A Celebration  

Volume 52
                                                                                                                 April 2015

Hope, Healing,


 for a new future


mentally, physically,
spiritually, and emotionally


renewed health

The Celebration

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Koong 

Dean Lloyd Minor 

Dean Minor and Dr. Koong

Dr. Amato Glaccia  

Sue McCollum 

Amanda Koong 

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,

     This month we celebrate the devotion and dedicated work of the doctors and those doing research to cure cancer.

    My Blue Dots has supported  Dr. Albert Koong and his cancer research for fourteen years. Last month we celebrated his achievements as well an Endowed Professorship Chair presented to him.


  It was a lovely celebration and we know that Dr. Koong will continue to do outstanding research in this fight against cancer at Stanford School of Medicine .


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will be

                               CURED sometime
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A Celebration




To devote yourself to medicine


Is a lifetime commitment I now see.


There are so many facets that are involved


It seems overwhelming to me.



There is the challenging arm of research,


Then there is clinical work too,


Teaching and mentoring the students


Is also what you must do.



On and on the list seems to go...


Are there that many hours in the day?


To be able to accomplish all of these things


Is a remarkable achievement I would say.



So congratulations Dr.Albert Koong


For a full professor you now are,


An Endowed Chair in also now yours


And we know you'll continue go far.



ęSue McCollum

March 9, 2015



"I am certain that without the My Blue Dots Fund,

I would not have been able to build an independently funded translational research program. I can directly attribute the growth of my research program with the support from My Blue Dots."


Dr. Albert Koong, MD, PhD
Associate Chair and Director of Clinical Operations in the Department of Radiation Oncology

 at the Stanford University School of Medicine


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