Skating for a Cure  

Volume 52
                                                                                                                 June 2015

Hope, Healing,


 for a new future

mentally, physically,
spiritually, and emotionally

renewed health

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Skating for a Cure


The Blue Dots 

 I'm here and will be introduced to you soon. A children's book about the blue dots.

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Dear Friends,

    Champions Skating for a Cure is our second annual skating event featuring these talented young skaters. This event is organized by Amanda Koong to honor her Grandmother who died of lung cancer. We thank you for your support of this event that will support cancer research.

      We also want to acknowledge those that continue to wear our My Blue Dots 'Standing With You' pins to state in a non-verbal message that those going through a cancer challenge are not alone but we are 'Standing With You.' You can order your pin on our website at: http://www.mybluedots.org/shop/

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My Blue Dots


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Julie Dillon Roberts


I wear the My Blue Dots pin

to say, I honor you and I am 

"Standing With You"


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