choose for others, and we pass forward our time and energy in helping others. 
     My Blue Dots is passing forward the gift of our My Blue Dots Fund to Dr. Erinn Rankin PhD at Stanford to advance her research in cancer. Dr. Rankin's research focuses on developing therapies to prevent and treat the leading cause of cancer related deaths  - tumor metastasis.  To learn more about her research, click here.
      We are also giving you the opportunity to pass forward your warm wishes and support to those you love with a one of a kind My Blue Dots Gifts. These are designed to support and encourage those going through a cancer challenge. All of the proceeds  from these sales will go to cancer research and cancer programs.
       May you enjoy the riches blessings of love, hope, and peace during this Holiday season.
Until Next Time... 

will be

                               CURED sometime
       Logo  why not NOW?

Pass It Forward

To pass the My Blue Dots Fund forward

Is now what we will do

We will support a new researcher

So she can grow and develop too.


Dr. Koong's lab is now established

And he is on his way,

With new cancer breakthroughs

He's working on every day.

So the My Blue Dots Fund we will pass on

For this is the right thing to do.

To support a young woman we know will go far

Thanks to the support from me and you.

So this month we want to introduce

Erinn Rankin to you today,

It will be an honor and a privilege

To follow her research day by day.

For significant research * she is doing

That will finally help put away

That horrid disease we call cancer,

It must be cured, so why not today?

Sue McCollum

* Click here to learn more about Dr Rankin's research


     Standing With You

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